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25 March 2014 - Gareth Morgan: "Cats Need Microchips And Curfew"

25 March 2014 - Gareth Morgan - Thinks Cats Need Microchips And Curfew
What do think this vile creep meant by "zipped"?
We think he should only be allowed out on a leash.

On 25th March 2014 Gareth Morgan in a submission to the Council's Draft Annual Plan "advocated Councils making microchipping mandatory for cats to determine ownership, so un-owned Cats could be "zipped" and any 'pets' caught wandering could be returned for a fee. Also a 24 hour curfew on Cats, with them only allowed out on leashes"

17 March 2015 - Auckland Park Rangers Execute Microchipped Cat

17 March 2015 - Auckland Park Rangers Trap And Kill 'Pet'
Teddy the Cat, he had a microchip, but was
cage trapped then shot by park rangers

Meet Teddy the Cat, actually you cannot meet him now because he was murdered in cold blood by Auckland Park Rangers. They caught him in a cage trap and took his life by shooting him in the chest. This Cat had a microchip and a collar with a magnetic Cat door key. The fact that he had identification didn't help him one bit, these scum murdered him regardless of the fact that he had a microchip.

Armed Eco-Fascists funded by the ratepayer, coming to Wellington soon, if not already here and actively seeking to slay members of your family.

20 March 2015 - Geoff Simmons - Curfew Urged For 'Killer' Cats

20 March 2015 - Geoff Simmons - Curfew Urged For 'Killer' Cats
Geoff Simmons - Agent Of Cultural Destruction

On 19th March 2015 Geoff Simmons of The Morgan Foundation made a submission to the Council Environment Committee. Simmons stated "Realistically, this is a process of cultural change."

Our view is this is a piece of propaganda which translates as 'we are engaged in the process of cultural destruction'.
That is what these well funded eco-fascists are attempting to do. They intend to destroy a hugely important part of our culture, namely your right to keep Cats, and the right of your Cats to be safe, and live a long and happy life.

Morgan and Simmons are extremists of the first order, but as citizens of our democratic society they have their right to freedom of speech. However, once Government takes extremist ideology and attempts to cast extremist ideology into law, that's when alarm bells start ringing, and all good citizens have a moral obligation to mobilize and defeat the seeds of extremism before they take root within the law and grow into something monstrous. The reality of the situation is these people are about to get away with wholesale cultural destruction and genocide unless citizens purge themselves of indifference, come together and actively oppose them now.

To quote British historian Sir Ian Kershaw: "The path to Auschwitz was paved with indifference"

22 April 2015 - Most Would Support Cat Neutering: 'Survey'

The following article was published on the NZCity News website on 22 April 2015. We used our cyber sleuthing skills to recover the entire article which we re-post in full here.

We note once again the use of the terms "national strategy" and "Cat management".

Whoever is behind the scenes pulling the strings wants these words firmly programed as part of the common everyday New Zealand vocabulary before the NCMSG (National Cat Management Strategy Group) goes public. We find it interesting to see Dr Kikillus is part and party to the propagation of this array of words, and we have a good idea of who is pulling her strings in this regard. In this case it is not WCC. We'll let you guess just who it is.

We went looking for the 'New Zealand Veterinary Association review of the Cat problem'. We found that it appears to be a secret document that is only available to members. Not a good look NZVA, we will get a copy of it eventually and when we do we will analyse it and post our view on it here. Any readers who have a copy of it and have had enough of this anti-Cat business are most welcome to leak it to us.

In a case like this one, where an article is no longer available online, Feline Rights New Zealand is watching and documenting and in the interest of keeping citizens informed we will re-publish in their entirety any articles that have mysteriously vanished.

22 April 2015 - Most Would Support Cat Neutering: Survey

Following calls for a national strategy on Cat management, an academic survey suggests most people would support mandatory desexing and microchipping.

Most New Zealanders would support mandatory desexing and microchipping of pet Cats as part of any national strategy to combat them killing native wildlife, a survey suggests.

The survey has been highlighted after the New Zealand Veterinary Association released its review of the Cat problem in a country with the highest Cat ownership rate in the world.

It found Cats preyed upon between 19-44 million animals per year, while about 196,000 stray Cats may account for 15-33 million of those. Animals killed by Cats include non-native bird and rodent species, reptiles and invertebrates, as well as native birds.

NZVA says an urgent, nationwide strategy is needed to protect the welfare of Cats and wildlife and recommends stricter regulation, neutering and micro-chipping.

Victoria University's Heidy Kikillus says desexing would be the most important move.

"There are too many unwanted Cats in New Zealand and Cat welfare organisations are often at capacity... desexing is imperative."

Victoria University's Cat Tracker online survey suggests many would support that.

To date the ongoing survey (more than 2000 respondents) says:

* 88 per cent feel desexing should be mandatory (with some exceptions for registered breeders)

* 70 per cent feel that microchipping should be mandatory

* Almost 50 per cent support a night-time curfew.

Dr Kikillus said setting up a national management strategy would be incredibly complicated but a step forward.

"Many government agencies put Cat management in the too hard basket as it is rather controversial. Why do we readily accept registration for our pet dogs but baulk at registration of pet Cats?"

In 2103, economist and philanthropist Gareth Morgan got fur flying when he said pet Cats should be eradicated because of their threat to wildlife.

In his blog, he says the NZVA review confirms that "wandering Cats are an ecological disaster" and the question now was what to do about them.

04 June 2015 - Prime Minister Rt Hon John Key - On Cats

4 June 2015 - Showdown Looming Cats vs Kiwis

John Key and Kitten

We're really pleased to see the leader of the nation has a commonsense approach to the number of Cats that a household may have. Prime Minister John Key was quoted on 4 June 2015 as follows:

"Some people are going to have lots of Cats and some prefer fewer but the Government's not about to tell them how many to own."

Thanks John, the problem is Local Government is at odds with the opinion of our nations leader and at odds with every other New Zealand citizen who is smart enough to avoid being ensnared by the ongoing eco-extremist propaganda campaign in the media against our beloved Cats.

Current Local Body Limitations On Cats

* Far North District Council - Limit of 5 Cats
* New Plymouth District Council - Limit of 5 Cats
* Marlborough District Council - Limit of 4 Cats
* Hastings City Council - Limit of 4 Cats
* Buller District Council - Limit of 3 Cats
* Invercargill City Council - Limit of 3 Cats
* Masterton District Council - Limit of 3 Cats
* Palmerston North City Council - Limit of 3 Cats
* Rangitikei District Council - Limit of 3 Cats

20 November 2015 - Cat Capping, Cat Chipping
And Curfews Proposed For Wellington

20 November 2015 - Cat Capping Cat Chipping And Curfews Proposed For Wellington

On 20th November 2015, An article appeared in the mainstream media detailing the Council's proposed
anti-Cat legislation.

We emailed Cat behavior specialist Lynne O'Malley querying if she was on the WCC payroll. She responded promptly and stated she is not involved with WCC. Turns out a Fairfax Media journalist had called to get her opinion in the interest of providing balanced news coverage. We found Lynne to be a nice person to communicate with via email. We disagree with one of her suggestions quoted in the article. That is the idea of using a laser pointer as a Cat toy. We disagree with that idea because of the risk of the Cat receiving ocular damage from the laser. We are certain she got it wrong with the idea of using a laser as a Cat toy and we figure the idea of training Cats to be indoors at night is not as easy as suggested in the article.

26 November 2015 - Council Approves 'Review' Of 'Pets' In Wellington City

26 November 2015 - Council Approves 'Review' Of 'Pets' In Wellington City

Determined to push their agenda through, the Council moved fast. Within six days, on 26th November 2015, at a meeting of the Environment Committee, the Council moved to proceed with it's totalitarian agenda against Cats.

The article states the Council would 'survey the community'. We wonder exactly who they have surveyed? Karori Sanctuary Trust? The Morgan Foundation? Zealandia Volunteers? Members of Gareth Morgan's Halo Campaign?

At any rate we think we can count on any survey being bogus and biased to suit their totalitarian agenda.

Mayor Celia Wade-Brown (Green) moved the motion, and Councillor Sarah Free (Green) seconded the motion.
Councillor Ray Ahipene-Mercer referenced anti-Cat legislation in parts of Australia which he claims citizens have accepted. Our message to Ray is: This is not just about Cats, it's about power and control. This is not Australia, this is Aotearoa, and totalitarian activity will never be acceptable here.

Councillor Iona Pannet (Green) stated "We're certainly not going after anyone's Cat, I'm sure most of us love them". That statement is right up there with Josef Mengele stating he loved little children. With all of this talk of curfews and identification tattoos, the comparison is crystal clear. Our view is the Council are going after people's Cats. They can expect relentless opposition until their regime is consigned to history's trash can of failed political ideology.

If it quacks like a duck it's a duck, if it does the totalitarian goose-step....

Wellington City Council Cultural Marxist Rogues Gallery

Do not be fooled by the smiles, they suffer from grave misconception and have the darkest agenda

Wade-Brown Free Pannett
From left to right, Wade-Brown (Green), Free (Green), Pannett (Green)
Ahipene-Mercer Foster Woolf
From left to right, Ahipene-Mercer, Foster, Woolf

Wade-Brown moved the motion, Free seconded the motion, Pannet (Chair), Ahipene-Mercer agreed and made
excuses, Foster proposed a ban on Cats in 'wildlife sensitive' areas, Woolf proposed compulsory microchipping.

Are Our Cats Really Decimating Native Wildife?

In the November 20 2015 article Gareth Morgan is quoted "no coincidence that Wellington's wildlife sanctuary Zealandia had been reporting slow growth rates of Saddleback and Stitchbird, They're dead meat when they fly out of there, they fly out and then fly back in in a body bag". To that comment we respond. Saddleback appear to doing well outside of the sanctuary, in fact they are doing so well it seems they are breeding. Additionally, Zealandia has ended its monitoring of Kaka numbers as the population thrives.

16 February 2016 - Inept Environmentalist
Propaganda From Wellington City Council

16 February 2016 - Feathery Link To Property Sales In The Capital

On 16 February 2016 The Council presented this piece of propaganda on the WCC website. The article referenced 'research' in part funded by ratepayers by the doyen of ratepayer funded pseudoscience, Dr Heidy Kikillus of Victoria University. For two years Dr Kikillus scoured the house listings for the Wellington region on the TradeMe website searching for any entries referencing native wildlife. They may call this sort of thing 'science', but clearly it's made to measure gathering of statistics which support the Green political agenda. Keep in mind if you are a ratepayer, you are paying for it. To quote Dr Kikillus "I found that wildlife and the city’s natural environment are being used as an incentive to get people to purchase property at certain locations across the Capital."

Councillor Helene Ritchie was also quoted in the article: "the survey results back up what most Wellingtonians have figured out over the past few years. that the renewed presence of tui, kereru, kaka and other native birds in our suburbs is making Wellington an even more attractive place to live."

According to this Council news release regarding the Polhill Gully track, "You can see and hear many native birds, overflowing from nearby Zealandia"

So there you have it, from the Council's own office of propaganda, and a statement from one of the Councillors herself.

Native birds are apparently thriving, which is indisputable proof the Cats aren't catching them!

26 February 2016 - The National Cat Management Strategy Group

24 February 2016 - Cats In Crosshairs As New Group Targets Numbers

26 February 2016 - Mayor: Council Likely To Be Lumbered With Enforcing Cat Law

Our view is the inclusion of a section of restrictions on Cats in the WCC Animal Bylaw Review 2016 is a trial run. If they can get away with it in Wellington, they will have a go at rolling out similar restrictions on Cats throughout New Zealand

Our view was confirmed when documents were leaked and information published in the mainstream media on 24 Feb 2016

This is a secret group of unelected bureaucrats and academic intellectuals along with members of the eco-lunatic fringe including Local Body NZ, Dept of Conservation, Ministry Of Primary Industries, The Morgan Foundation, SPCA, NZ Veterinary Association, NZ Companion Animal Council amongst others.

On 26th February 2016 we sent an email to NZ Companion Animal Council asking the following questions: "Which individual or organisation came up with this idea in the first place? Who got this "strategy group" together? Exactly who is financing it?" NZ Companion Animal Council have remained poker faced as the self assured academia are want to do and have declined to reply.

It beggars belief that members of reputable organisations like SPCA and NZ Veterinary Association
have chosen to tarnish their reputations by working directly with the Morgan Foundation, given that
Morgan and his associates are little more than a genocidal eco-extremist hate group.

Waikato District Mayor Allan Sanson stated, "Cat legislation would be unmanageable, would suck up an enormous amount of resources and put councils offside with their ratepayers".

09 March 2016 - Professional Cat Hater Geoff Simmons
Addresses Hawkes Bay Regional Council

9 March 2016 - Hawkes Bay Regional Council Environment and Services Committee Meeting

While Morgan and his team were busy collective lobbying Horizons Regional Council, Morgan's deputy Geoff Simmons was addressing Hawkes Bay Regional Council on the matter of Cats

It's a lengthy paper, so here's a couple of screen shots, We now know it's Simmons who is a member of the National Cat Management Strategy Group, and do query how anything good can come out of a study group that allows a well known Cat hater and eco-extremist to be a participant.

Hawkes Bay Regional Council 01 Hawkes Bay Regional Council 02

11 March 2016 - Wellington Bylaw Would Cap Cat Numbers

11 March 2016 - Wellington Bylaw Would Cap Cat Numbers, Ban Roosters And Limit Pigeon Feeding
DomPost - 160312.jpg
Subliminal messaging done in plain sight

11th March 2016 and the propaganda matrix of the mainstream media was in full effect with yet another article, If you saw it online, the accompanying image is a Feline fellow relaxing in the grass, however the print edition of the Dominion Post had a front-page article complete with a collaged image right up there with the best efforts of the Soviet propaganda machine.

We have the cock looking like he's cock-a-doodle-doo-ing for all he's worth, the pigeon (we'll get to them) and a Cat looking so concerned she may as well have been confronted by Gareth Morgan himself clad only in his speedos and a scowl. Each has a red gun sight over them, as if to say, these are all pests and we'd love for you shoot them all.

As to the pigeons, previous councils poisoned the local Cat colonies at the beginning of the century so it's no wonder there's a problem with pigeons now. A prime example of what can happen when the ecological balance is upset by deluded Greens who have allowed common sense to fly with the birds and embraced the pseudoscience of people like Dr Heidy Kikillus.

Once they have executed all of the pigeons, they will likely go after the sparrows, blackbirds, starlings, magpies and any other bird that is not a native bird. These individuals are bloodthirsty totalitarians, they have to be stopped.

Starlings and Ducks
Starlings and Ducks - You're Next!
Ref: Page 148 - WCC Environment Committee Agenda 17 March 2016

"But I Have A Dog And The Proposed Bylaw Includes Concessions For Dogs"

Dogs Prohibited
The ban on dogs from standard recreational
facilities confirms the Council is not your friend

We here at Feline Rights love dogs too. We do not approve of the 'no dogs on sports fields' rule here in Wellington for two reasons. Up until a few years ago, dogs were permitted on the sports fields and no one had a problem with them. The bylaw must be one of those unenforceable bylaws, because on our local sports field, there's always a couple of dogs out, regardless of the signage. With the concessions for dogs included in the review package, keep in mind it is a very well considered web that the Council weaves to get what they want. It's likely they have included a sweetener for citizens who keep dogs only to garner support for the Animal Bylaw Review from dog owners.

This is quite possible considering the other tricks the Council has pulled i.e. stating back in November 2015 that public consultation would be from May - June 2016 and then they moved the timing forward to April - May. With the Cats, they announced microchipping would not be compulsory, then a week later they said microchipping would be compulsory, along with the disturbing suggestion that they would disfigure our Cats with identification tattoos. We believe they have planned all of this. It's called psychological warfare. Fair chance at the next review they will have further restrictions for the dogs and their owners.

Do not taking sweeties from strange politicians, and never trust anyone who doesn't have four pawed friends.

17 March 2016 - Wellington Cats Face Prospect Of Microchips Or Tattoos

17 march 2016 - Wellington Cats Face Prospect Of Microchips Or Tattoos

Just when we'd thought we'd seen it all, on 17th March 2016 the Council announced they intended disfigure any Cat with an identification tattoo if the Cat does not have either a microchip or a collar. Now, if you know your history, then you know the other regime that used identification tattoos on those who were deemed to be problematical and therefore disposable. This article was confirmation for us of the nature of the scum we are dealing with.

Before we proceed, we note Councillor Andy Foster's comment in the article regarding the "recent explosion in the capital's bird life", and would comment directly to Andy now: Yes, lots more birds about and that is good. However the Council have not yet implemented the proposed restrictions on Cats, therefore all of the Cats are going about business as usual are they not? Yet there has been this wonderful proliferation of bird life anyway, as the Council have stated in various press releases.

"renewed presence" "overflowing" "recent explosion in the capital's bird life"

These quotations amount to statements of proof from the Council itself that the Cats are not catching the birds.

So clearly this is not just about Cats and birds. It is about misconception, delusion, power and control. Which unelected individuals are behind the scenes pulling the strings? and given that what the Council now attempt to do could well be an act of political suicide, we do wonder what the incentives might be?

So to anyone with access behind the scenes who has had enough of it, let's have a leak or two, we need the 'smoking gun' that will make them all hang their heads shame.

The fact that they have even considered disfiguring our with Cats tattoos is confirmation of what we are dealing with. Even if you do not keep Cats, if you do not actively oppose these vile individuals now, then by your indifference you are supporting fascism and there's no telling what other totalitarian activity they plan next.

We will observe and document on our website the other totalitarian actions of these turkeys all the way to the local body elections, after which one would trust this regime is consigned to history.

19 March 2016 - Duncan Garner Inducts Himself
Into The Hall Of Journalistic Infamy

19 March 2016 - Duncan Garner - Mouthpiece Of The Cat Hater's Propaganda Matrix
Duncan Garner Morgan2
Garner - The Mouthpiece? Morgan - The Ghostwriter?

Saturday 19th March 2016, and here is the latest from the propaganda wing of the social engineering department of the filthy rich. Duncan Garner's opinion column, and we quote. "and our suburbs now resemble the killing fields" and "Cats destroy bird life. They're mini tigers. They're hunters and natural born predators." and "These birds fly in and out of the sanctuary. Many don't return".

We've been very closely monitoring who has been saying what in this ongoing propaganda assault and unquestionably the above quotes from Garner's column are pure Gareth Morgan if we ever read them. Quite possibly a tad of ghost writing happening here? Interesting that comments were already marked as closed when we viewed that article on the day it was published. Comments closed so soon suggest they received comments that did not agree with the propaganda message.

Duncan Garner, whoever wrote this, by putting your name on it, you have inducted yourself into the hall of journalistic infamy forever. How it got past the editor we'll never know. We guess they think it's ok to do this because they target the Cats who cannot defend themselves with words. We here at Feline Rights speak on behalf of the Cats. We are watching and documenting, and will respond to each chapter of the orchestrated libelous propaganda campaign against the Cats.

20 March 2016 - Morgan Foundation Collective Lobbying Of Regional Councils

20 March 2016 - Morgan Foundation Collective Lobbying Of Regional Councils

This article is an eye opener on what Gareth Morgan and his team of followers are doing. Again we note Fairfax Media has closed comments on the article, which tells us the comments posted are unlikely to be endearing of Morgan, his crew and their mission. In case you did not already know it, Morgan and Simmons are economists. In this article Morgan gives his view on how the presence of Cats effects native wildlife, thus the tourism industry, thus the economy of the nation. The twisted logic of the hard of heart if ever we saw it.

Horizons Regional Council presented their 'pest management plan' up for public consultation in February. 94 submissions received, 47 of these were about 'feral' Cats. 45 of the 47 submissions on 'feral' Cats were from the Morgan Foundation. The article states "The majority of submissions were not actually from within the Manawatu region".

This is what is called collective lobbying. It appears the Morgan Foundation has a team scouring Local Government for opportunities to present their Cat hating views whenever a Council requests input from the public. Are these individuals paid employees of the Morgan foundation? Or are they just volunteers who simply hate Cats and do it for the hate of it?

The submissions to Horizons Regional Council seek to define 'feral' Cats as "any Cat without a microchip, collar or harness", they ask that this Council approach the Government to develop national legislation. This appears to be precursor arrangements for when the National Cat Management Strategy Group finally decides to come out of the closet.

Before going any further let's take a look at the true categories of Cats:

True Categories Of Cats

  • Domestic Cats: This means those who have a home and at least one human who takes care of them.
  • Lost Cats: Which means Cats who for one reason or another have strayed from home and have not been able to find their way home and their humans would love to get them home.
  • Stray Cats: Which means Cats which for any number of reasons no longer have a home, but are essentially domestic Cats who can be befriended and integrated into a new home.
  • Wild Cats: Which means Cats who have never been in human care.

Have you ever witnessed a Cat forced to wear a harness? Neither have we. Though we'd like to see a harness on Morgan and Simmons and a ball gag for each of them would be a bonus. But seriously, this gives us an idea of just how out of touch with reality these folks are. They are organised, well funded, have the mainstream media onboard and they are not about to go away until citizens take an active stance against them and they are totally discredited in the public eye.

Morgan stated "It is definitely not about getting rid of companion cats". However, Morgan has section on his website entitled "Cats To Go" with sub-sections entitled "Why not to have a Cat", "Your Cat is not innocent", "NZ without Cats" and an interactive section where one can "report a Cat colony".

Morgan appears to simply hate all Cats, it seems he wants every Cat destroyed. Our perspective is these people are nothing more than a genocidal eco-extremist hate group and lets be clear, all responsible citizens have moral obligation to make a stand against any group within the community who's primary motivation is hate for hate's sake, regardless of what sort of twisted logic the hate is wrapped in to justify it.

When we visited the interactive section on Morgan's website where individuals can "report a Cat colony" in November 2015, we noted that some individuals were reporting single Cats out and about in residential areas in cities and towns, so the interactive part of the website is not just being used for reporting 'feral' Cat colonies. It's being used to report where people's companion Cats are exercising their right to have some quality time outdoors.

The interactive part of Morgan's "Cats To Go" website is powered by a service called Thundermaps. We emailed Thundermaps at the end of November 2015 notifying them that their service was being used by a hate group and requested Thundermaps investigate if Morgan and crew were in violation of the terms and conditions of the Thundermaps service, and if it was determined that Morgan was in violation of the terms and conditions of the Thundermaps service that his account with Thundermaps be terminated.

We received no reply from Thundermaps, but today at the end of March 2016, we checked and found the Thundermaps service was not functioning within Morgan's site. We got an error message. Hopefully Thundermaps have come to their senses and have deleted Morgan's account. We'll check again over the next few days and see if the service is restored, if it is, then some collective lobbying from us to Thundermaps would be in order.

07 April 2016 - Gareth Morgan: "A Polarising Figure On 'Feral' Cat Issue"

7 April 2016 - Gareth Morgan A Polarising Figure On 'Feral' Cat Issue
Jessi Morgan Gareth Morgan
Left: Jessi Morgan - Right: Gareth Morgan
Both are rabid Cat haters who ultimately want all Cats exterminated

Latest on what the Morgan Foundation are doing "Morgan Foundation project manager Jessi Morgan, daughter of businessman Gareth Morgan who is also a campaigner for tougher controls on Cats, spoke at the Horizons Regional Council pest management plan hearing this week."

Sorry Jessi, the entire Morgan Foundation brand is a polarising entity, and now you have presented yourself in public, you too are a 'polarising figure'. We'll be tabulating every media reference where you are expressing your hatred for the Cats.

These people must be doing what they do 24/7. It looks like collective obsessive compulsive disorder to us. You'd think with all that money, they would have something better to do with themselves than impose their deluded perception of reality upon the nation. Anyone know a good psychiatrist who has special rates for an entire family?

12 April 2016 - Cat Hater Geoff Simmons Lectures In Dunedin On 22 April 2016

Cat Hater Geoff Simmons Lectures In Dunedin On 22 April 2016

General Manager of the Morgan Foundation, eco-extremist and Cat hater Geoff Simmons spouts his hatred for Cats in a lecture entitled "Predator Free Safe Havens" at Hutton Theater Otago University Dunedin 22nd April 2016 (Bookings Essential) We encourage anyone in Dunedin to book your seat, formulate questions that will make him feel uncomfortable, brush up on your heckling skills and put these nutcases in their place.

14 April 2016 - WCC Bans Smoking In Public Areas

14 April 2016 - WCC Bans Smoking In Public Areas
Swastika Plantation
Wellington City Council = Environmental Fascists

14 April 2016 - WCC bans smoking in public places, that's surely true to the totalitarian form WCC. As the authorities have not managed to stop the beggars from smoking cannabis in Midland Park, good luck with the idea of a city wide ban on smoking tobacco. We all know who was first with the idea of banning smoking in public places. "The National Socialists also imposed restrictions on tobacco advertising and smoking in public spaces, and regulated restaurants and coffeehouses."

Anti-Tobacco Movement In Nazi Germany

14 April 2016 - SPCA Working Directly With The Morgan Cult

14 April 2016 - 'Responsible' 'Ownership' Key To 'Controlling' Cats
Steve Glassey Geoff Simmons
Left: SPCA Wellington Chief Executive Steve Glassey Right:
Professional Cat Hater Geoff Simmons. What they have in common
is they are both unelected self assured academics who are misguided
enough to think they can speak for and direct the entire nation.

To begin, lets take note they have used the image of a kaka in this article as if to subliminally suggest that this large powerful parrot the size of a chicken is something that might just be prey for a Cat. We doubt that there is a single recorded instance of a Kaka being killed by a Cat, and point out that the use of this image is clearly blatant propaganda.

This article is more of the same spin from obsessive Cat hater Geoff Simmons and this time he's got Steve Glassey (chief executive of Wellington SPCA) helping him. Not a good look to be metaphorically in bed with Geoff Simmons there Steve.

Everyone knows the Morgan Foundation has the aim of eliminating ALL Cats from New Zealand, they are a hate group and SPCA is right out of line to be working with them at all. Being seen to be agreeing with Mr Simmons is not going to help SPCA one bit. This sort of association could well have something to do with the Present SPCA Funding Shortfall People will be less likely to donate to SPCA if they associate you with a hate group like the Morgan Foundation.

The SPCA executives, Steve Glassey, Ric Odom and others need to wise up. The reputation of SPCA is in tatters following this article. A mass resignation of the executives and a formal public statement from SPCA distancing themselves from any connection with amateur extremist 'conservation' groups like the Morgan Foundation would be a good place for SPCA to begin. So get to it Steve, Ric and the others, you have failed, and you know what to do. To the SPCA Board, we say you need to choose executive staff from the pool of individuals who actually have hands on experience with day to day animal welfare work if you wish for continued public support.

On the subject of the inclusion of Cats in the Animal Bylaw Review, the article states "For the council's purposes, compulsory microchipping may allow them to deal with cats that are found in the city's parks where native birds are breeding" And "Microchipping all cats in the city makes sense if we want to be able to protect native birds during fledging periods"

"Deal with" is a politically correct term that translates as 'murder all Cats who do not have a microchip ID'.

Can someone please explain to us how it is that the Society For Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals is an active party in encouraging the Council to proceed with it's proposal to engage in the mass extermination of Cats?

Let's get one thing straight, the city's parks and the city including the residential zones are not a wildlife sanctuary. The city and the parks are for everyone, including the Cats. There is already a wildlife sanctuary, namely Zealandia. It's cost the ratepayer millions of dollars. Presently most citizens think the Zealandia project is worthwhile. Now they try to turn the entire city, it's parks and residential zones into a wildlife sanctuary, and in the process infringe on residents customary right to keep Cats, we can expect support for Zealandia and any other conservation activity in the city to wane through to zero quite swiftly.

The birds are doing just fine now, prior to any of the proposed restrictions on Cats being implemented. One example of this is covered in this article entitled Zealandia ends its monitoring of kaka numbers as population thrives In fifteen years the Kaka population has gone from 6 to an estimated 750 birds, and there has been no restrictions on Cats in that 15 year period. This is undeniable proof that Cats are not catching them, and undeniable proof that there is no good reason to place restrictions on our Cats, and there is no need at all for the Council's planned mass extermination of stray Cats.

To have Simmons and a chief executive of SPCA working together and getting an opinion article published in the mainstream media appears to be intended not only to soften the public up to accept the restrictions on Cats presently up for consultation with WCC, but also slip through the subliminal suggestion that it is a normal event for these two groups to be working together.

Given the comment in the article "the constraints of bylaws may require a stronger national legislative framework for Cat management" This does appear to be intended to normalize the association of these two groups in the public eye as a preparation for when the National Cat Management Strategy Group starts releasing a wide array of anti-Cat propaganda sometime in the next few weeks.

We know The Morgan Foundation, SPCA, NZ Veterinary Association & NZ Companion Animal Council all have representatives on the presently secretive National Cat Management Strategy Group. We also know that the National Cat Management Strategy Group declined to accept representatives from both Paw Justice and SAFE. So we know they are opinionated, exclusive and are not interested in getting the opinion of respected animal rights groups.

How many of you are aware that NZ Companion Animal Council had Gareth Morgan as a guest speaker at their 2014 Conference? Thick as thieves! If you keep Cats, none of the organisations mentioned above can be trusted.

17 April 2016 - Morgan Cult Calls To End TradeMe
Cat Sales That 'Undercut' The SPCA

17 April 2016 - Calls To End Trade Me Cat Sales That 'Undercut' The SPCA

Another article intended to program the public on the Morgan Foundation/SPCA Connection. This is a superbly structured piece of propaganda, because the propaganda is wrapped in some fair comment regarding the sale of Cats on TradeMe.

We'd have to agree that if one wishes to open one's home and heart to a Feline or two, then the local animal shelter is one of the best places to go, simply because if you adopt from an animal shelter, you will be briefed on correct care and your responsibilities to the Cat. Some shelters, for example Cats Protection League Wellington, will require you to sign a contract where you agree to return the Cat to the shelter if you can no longer keep it, which is a great idea.

What we did notice with this article and the previous one is the media is doing it's very best to normalise the connection between the eco-extremist Morgan Foundation and the SPCA in the public eye. This is the second article in seven days where the media have attempted to hammer the idea into the minds of the less aware that a good working relationship exists between the Morgan Foundation and the SPCA.

We also note the following quote referencing the Morgan Foundation general manager "Geoff Simmons, believes the first step to getting change is to promote the classing of any cat without a microchip, as feral" AND "Otherwise you can't enforce anything".

This is the core programming message in this article that the media hopes to slip across the threshold into the subconscious minds of the masses. It's an attempt to pre-program and prepare citizens to accept without question what the National Cat Management Strategy Group is about lay on the public. Take it from us, the media will have a field day with this.

One of the main changes in law the National Cat Management Strategy Group is going to be lobbying Parliament for is removal of the 'stray' designation from the Animal Welfare Act, leaving two classifications of Cats 'Owned' which means a Cat with an identification microchip or 'Feral' which means no microchips, therefore we can kill you all.

What these people are doing is a very carefully structured campaign to legitimise genocide and it must be relentlessly opposed.

01 May 2016 - Professional Cat Hater Geoff Simmons In Otago

1 May 2016 - 'Good For Cats Good For Wildlife'

Here we have more candy coated bilge being spouted by the obsessive Cat hater Geoff Simmons. As we reported a couple of weeks ago prior to the event, Gareth Morgan's right handy-man has been down in Dunedin preaching 'conservation' from a deluded economist's perspective to anyone gullible enough to buy it.

Before proceeding any further we have a few words for the Otago Daily Times. We went to an amount of effort to create an account over at ODT so that we could comment on the article. We thought it rather unusual their registration process required a residential address and phone number to complete, which would allow us to comment on the article.

So what do you do with all of the data you collect on subscribers ODT?

Having jumped through the hoops of their registration process we posted a short comment suggesting readers visit our website if they wanted to learn more about what local government is attempting to do in Wellington. We also commented briefly on Simmons involvement in the secret National Cat Strategy Management Group, the collective lobbying activities of the Morgan Foundation, and the plan to remove the definition of stray Cats from the Animal Welfare Act 1999 which along with compulsory microchipping would allow these evil folk to conduct mass exterminations of all Cats without a microchip ID.

Essentially, we shared an alternative view to Simmons' view and Otago Daily Times declined to publish our comments. This tells us that ODT is not in the business of providing balanced media coverage. Indeed this media outlet appears to be one of the complicit media outlets who for some strange reason (we wonder what that is) feel that Morgan and Simmons' views on Cats are the only ones worthy of publication.

Keep that in mind next time you read anything over at the ODT website. They are serving limited views for limited minds.

Now let's take a look at some of the quotes from Simmons:

"In Australia, where microchipping was introduced 20 years ago, there had been a 20% drop in cat ownership" To which we reply, go to our Consequences page and read the quotes from Landcare Research wildlife ecologist John Innes.

Note Simmons again spouts Gareth Morgan's 'Cats indoors' line. He also cites what WCC are trying to do as though it is a test case, which it is, as we told you while back.

"What was needed was a long-term plan which was not subject to the political chopping and changing that occurred when ministers of the Crown had oversight. A private-public partnership was a possibility."

A "private-public partnership" in common person's language amounts to rich private individuals dictating to elected representatives which policies will be implemented, just like what they are attempting to do in Wellington.

Hardly real democratic process, now is it?

Simmons and his associates appear to be subversives who disapprove of the tried and tested methods of Government.

Clearly Morgan, Simmons and Co are dangerous individuals on all counts. They must be resisted on the Cat issue and exposed for who they are before they start dictating policy to elected representatives on other issues.

To anyone with the view from the inside, we remind you of the immortal words of Edward Snowden.

"Whistleblowing is not just leaking, it's an act of political resistance"

Learn the basics of how to 'spill the beans' here

Nicky Hager's Guide To Leaking

06 May 2016 - Wellington 'Conservation' Group
Expounds Morgan Cult Anti-Cat Doctrine

6 May 2016 -Wellington Amateur 'Conservation' Group Expounds Morgan Cult Anti-Cat Doctrine
Paul Stanley Ward
Polhill Paul aka Paul Stanley Ward
Charming to say the least

This article represents a new approach in the way the Morgan Foundation is going about laying their hatred of Cats on the public. They have begun directing members of their Halo Project to act as propaganda mouthpieces for their anti-Cat doctrine.

Appearing in the comments section of the Dominion Post, this article published under the name of Polhill Restoration Project representative Paul Ward has all of the hallmarks of a Morgan Foundation presentation, so there is no need to ponder over who is ghost writing or otherwise pulling the strings.

Either Paul Ward is the new rising star of amateur 'conservation' hate journalism, or at the very least he's had some help. For what it is, it's quite well written and as it does not have the Gareth Morgan style rantings we are guessing Geoff Simmons has an involvement with this, if not having entirely ghost written it.

The article begins by citing the oft mentioned tale of the lighthouse keeper who's Cat supposedly hunted to extinction the Stephen's Island wren.

Then it tells the tale of a dinner party in Aro Valley and how someone's Cat is a good ratter along with "Oh, and he's also brought in several saddleback", and how the author "got chills" and had to "leash his inner Gareth Morgan".

So let's get this straight, this fellow is discussing his activities as an amateur 'conservation' volunteer and the folks he's talking to casually broach that their Cat is the scourge of Zealandia's saddleback population? I don't think so, this whole business sounds like a tall tale for propaganda purposes.

Paul Ward goes on to call keeping Cats "a perversely self-destructive act, like smoking or eating only deep fried Mars bars".

Listen to it! Propaganda does not get much creepier than this, folks!

Joseph Goebbels himself would buy Polhill Paul a bottle of schnapps!

Reading further we are served with the same old anti-Cat line. He cites the opinion of the pseudoscientists at Victoria University and their 'research' without peer review on 'roaming Cats', the evils of Cats answering the call of nature, Cat control measures in Australia, microchipping, keeping Cats indoors and not replacing your Cat when it dies, to name a few.

Pure Morgan Foundation Cult material if ever we saw it.

The Morgan Foundation are listed as formal sponsors of Polhill Restoration Project as are Wellington City Council and Greater Wellington Regional Council, so this article is surely pure Morgan Foundation. Essentially this is an advertorial for the Morgan Cult and nothing more. We also note the Garage Project Brewery supports Polhill Restoration Project. We will be having a word with Garage Project Brewery and letting them know we will not be buying any more of their fine gourmet beer while they continue to provide support eco-extremist activity.

Now, a word to Polhill Restoration Project from Feline Rights New Zealand

We are happy to live and let live, and no doubt much of the work your group is doing with restoration of native bush and conservation has value. However once you or your members engage as an extremist hate group promoting hatred against our Cats, you are engaging yourselves in politics. Your group is now recognised as a mouthpiece of the Morgan Foundation, therefore you are now designated as political opposition. In the interest of keeping the public informed we will be researching who you are and what you do and documenting it all here online.

Let's begin with the page over at Gareth Morgan's Halo Project site Halo Project Polhill Restoration Page where we read the words of commenter Paul Martinson, who states.

"maybe someone can obtain or train a DOC certified predator dog for feral cats within the Halo and put it to work. I've had one and it is an effective way to eradicate the trap shy animals"

Polhill Restoration Group, we draw you attention to the Animal Welfare (Companion Cats) Code of Welfare 2007 Section 13 where it states if a 'feral' Cat is to be killed then the act must be performed in a 'humane' manner. We do not believe the use 'certified predator dogs' to tear a live Cat to pieces counts as 'humane' and we remind you that the current penalties for willfully ill-treating an animal are maximum five year prison sentence or a $100,000 fine. So if we ever get proof of you people actually using 'certified predator dogs' we will be doing our best to see those involved are dealt with by the Court.

Let's get clear, the so called 'Halo' encompasses residential areas, and these extremists are considering turning 'certified predator dogs' loose to kill Cats! Do you think a dog can distinguish which Cat is 'feral' and which Cat has a home? Are these 'certified predator dogs' trained to use a microchip scanner?

The answer of course is no. Turn one of these things loose to go on a murder spree and it will kill every Cat it can find. The potential for these sorts of scenarios are exactly why we warn you now. You must stand up to these bloodthirsty amateur 'conservationists' before they take the lives of your loved ones, and before the State buys into the propaganda and enacts legislation that denies you of your right to keep Cats.

07 May 2016 - Department Of Conservation - Battle For Our Birds

07 May 2016 - Press Release: Hon Maggie Barry - Minister of Conservation

Department Of Conservation - Battle For Our Birds
Maggie Barry
Hon Maggie Barry - Minister Of Conservation

"The largest pest control operation in New Zealand’s history will be launched this winter in response to a pest plague which threatens vulnerable native wildlife, Conservation Minister Maggie Barry says."

"Battle for our Birds 2016 will receive $20.7 million in new operating funding for 2015/16 from this month’s Budget, helping to fight back against an expected pest population boom caused by a heavy forest seeding, or mast."

The really interesting point about the Minister's press release and the Department Of Conservation web page is neither make a single mention of Cats. Surely if the Cats were the killers of birds folks like Gareth Morgan, Geoff Simmons, Paul Ward and others involved with the amateur 'conservation' movement make them out to be, then we would expect Cats to be named by the Government as one of the enemies to be dealt with in this 'battle for our birds'.

Not one mention of Cats from either the Minister in her press release or the Department on it's 'battle for our birds' web page. Rats and stoats only appear to be the enemy according to these official statements from the Government. We would add Conservation Minister Maggie Barry is apparently no friend of the Cats, googling "Maggie Barry" +"Cat Hater" today returns some 22 results, but not a word about the supposed issue of Cats killing native birds in this latest formal press release from the Minister.

As respected wildlife ecologist John Innes has stated, the main prey of the Cats is rodents of all types.

Without the Cats the country would be overrun by rats, mice, stoats and weasels. In truth the Cats are eco-warriors, and they deserve our highest respect and support for the good work they do.

15 June 2016

While we have been taking a break over the past couple of weeks to enjoy some rugby and do some stargazing, the orchestrated libelous propaganda campaign in the mainstream media against the Cats has continued unabated.

No less than five articles nationwide we know of in the past few weeks. Now it may be that some journalists are just lazy and are cannibalising each others works, but it appears to us that these items of propaganda are being directed by a single group. So similar they are, they may well be paid advertorials. Who would have the funding to do such a thing? Why would the media follow through and publish this garbage if they were not receiving some form of remuneration for publication?

Anyway lets take a look at each of them. First up is this article in the Nelson Mail

19 May 2016 - Appleby Cat Management Trial To Protect Waimea Estuary Birdlife

More from the moronic keep Cats in at night, and microchip them or we'll murder them eco-fascist brigade here.

We also note pseudoscientist Heidy Kikillus and the extremist Greens from Wellington City Council going over to indoctrinate the locals in Nelson. Feline Rights NZ is presently investigating if Wellington ratepayers money is being used to fund this activity.

We Quote: "Cambridge has door-knocked the area with the offer of free microchipping for all 'pet' Cats - which has seen them freed rather than put down when captured"

In common persons language this amounts to eco-fascists intimidating residents who keep Cats. You'd better accept our offer of free microchipping otherwise we'll murder your family members. Completely unacceptable behavior on the part of the 'conservation' movement. Nelson residents, if you have been subject to this intimidation we'd love to hear from you.

Next there is this article in the Taranaki Daily News

30 May 2016 - Cat Curfew Would Go A Long Way To Protecting Native Birds

It's another of these accursed opinion columns that Fairfax is so fond of utilising to attempt to upset good citizens. Hey there fear-facts, you ain't upsetting us, but you are making us all the more determined to put a stop to this business once and for all. This article supposedly by John Sergeant, while it's not a classic Polhill Paul it has all the hallmarks of the doctrine of the Morgan Cult.

We quote: "Cats need to be registered, microchipped and placed on a 7pm to 7am curfew so any Cats out at night can be taken to the pound and destroyed if not collected. Only then will our urban native birds stand some chance of survival."

Caption for the photo (same photo used in the previous article) says "A Cat has caught a titmouse for a supper to the kittens."

Titmouse is not a native bird, the information we have says they are native to northern hemisphere and Africa, why use a photo taken overseas? Because these fools have not been able to find a photo of an NZ native bird kill. Like we have said over and over, our Cats simply aren't catching them!

John Sergeant, go and read our submission to WCC and the page on our site entitled "Consequences" and if you have half a brain you will read the proof of how wrong you are, and while you are doing that we'll be researching who you are, mate.

Next we go to the Southland Daily Times for an editorial piece

11 June 2016 - For Pitys Sake Don't Encourage Cat Colonies

The article begins with one of those horror images the propaganda matrix likes to utilise for the purposes of inducing compliance via the agency of fear, we've seen this image before. The Cat was probably fine before it was trapped and then roughed up by it's captors prior to the image being taken. We don't know for sure but folks need to understand that the cruelest cold hearted folks around are involved with this orchestrated propaganda campaign of hatred against the Cats, and we would not put anything past them.

The article talks about the folly of maintaining Cat colonies, and cites a recent occurrence in Invercargill where there were issues with a Cat colony in the city.

We Quote: "lately the problem has been further confounded by well-intentioned people feeding the animals"

Yes, in this instance it was animal welfare workers from Furever Homes, they were doing the right thing and befriending these Cats prior to capture for socialisation and rehoming. There were kittens holed up in vents at a Smiths City store, and it seems the manager just blocked up the vents, refused the animal welfare workers permission to remove the covers and it seems the kittens would have died.

We encourage all good citizens to join us in a nationwide boycott of Smiths City stores until Smiths City southern region manager Craig Balfour either resigns or is dismissed.

Full story here:

10 June 2016 - Stray Cats Cause Problems For Businesses In Invercargills CBD

Next we have another story of horror from the deep south

12 June 2016 - Morgan Cult Funded Mass Extermination Of Cats Planned For Stewart Island

Department of Conservation plans to eradicate all 'feral' Cats on Stewart Island. This nefarious activity is being arranged by DOC Southern South Island conservation services director Allan Munn in association with the eco-fascist group Predator Free Rakiura. These eco-nazis plan a mass execution using ten million dollars worth of traps and poisons.

The article states the Predator Free Rakiura group "was established after philanthropist Gareth Morgan approached DOC about the possibility of making Stewart Island and surrounding islands predator free" Morgan Cult again, no surprises there. in fact it appears the Morgan Foundation will be contributing funding to kill the Cats.

What a nasty old hate-bag you are Gareth Morgan, don't you have something better to do with your time and money? For you, psychotherapy would be a good investment, do it right and you will feel a lot better once you are free of the hate which troubles you.

Professional Cat-hater and Morgan Foundation GM Geoff Simmons denied all knowledge of the matter (a likely story) and stated the tourism trade would benefit from the mass extermination of Stewart Island's Cats. Any excuse to kill eh Geoff?

First we'd say to all of you fools go to our Consequences page and read what happened on Macquarie Island when they killed all of the Cats and have a rethink.

14 June 2016 - Horizons Regional Council Reject Morgan Cult Directives

This last article brought a smile to our faces, and gave us some hope that there are some sensible folks remaining in Local Government. We refer to the elected representatives and staff of Horizons Regional Council, who despite numerous instances of collective lobbying from the Morgan Cult requesting a bylaw classifying 'feral' Cats as 'pests' have chosen common sense over mass hysteria and decided not to follow the Morgan Cult directives.

The Morgan Foundation's response is to accuse Horizons Regional Council of "not being brave enough" to follow the instructions of Morgan and his cult of hate toward the Felines.

Jesse Morgan, daughter of Gareth Morgan and Project Manager of the Morgan Foundation is quoted as stating: "As soon as we take Gareth away from it people will listen, rather than say 'oh he just wants to kill all the Cats'"

Well excuse me Madam Jesse, sooner or later everyone in this fine land will recognise that you people are a cult of hate. Everything you folks believe in regarding the Cats is simply dogma. Your dad is one of the most unpopular men in New Zealand. You haters can re-brand yourselves repeatedly but we will be watching and documenting whatever it is your cult does.

The article cites SPCA stating there is a supposed Cat problem, but as we have previously posted in our news section SPCA and Geoff Simmons are working together, and writing articles for the press together, therefore we feel SPCA management has been compromised by Morgan and his cronies, and we feel SPCA cannot now be trusted to speak the truth, until they have a total overhall of management.

Feline Rights NZ salutes the good folks at Horizons Regional Council for it's common sense approach and suggests Wellington City Council follows suit and removes all of the Morgan Cult anti-Cat rubbish from the Animal Bylaw Review proposal, might be a good idea for those of you who wish to retain your positions as elected representatives after the upcoming Local Body election.

16 June 2016 - The Anti-Cat Propaganda Machine In Full Effect

14 June 2016 - Management Plan Keeps Track Of 'Killer' Cats
Ro Cambridge Heidy Kikillus Myfanwy Emeny
Left - Ro Cambridge - Cold calling on citizens telling them to microchip or else
Center - Heidy Kikillus - Victoria University 'Restoration Ecology' pseudoscientist
Right - Myfanwy Emeny - Wellington City Council urban 'ecology' team leader

Just when we thought we had covered all bases for the week, we discovered two more propaganda articles have appeared in the mainstream media in the past 24 hours. The first is from the Nelson Mail and is an update on the previous article about eco-fascist Ro Cambridge and her so called 'Cat management trial'.

A meeting held attended by 50 people with addresses by Dr Heidy Kikillus of Victoria University and Wellington City Council urban ecology team leader Myfanwy Emeny. Fair to say that as Wellingtonians we are ashamed to see these people exporting Morgan cult doctrine across Cook Strait to Nelson.

We Quote "Cambridge said the Appleby trial was not about demonizing Cats but improving understanding of the issue and encouraging responsible Cat 'ownership'."

Ro Cambridge, this is absolutely about demonizing Cats, even a cursory look through the front page and news section of our site proves this without a doubt. You've got it wrong, you are upsetting a lot of people, and in the process ensuring the demise of public support for all 'conservation' activity. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

We note that Tasman District Council's Regional Pest Management Strategy is presently being reviewed and the process is open to public comment. We wonder how many dozen submissions will be tendered by the followers of Morgan's hate group, we shrug our shoulders and guess we'd better get busy with our contribution.

The second article is a follow up to the article on what is happening in Stewart Island and claims Stewart Island residents support the mass extermination of Cats.

14 June 2016 - Stewart Island Residents Back DOC's Plan To Get Rid Of 'Feral' Cats

14 June 2016 - Stewart Island Residents Back DOC's Plan To Get Rid Of 'Feral' Cats

Alright, lets take a look at whom the mainstream media claim is supporting genocide.

We Quote "Southland District Council Stewart Island ward councillor Bruce Ford said the idea of eradicating wild cats instead of building a fence was likely to be more well-received by the community. Ford believed not many of the residents on the island would complain about it, if the wild Cats were to go."

Cr Bruce Ford
Cr Bruce Ford - Stewart Island Rakiura Ward

News for you Bruce, folks as far away as Wellington are complaining about it. Our view is this is a trial directed by the Morgan cult and it's followers. We believe they intend to kill every Cat in New Zealand, and that is why we are metaphorically up in arms about it. "Bravo Adventure Cruises owner Phillip Smith, who runs kiwi spotting tours, said he supports any forms of predator control on the island."

Phillip Smith
Phillip Smith - Cat Murderer - Ostracize Him
Do not do business with this man

Phillip Smith claims to have been trapping Cats on Stewart Island. This eco-fascist proudly claims to have killed 168 Cats. The article does not state how he's been killing them, we think the SPCA should investigate this creep. If you are an overseas visitor we ask you to boycott Bravo Adventure Cruises. Could you really trust a man who gets his jollies murdering Cats?

So there are only two supporters named in the article, one a Councillor, and the other one is a sick individual who murders Cats as a hobby. Hardly a matter of Stewart Islands residents supporting mass extermination as the headline of the article suggests. If you are a resident of Stewart Island and feel intimidated by the eco-fascist activity in your locality, Feline Rights NZ would like to hear from you.

22 June 2016 - Forest And Bird Member Calls For Mass Extermination Of Cats

22 June 2016 - 'Feral' Cats In Marlborough Should Be Trapped And Killed Says Resident
Dianne John
Dawnchorus Diane aka Diane John,
Member of Forest and Bird and Picton
Dawn Chorus 'Conservation' Group.
Regional Recorder For NZ Ornithological Society

The article opens with the oft used photo taken somewhere other than New Zealand. The captured bird in the photo is a titmouse, a bird from the northern hemisphere and Africa, they re-use this one because they have yet to actually photograph a Cat with a NZ native bird in it's mouth.

We Quote: "Controlling the country's feral Cat population is not about killing off 'domestic moggies'"

Yes, that's what they all say, and we are not fooled by this line one bit. Even a cursory view of the section entitled 'Cats To Go' on multimillionaire Cat hater Gareth Morgan's website makes it clear these eco-fascists want to eradicate all Cats, your family members included.

We here at Feline Rights NZ don't like the term 'moggies', without a doubt it is as disparaging as the 'N' word.

So folks, enhance your politeness skills and stop using the 'M' word if you would, because it does the Cats a great injustice, and you offend members of the Pagan community when you use it.

We Quote: "Unless feral Cats were trapped and "humanely euthanised", they would decimate our native birds, lizards and insects and spread disease"

Pure Morgan cult doctrine without a doubt, and check out the photo of the traps these scumbags are using, hardly humane in our book. So what diseases do you believe the Cats are spreading there Dianne, the tired old toxoplasmosis line perhaps? Go take a look at PCGM's article on the subject over at Wellington Scoop and think again, though realistically having done a little research it appears to us you are one of those who is an unlikely candidate for deprogramming from the Morgan cult.

17 May 2016 - Is It Serious? Cats, Toxoplasmosis And Microchipping by PCGM

The article goes on to state that in the Wairau River area 'feral' Cats "feasted on native birds" including black-billed gull and black-fronted tern. She claims 'feral' Cats can "kill an entire colony in an evening".

For the record when Cats, ferrets and hedgehogs were targeted in Mackenzie Basin braided rivers, possums and Norway rats then ate the black-fronted terns. (1)

This is what happens when well meaning folk barrel on in and attempt micromanagement of Nature without being clear on what they are doing.

We Quote: "This is not about killing all Cats"

Yes it is, that's what you mate Morgan wants, he has called for all Cats in New Zealand to be wiped out.(2)

We are in total agreement with this article when it comes to desexing Cats, and we approve of severe penalties for anyone who dumps an unwanted Cat. Problem is actually catching offenders in the act, not everyone who does the despicable deed of dumping a Cat somewhere is going to be caught.

This brings us back to the matter of public education. There are a few factors to consider with this idea. First, a lot of the population are not the smartest and their Cats are not the center of their lives as they are for us. Second, when public education includes such draconian suggestions as compulsory microchipping, identification tattoos and curfews, you will not be able to engage Cat lovers with such ideas, we'll just write you all off as eco-fascists.

So what will it be? Sensible public education? Or the consignment of the idea of conservation to history's garbage can alongside discrimination against gays and antisemitism? Ourselves, we have seen enough outright hatred in the media directed against the Cats in the past few months to last a lifetime. It's unacceptable and the reputation of the amateur conservation movement is in tatters with all Cat lovers who have been actively observing what you people are trying to do.

Some fair comments at the end of the article from Marlborough Council environmental science and monitoring manager Alan Johnson, seems the Council is taking a more balanced view. Compliments to you Alan, you deserve a beer. A balanced approach is what we need from elected Local Body representatives and Council staff. Be sure to check out how Horizons Regional Council chose to disregard the incessant collective lobbying from the Morgan's hate group. (3)

12 July 2016 - More Extremist Propaganda From the Forest And Bird cult

11 July 2016 - Cat 'Owners' Have A Role In A 'Predator-Free' New Zealand
Kevin Hackwell
Kevin Hackwell of Forest and Bird
Hyped up and Potty-mouthed

The Morgan Cult's presstitutes at Fairfax Media keep churning these articles out attempting to program the public with the 'predator-free' idea and in the process engage in demonizing the Cats. Yet again, the article opens with the famous captured titmouse photo which was taken somewhere other than New Zealand, and the accompanying caption "Domestic Cats that are left to roam free have been labelled a major threat to biodiversity".

This latest article features Forest and Bird campaign and advocacy manager Kevin Hackwell. He'd like to see the flightless Kakapo parrot reintroduced to the hills of Wellington, and he thinks it would be wonderful for residents to be kept awake at night by their nocturnal calls.

This eco-fascist would be happy to violate residents rights to peaceful occupancy of their homes and of course "it would mean a mainland where the species aren't hunted by domestic Cats".

Now, we here at Feline Rights like to avoid using swear words ourselves, but for the sake of journalistic accuracy we quote potty-mouth Kevin, who it seems was rather hyped during his address at SCICON 2016.

We quote: "This bullshit about 'oh, the cat is out catching rats,' no, don't give the cat that job because the cat will catch the rats and the other stuff"

Does anyone know what he's on about? If we take the aforementioned quote at face value, it sounds like during his lecture this Greenie extremist was about to start foaming at the mouth. So, yet another hyped-up eco-nutcase who wants to rid the country of Cats. Thanks for outing yourself Kevin, henceforth we'll be documenting every piece of your anti-Cat propaganda.

13 July 2016 - Mayoral Candidates Justin Lester and Jo Coughlan

Two recent press releases on Wellington Scoop from mayoral candidates Justin Lester and Jo Coughlan, plus an article in the Dominion Post. Both have chosen come out as eco-totalitarians and engage the 'pest-free' meme for electioneering purposes. Justin and Jo erroneously assume they might engage the masses and secure a few votes by openly outing themselves as being subscribers to the eco-extremist delusion.

6 July 2016 - Could Kiwi Soon Be Living In Wellington? One Mayoral Candidate Thinks So

Justin Lester

Justin Lester

06 July 2016 - Justin Wants 'Pest-Free' Capital City With Kiwis Within Seven Years

In Justin Lester's press release, he pledges "to work towards making Wellington a 'pest-free' city that could be home to the Brown Kiwi within 7 years". He doesn't state where exactly he'd like to see Kiwi in Wellington, so in the town belt perhaps? In and out of resident's gardens perchance? It appears he shoots from the hip in an electioneering frenzy hoping to score a few votes from the gullible, but we bet he has not thought through the practical logistics of the idea of Kiwi in urban and residential areas. Presently in Nelson, the citizens are having enough problems with the reintroduction of Wekas.

One can only wonder about the issues that would arise with a reintroduction of Kiwi to Wellington city.

One thing we can say for sure is if there ever comes a time when the restoration ecology movement is successful in having Kiwi roaming around the city, you can bet on further restrictions on all domestic animals. So for those of us who keep Cats and those citizens who keep dogs, the last thing we want is Kiwi in the city.

In the Dominion Post article, Justin Lester is quoted as stating the reintroduction of Kiwi "would not lead to restrictions on 'pet' 'ownership'", Yet in the next line of the article he is quoted as stating "Nearby residents would be asked to be 'responsible' 'owners', and keep dogs on leads, or Cats inside overnight".

When is a restriction not a restriction?

When the ruling caste and the propaganda matrix says it isn't a restriction, when it is!

We Quote: "If elected Lester will lead a coalition of groups including the SPCA, the Halo Project and other community conservation groups"

Halo Project is a creation of the Morgan Foundation, lead by the multimillionaire eco-extremist and Cat hater Gareth Morgan who has repeatedly made public statements regarding his wish to eradicate all Cats from New Zealand.

The article quotes Morgan Foundation General Manager and professional Cat hater Geoff Simmons, and his associate and co-author, Wellington SPCA Chief Executive Steve Glassey. We've already commented on their position here

"Wellington SPCA is excited to support his project. Promoting responsible pet ownership not only improves animal welfare in our community, it helps with conservation efforts like this – everyone wins said Wellington SPCA Chief Executive Steve Glassey".

Again we see the 'responsible pet ownership' line, as spouted by Iona Pannett, Karen Fifield, Wayne Linklater and others. Don't buy into this folks, anyone who supports compulsory microchipping supports mass extermination. Steve Glassey is completely compromised by the doctrine of the Morgan cult, because of this we feel SPCA can no longer be trusted.

Quote: "Wellingtonians love our natural environment and are enjoying seeing native birds return to our suburbs. As Mayor I will ensure the Council steps up its efforts, in partnership with others, so we can have even more native birds in our gardens."

A prime example of Green eco-extremist spin, exactly what we have come to expect from the WCC propaganda office.

In truth, most citizens do not even think about the birds. All Justin Lester is doing is appeasing the one percent filthy rich eco-nutcases who think they can control society.

"In partnership with others" is non-specific. Justin Lester needs to list the 'others' he plans a 'partnership' with. As it stands, this statement must be a concern for all. In our Submission to the WCC Animal Bylaw Review 2016 we included comment on the possibility of the Council allowing amateur extremist conservation groups to engage in trapping and mass execution of Cats.

To quote from our Submission to the WCC Animal Bylaw Review 2016

There is talk of using the Council Animal Control Services to capture and execute every Cat without ID, but we believe Animal Control Services who have only five officers (6) for the entire city do not have the resources to do this.

We suspect the Council will outsource to members of the Morgan Foundation Halo Campaign and grant permission for members of this and other amateur 'conservation' corps to use cage traps to capture and then kill any Cat that does not return an ID reference on a microchip scanner.

The prospect of wholesale genocide of stray Cats is unacceptable, and the prospect of outsourcing this nefarious activity to zealot amateur 'conservation' groups is completely unacceptable.

At last count 800+ individuals have signed the independent petition (7) against the mass extermination of stray Cats in Wellington

To quote Simmons from Lester's news release: "For many years Wellingtonians have toiled on their properties and in our reserves to welcome back native wildlife into our City"

It's not a matter of Wellingtonians in general having 'toiled', its a tiny minority of eco-crazies.

The article also quotes Polhill Paul aka Paul Stanley Ward. Polhill Paul is a well known eco-extremist, infamous for his comparison of keeping Cats as "a perversely self-destructive act, like smoking or eating only deep fried Mars bars" published in one of his anti-Cat propaganda articles. More on Polhill Paul here.

Jo Coughlan

Jo Wants Wellington To Be Pest Free Too - A 100 Year View

Jo Coughlan

Quoting Jo Coughlan: "Zealandia has become a diamond in Wellington's crown."

Zealandia is anything but a "diamond in Wellington's crown". Zealandia has cost ratepayers millions of dollars.

29 October 2015 - Zealandia Is A Conservation Treasure But A Financial Mess

We Quote from the Dominion Post Editorial: "The $16m visitor centre has been a fiasco. The business plan for it was a mess. Zealandia never got near the visitor numbers projected when the building opened in 2010. The centre was grandiose and far too ambitious a project and Zealandia never got enough visitors to pay for it. It was inevitable, given this, that Zealandia would fail to pay back the $10m loan from Wellington City Council towards the cost of the centre. Now the council will buy the centre for that amount and the sanctuary will lease it back."..."The visitor centre has added millions to the council's debt".

Quoting Jo Coughlan: "But why only have 50 ha in a sanctuary?"..."Our topography lends itself to being able to consider making the Wellington peninsula pest free".

Here's an illustration of what some eco-fanatics would like to see, we found this in amongst the written submissions for Wellington's Draft Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan 2014.

Te Kopahau Reserve 205o
The proposed Te Kopahau Reserve 2050, from the northern boundary
of Zealandia to the southern coastline...why not?

Why not indeed, here's a few good reasons why not:

Assuming the above Dom Post editorial is accurate, it appears Zealandia itself is not doing that well from the perspective of economics. This should be clear to Jo who who has a stack of business credentials, and as an elected representative has lead the City's Economic Development Strategy since 2010.

Zealandia is a center for the dispensation of eco-totalitarian dogma which engages in the indoctrination of children into the eco-totalitarian mindset. Literally plying the children with candy while they program them with the lies of eco-extremism.

27 March 2016 They Came For The Eggs And Stayed For The Birds

As the overpopulation of native birds fly out, Zealandia spreads it's tentacles out into residential areas, and we have ignorami like Councillor Andy Foster coming up with ideas like the designation of residential areas around the sanctuary as 'wildlife sensitive zones' and 'Cat free zones'. Now it has got to this point, Zealandia is no jewel at all. All it is is a liability and a huge festering imposition on normal good citizens doing their best to live normal lives.

Some of these residents have lived here all of their lives and always kept Cats as family members. Now a minority of Green psychotics are planning legislation to force residents to either get rid of their Cats, or move out. Unacceptable! This is what is called totalitarianism, and it has to stop! The entire city is not a wildlife sanctuary, and many of us don't want the entire city to be a wildlife sanctuary if that means restrictions are applied to our customary right to keep Cats.

Zealandia Aerial View
Zealandia Sanctuary from the air. Between two residential areas was not the
smartest place to put it. Now that it's extremist supporters impose on residents
customary right to keep Cats, surely is it worthy of the strongest makutu.

Did you know the environmental extremists at Zealandia used the piscicide rotenone to kill all of the Brown Trout so they could introduce native fish? We wonder if they safely collected the eels who surely are taonga prior to using the poison.

19 March 2015 - Brown Trout Eradicated From Karori Reservoir

This is the nature of the extremist doctrine of restoration ecology... in a single word...KILL!

Kill everything that is non-native. Animals, birds, trees, other plants, insects, the lot. Then reintroduce selected native species and micromanage everything. These psychopaths will kill everything non-native if citizens allow them free reign to propagate this madness.

"Ms Coughlan noted that she had held discussions with Lou Sanson, Chief Executive of the Department of Conversation, and been engaging with other key stake holders including Good Nature and MoA Conversation Trust to learn more about and undertake some trapping."

Well, there you have it, Jo Coughlan openly admits she wants to get out there in the field and engage in some hands on bloodshed.

"I would aspire to target our town belt areas being pest free within a decade from launch"

So what exactly do you folk plan to kill in the town belt? Everything non-native perchance?

"Ms Coughlan applauded the work of the Morgan Foundation and Next foundations along with many volunteer groups such as The Polhill Reserve Trust who were support trapping efforts around the City."

Again like Justin Lester, yet another mayoral candidate enamored with Gareth Morgan's genocidal eco-extremist hate cult, and the Morgan Cult financed Polhill Reserve Trust, who are presently discussing the use of DOC certified predator dogs to kill Cats in what are essentially residential neighborhoods. Check the Morgan Cult Halo Project Polhill Restoration Page scroll to the bottom of the page and see for yourselves what these psychopaths are planning.

"While I don’t agree with Gareth Morgan on everything, particularly on domesticated cats, I do agree that feral, wild cats are an issue that we need to face up to. I believe organisations like the Morgan Foundation can play a leading role in supporting such a vision for our city."

The Morgan Foundation are a hate group, anyone in their right mind at the very least distances themselves from hate groups, even if they are rich hate groups who contribute funding. Alternatively, folks who have the will and strength as we do, will actively oppose such totalitarian hate filled ideology.

Justin Lester, we feel anyone who shoots from the hip, is challenged with practical logistics and subscribes to eco-extremist ideology is not the best choice for mayor. Jo Coughlan, not saying a word about Zealandia's financial worries and so involved in this restoration ecology delusion she wants to get out there and do some killing for herself, clearly not the best choice for mayor either.

The pair of you would do well to get your heads examined, 'cause it's clear neither of you are playing with a full deck of cards.

24 July 2016 - Censorship At Reddit New Zealand Forum

If you have arrived here via the link posted at Reddit New Zealand Forum, or you would like to view an example of censorship to suit the environmentalist agenda, we've added an entire page, complete with screenshots and a pdf file from Google cache service of the forum prior to it being censored.

Reddit New Zealand Censorship

1 August 2016

Presently there is a lot going on behind the scenes, so before things get really busy, a few items of news to cat-ch up on.

Weka Caught In Possum Trap

26 July 2016 - Weka Caught In Possum Trap The Work Of Amateur Trappers

As 'pest-free' mania corrupts the minds and morals of more and more New Zealanders, we figured it was only a matter of time before something like this was going to hit the news. Zealot amateurs placing traps and catching the native birds they are hoping to protect. To all who have the insatiable desire to torture and kill small animals, even if they are classified as 'pests', we encourage each of you to find a good psychiatrist and get a mental health checkup.

Foxton Wildlife Trust

30 April 2016 - Foxton Wildlife Trust Keen To Start Trial To Crack Down On 'Feral' Cats

22 July 2016 - Foxton's 'Feral' Cat Crackdown Hits Snag Due To Funding Constraints

Foxton Wildlife Trust are another one of these private groups who have taken it upon themselves to be native wildlife guardians and they have a grand vision for a wildlife and conservation center complete with aviaries, terrariums, aquariums etc. Sounds great!

Then we read the bit about regenerating native flora around the proposed center to attract native birds, so now it's not sounding so great. Such places may be designated as wildlife sensitive zones which may infringe upon your right to keep Cats.

Foxton Wildlife cite the tired old line of Cats being the host to every disease in the book, they erroneously believe that microchipping domestic animals is "quite acceptable", and state they "must be able to distinguish between feral and companion Cats". Essentially the same old bilge we have come to expect from the eco-fascist movement.

As we all know, the only reason why 'conservation' groups wish for compulsory microchipping of Cats is so they have free license to conduct mass murder of any Cats who do not have the microchip ID.

We understand Foxton Wildlife Trust plan to conduct a survey amongst local households to gather information about you and your Cats. If you live in Foxton area, happen to keep Cats and are approached by these people, we would advise you do not participate, ask them to leave your property and follow that up by serving the organisation with a formal trespass notice.

The ultimate aim of all of these 'conservation' groups is to eradicate all Cats, so if you keep Cats, you must recognise all 'conservation' groups are your adversaries and it is your duty to make them feel unwelcome. If you live in Foxton, do let us know if you have been approached by representatives of this group.

Myfanwy Emeny - June Lecture In Richmond - Update

We have requested and received information from Wellington City Council on who is funding this business.

Myfanwy Emeny is Urban 'Ecology' team leader for WCC. On June 14 she and Victoria University 'scientist' Dr Heidy Kikillus traveled to Richmond to lecture on the supposed Cat problem, we've already commented on this event here.

Wellington City Council have confirmed Myfanwy Emeny's attendance at the meeting was an official visit on behalf of WCC. WCC paid for her time at the meeting. Travel and accommodation cost were covered by local councils.

We asked how much funding was provided, the Council declined to give an actual figure, but did state "Just her time and any incidental costs associated with travel". WCC did not provide any funding for Dr Kikillus to attend, so fair chance Victoria University and the local councils funded Dr Kikillus to be present.

So there you have it, funded by Wellington City and Tasman District ratepayers. We in Wellington are not paying rates to fund the exporting of eco-dogma to other regions, and we are guessing the ratepayers in Tasman District would not be pleased about funds being frittered away to promote environmentalist hate speech against our beloved Cats.

Wellington City Council and Tasman District Council, we demand you cease and desist from wasting ratepayers funds on this nonsense.

Polhill Paul and Paul Jansen

20 July 2016 - There's A Place For Kiwi In Wellington

The infamous Polhill Paul is a person who's media efforts we've been watching for a while. Paul Janson is new to us, cursory online research reveals he's a former Department of Conservation manager and for a decade he was the leader of the kakapo recovery program, so as he's getting active in the media with a known Cat-hater, he's now someone to watch.

The article is somewhat a follow-up to Justin Lester's electioneering promise of kiwi running loose around the capital. The authors wax lyrical on what a good idea the reintroduction of kiwi is.

Then we get to this quote:

"Responsible 'pet' 'ownership': in and around reserves where kiwi and 'pets' intersect e.g. dogs on leads, Cats in scrunchies and micro-chipped"

First, so far as we know there is zero scientific evidence the transgender style 'scrunchie' collars work as intended, and Dr Kikillus' research into them is presently ongoing. Also, can someone please explain to us how placing microchips in Cats would prevent them from hurting kiwi? Not that we have ever heard of a single instance of Cats hurting kiwi.

All in all, just more dogma and opinionation from Polhill Paul.

Koutuku Park Cat-Free Subdivision

19 July 2016 - Kapiti Subdivision Imposes A No Cats Covenant To Protect Wildlife

20 July 2016 - Cat Ban At New Kapiti Subdivision

The Koutuku Park Cat-free subdivision got quite an amount of media coverage last week, the media contacted us for comments so we shared our take. While having an area designated Cat-free sets a concerning precedent, it is a new subdivision and the developers having made a considerable investment have the right to set the rules. As the new development borders on the Waikanae Estuary Scientific Reserve the developers may not have been able to obtain a resource consent from the Council if they had not considered the proximity of the reserve.

However, as they have chosen to ban Cats and allow dogs, it sure looks like a matter of discrimination on the grounds of species to us. There's really no difference between this and banning a complete section of the population on racial grounds.

Discrimination on the grounds of species or race is not a good look Koutuku Park.

Maybe we need a few more new residential areas like Koutuku Park, enough to house every environmentalist nutcase in the country. All of the Green lunatics can move there in mass and live in a cult-like micromanaged enclave behind pest-proof fencing designed to contain them and their ideology forever, far away from the rest of us normal folk and our Cats.

12 September 2016 - Taranaki Cats In Antifelinist's Sights

15 June 2016 - Have You Seen Anubis?
Anubis The Cat
Anubis The Cat - Trapped and disposed of by an antifelinist?

We're just going to quote this woman who's poor Cat may well have been a victim of environmental extremists:

"I was told someone on the street had trapped a 'feral' Cat, and set it free across town. I am worried the Cat wasn't 'feral' but was in fact Anubis. He certainly would have behaved like a wild Cat if he found himself caught in a cage. Any Cat would.

Right you are Lisa, a trapped Cat will inevitably fall back into instinctual mode and behave as a wild Cat.

"I can't bear to think he has been deliberately dumped somewhere far away from home. If he was caught in a trap, then I wish the person who caught him had checked to see if he was a 'feral' Cat and not someone's much loved 'pet'"

Do not believe a word of what the mainstream media is spouting ad nauseum as part of the environmentalist social engineering campaign. The truth is these enviro-nazis don't actually care. They simply want to kill every Cat. This is why all citizens who love Cats must actively make a stand against these scum. Until we engage them en mass and expose them for who they are, everyone's Cats are in danger.

11 August 2016 - Mainstream Media Promotes Compulsory Microchipping

11 August 2016 - Cat Lovers, Dog Owners Back Idea Of Compulsory Microchipping Of Cats

This article by one Kath Brown of Taranaki Daily News encourages councils in Taranaki to make microchipping compulsory. The article claims Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown believes compulsory microchipping of Cats has the backing of 83% of Cat 'owners' in the city. This statement is based around the minor survey WCC conducted, which so far as we know has never been published in full. We do not know who the 800 citizens who participated in the survey were, but we do know the Morgan cult expressed their antifelinist sentiments in near enough to half of the 490 written submissions to the written consultation process and all were sent from the same email address at the Morgan Foundation server.

Colin Lister is quoted in the article as stating "Cats should be microchipped and kept indoors or cages".

Anyone who wants Cats to be kept 'indoors or cages' is an antifelinist in our book, if you are not a Cat hater, then chances are you have simply allowed yourself to be programmed by the incessant anti-Cat propaganda dispensed by the Morgan cult via the mainstream media. On the other hand it appears there is a slight possibility you are connected with Gareth Morgan via the motorcycling community, we are investigating, stay tuned.

29 August 2016 - Cat Trapper Active In New Plymouth

29 August 2016 - Pukekura Park To Trap 'Feral' Cats Near Brooklands Zoo
Chris Connoly.jpg
Chris Connoly, Curator Pukekura Park
He traps Cats and if there is no collar or
microchip ID he assumes they are 'feral'.
"Feral ones can sometimes be re-homed but
mostly they have to be destroyed."

To quote park curator Chris Connolly: "We've had problems with cats before and as we come into spring a lot more native birds and lizards will be out and about. We also don't want the Cats near the zoo where they potentially spread disease to the animals there".

Chris cites the standard antifelinist line that we've heard so often about the supposed 'threat' to native wildlife and 'disease'.

More chillingly: "It's pretty clear when they're feral - they don't have a collar or a microchip". "But they also don't want humans anywhere near them, they're pretty feisty little creatures....mostly they have to be destroyed"

Now Chris, not every domestic Cat has a microchip or collar, you are so wrong by making this assumption. Also, while New Plymouth District Council has capped the numbers of Cats one may keep to 5, our understanding is the council presently has no requirement for compulsory identification by microchip or collar. Additionally, most Cats will flip into instinctual mode when caught in a trap, and are likely to behave as a wild Cat. You are so wrong on this count, and while we have yet to check, we feel your Cat trapping activities may well be illegal.

The article also states he caught a domestic cat the first night he left the trap out as a test. This is what happens when amateur 'conservationists' who are caught up in the 'pest-free' mass hysteria are given free reign to conduct their activities. Beloved Feline family members are trapped and traumatised by the experience. It's totally unacceptable, these 'pest-free' crazed fools need to be stopped.

If anyone around Pukekura Park has lost a Cat, it's possible this nasty little man is responsible for your Cat's disappearance.

23 August 2016 - Journalist Actively Engages In Propagation Of Antifelinist Dogma

23 August 2016 - Cats Dumped In Rural Areas Have Taranaki Farmers Worried For Wildlife
Brittany Baker
Journalist Brittany Baker - We hate to metaphorically
'shoot the messenger', but two anti-Felinism articles in three weeks
is good enough reason to get your mugshot posted on Feline Rights.
Keep it up and we'll publish a special page just for you.

Farmers Deanne Ball, Sarah Hart and Steven Henwood claim citizens are dumping unwanted Cats and Kittens which are supposedly killing native wildlife. Okoki farmer Deanne Ball states "They are the new possum and they're everywhere, they're bigger, faster and stronger. Something needs to be done". Deanne Ball has hired a professional possum trapper who according to the article has been murdering two Cats per week.

Interestingly the article also states "The capital city became the first place in the country to require microchipping for cats in an attempt to prevent them from killing native wildlife, but Ball said the adoption of this law would be a waste."

You are absolutely correct there Deanne Ball, Wellington City Council have yet to explain how compulsory microchipping is going to prevent Cats from supposed native wildlife kills. Also, the legal advice we have seen says the council has no power to legislate on any actions to protect native wildlife at all.

As a last word to Deanne and her friends we say. Abandoned Cats are not 'feral'. An opportunity for expression of compassion has presented itself to you, and you have failed. If your hearts were not so cold you would simply do as we would and engage yourselves in rescuing them.

11 September 2016 - 'Feral' Cats - A Supposed 'Threat'
To Port Taranaki's Little Blue Penguin

11 September 2016 - 'Feral' Cats Are A Threat To Port Taranaki's Little Blue Penguin
David Chadfield.jpg
David Chadfield aka Captain Chaddy

Another of Brittany Baker's articles, this one opens with some classic loaded language.

We quote: "Little blue penguins are quivering with fear as feral cats invade their cosy homes"

Nice one Brittany: Julius Streicher himself would buy you a bottle of schnapps!

David Chadfield of Chaddy's Charters claims he's found dead penguins and piles of feathers as families of 'feral' Cats supposedly close in on Port Taranaki's 20 nesting boxes, which happen to be right behind Captain Chaddy's boat shed. By the way Cap'n Chaddy, that's a fine Jack Russell Terrier you have there, he wouldn't be a suspect for the "massive amount of feathers everywhere" would he?

David Chadfield states: "I've seen cars tipping out bags of Kittens in the area" Alright, so these Cats seem to be abandoned domestic Cats rather than wild Cats. Two suggestions for you:

If it happens again try to photograph the offenders and get the license plate number of their vehicle. It's an offense against the law to abandon Cats, refer Animal Welfare Act 1999, Section 14(2) where it states: "A person commits an offense who, being the owner of, or person in charge of, an animal, without reasonable excuse, deserts the animal in circumstances in which no provision is made to meet its physical, health, and behavioral needs".

Secondly you need to engage some real pro-Cat people to rescue these abandoned Cats.

Bridget Harrison.jpg
Port Environmental Manager Bridget Harrison
Cue the sound of marching jackboots...
No Microchip? No Excuses! You Die!

Port environmental manager Bridget Harrison stated "The Cats are then taken to either the SPCA or the Department of Conservation (DOC), where they are scanned for microchip IDs". "Microchipped cats are returned to the rightful owner, while non-microchipped cats are euthanised".

Bridget Harrison, as we stated in the entry on activities in Pukekura Park, our understanding is the council presently has no requirement for compulsory identification by microchip or collar. Therefore our view is no way should you be determining who lives or who dies on the basis of who has the microchip ID, and you certainly should not be taking any Cats your staff capture to the eco-fascists at Department of Conservation.

This article is reposted on penguinnewstoday.blogspot.com, interestingly the blog states the story has been "supplied". By Ms Baker perchance? Also a few denigratory comments about humans being 'enslaved by their Cats' over on Penguin News Today, assuming one's web browser can make some sense of one of the most poorly coded blogspot sites we've ever seen. Let's just say you penguin lovers are not making a whole lot of friends amongst the pro-Cat lobby at present.

While researching for other antifelinist articles by Brittany Baker we also found this article on how the children of Taranaki are being indoctrinated into the environmentalist's perception of reality. So, it appears Brittany Baker is a bit of a hard core 'conservationist'. We wait with baited breath for the next article which denigrates our Cats.

15 May 2016 - Woodville Cat Lovers Fight Back

15 May 2016 - Complainers Cause Cat-Cull Cancellation In Woodville
Robin Please Don't Kill Our Cats
Not so much a matter of "complainers".
More a heartfelt plea for the very lives of loved ones.

"Complainers" Eh? Actually it's just another example of the mainstream media's use of loaded language.

Smart folks see right through your futile attempts to wield the power of words.

Woodville District Vision - the town's community board, hired trappers to murder Cats, but the trappers were run out of town due to "offensive notes left in letterboxes and personal jibes posted over social media".

Community board chairwoman Robin Winter stated "The reality is they were being talked about as if they were murderers".

And murderers they are!

While we here at Feline Rights would remind members of the pro-Cat lobby to act within the law, we point out to all antifelinists everywhere: If you are are engaged in the mass murder of people's loved ones, there's no telling what some people are going to do.

Well done Woodville! If any pro-Cat folks in Woodville would care to contact us, and keep us updated on what is happening where you are, we'd love to hear from you. Plenty of webspace on our server if you wish to share your side of the story.

16 June 2016 - Woodville Residents Want Solution To The Town's Stray Cat 'Problem'

Given the opposition to the engaging of Cat murderers reported in the previous article, we'd say it's clearly not "Woodville Residents" in totality, just a few eco-nutcases supported by the complicit media who follow instructions from social engineers who serve the environmentalist goals of the filthy rich.

Robin Winter said it was a sensitive issue for some people but the town still had a "real problem". It sounds to us Woodville has a problem alright, and we suspect the problem is not one of Cats, but rather a problem with environmental extremists, and those who believe everything they read in the media and have allowed themselves to be ensnared by the incessant exposition of dogma in the mainstream media that is part the environmental extremist social engineering campaign.

Robin Winter wants a bylaw that requires citizens to keep their cats inside at night. Hey there Robin and anyone else who thinks curfews are a good idea, be aware that the supposed value of curfews is one that is questioned by experts.

District Council strategy and district development manager Peter Wimsett stated "enforcement and resources had to be taken into account when considering a bylaw proposal". Fair comment there Peter, there's no point in barreling on in with an unenforceable bylaw. We tried to explain this to the folks at Wellington City Council, but they were not smart enough to understand the obvious.

16 August 2016 Open Letter To Mayor Wade-Brown
CEO Kevin Lavery And All WCC Councillors

On the day before the full Council meeting when you will engage in the final vote on the Animal Bylaw, as the secretary of Feline Rights New Zealand, not to mention as an individual who holds Cats in the highest regard, it is my solemn duty to write to you all expressing my deepest displeasure of what it is you are about to do.

The matter in question is the compulsory microchipping of Cats.

In New Zealand everyone has the right of freedom of speech, without it we would not be a democratic society, but once Government takes extremist ideology and attempts to cast extremist ideology into law, that's when alarm bells start ringing, and all good citizens have a moral obligation to mobilise and defeat the seeds of extremism before they take root within the law and grow into something monstrous.

That is why I speak to each of you today

I will first address the environmental extremist faction amongst the elected representatives. Namely Mayor Wade-Brown and Councillors Pannett, Foster, Free, Woolf and Ahipene-Mercer. As you folk appear certain you are right, there is no point in attempting negotiation with any of you. Therefore my only message to each of the environmental extremist faction is this:

There is no place for totalitarianism in New Zealand. I formally request each of you follow Mayor Wade-Brown's example and resign, because as totalitarians, you are unsuitable to govern in a democratic society.

To the individual elected representatives who voted against the animal bylaw, namely Councillors Young, Ritchie and Coughlan we thank you for voting against the bylaw on 4th August, your vote on this matter was a vote for common sense.

We encourage the remaining Councillors who voted for the bylaw on 4th August to read on in the hope you will educate yourselves, be responsible and follow the example of Councillors Young, Ritchie and Coughlan and that your final vote on the matter will be a vote for common sense.

There has been a carefully orchestrated propaganda campaign about 'Cat control' in the Council's own media releases and other media releases from organisations connected with the Council such as Zealandia Sanctuary, Victoria University, Wellington Zoo, and others. The mainstream media has been complicit in conducting the orchestrated libelous propaganda campaign against the Cats.

This propaganda may have ensnared some, but from the outset the more intelligent folk in the community have seen through the propaganda and the Council's intent has been clear to us from the beginning.

Factions within the elected representatives of the Council and salaried Council staff wish to engage in a Feline holocaust and kill as many Cats as they can. Given what is planned amounts to an act of political suicide we are presently investigating what the individual and collective incentives might be.

Additionally, we note the Council has been financing the propagation of environmental extremist dogma to other local bodies. We have documented proof the Council has been financing Urban 'Ecology' team leader Myfanwy Emeny to act in official capacity on behalf of the Council to engage in the dispensation of the doctrine of Gareth Morgan's genocidal hate group.

Namely to address the Cat-hater's meeting in Richmond on Monday 13th June 2016 hosted by Tasman District Council, not to mention her forthcoming engagement on 21st September 2016 at the New Zealand Companion Animal Council conference. NZCAC is well recognised as an organisation which has been totally infiltrated and corrupted by the Morgan cult.

Our view is the Council funding the dispensation of Morgan cult doctrine is a misuse of ratepayer's funds. We formally request the Council immediately cease funding these activities.

Going by the recently leaked legal consultation documents, the intention of the Council is not one of 'protecting native wildlife' or dealing with supposed 'public health issues' or supposed 'public nuisance'. Neither is this bylaw about genuine 'animal welfare'.

In truth, this bylaw amounts to nothing more than a license for mass murder.

If microchipping Cats is made mandatory, when the mass exterminations begin, it appears the nefarious task of the mass murder of Cats will be subcontracted out to private environmental extremist groups.

Sooner or later much loved Feline family members will be killed. The media will have a field day with it. This will divide the community, bring the Council as an organisation into disrepute and precipitate social unrest.

Those of us who know history are well aware of the other regime that used compulsory identification and curfews followed by the mass extermination of those who were deemed to be problematical and therefore disposable.

Without a doubt, what you are attempting to do is no better than what the Nazis did to the Jewish people. An orchestrated denigratory propaganda campaign followed by production line style mass exterminations.

This will never, ever be tolerated in Aotearoa.

Compulsory Microchipping = A License For Mass Murder

At the final vote if you vote to embody this as bylaw, blood will inevitably be on the hands of each who voted for it.

Via our network of dedicated supporters and informants we will investigate and document what occurs next, eventually all parties involved in this matter will be exposed to the public for the disreputable individuals they are.

We will oppose this business until the public recognise the orchestrated libelous propaganda campaign against the Cats for what it is...lies. We will oppose it until the present mass hysteria against the Cats has been totally neutralised. We will oppose it all because morally it is the right thing to do.

And do review our written submission before you vote, the online version complete with hyperlinked references is available on our website here...


Feline Rights New Zealand

Wellington City Council - Animal Bylaw Review 2016

Votes For Cats
"My heart is happy when I'm near the Gods together with a contented Cat"

The original plan for this draconian bylaw was to implement the following:

* Compulsory identification of all Cats via collar and name tag, microchip or tattoo.

* Limitation on the number of Cats per household to three Cats.

* Residents to be prohibited from keeping Cats in any area designated by the council as a 'wildlife sensitive zone'.

* Curfew on Cats between the hours of 7pm to 7am.

Curfew and limitation on the number of Cats per household, along with a total prohibition on residents from keeping Cats in areas the council believes are 'wildlife sensitive zones' were determined to be presently unenforceable, but the council chose to proceed with compulsory identification via microchipping and engage in extermination of all Cats without a microchip ID.

Compulsory microchipping was tendered by Councillor Simon Woolf (1) Goddess willing, this will be his final term of office.

If you oppose the mass extermination of all Cats who do not have the microchip ID, please consider signing the petition.



On 4th August 2016 at a meeting of the WCC Environment Committee, the council voted on the Animal Bylaw Review 2016.

Councillors Who Voted For The Bylaw:

* Mayor Celia Wade-Brown
* Deputy Mayor Justin Lester
* Councillor Iona Pannett (Chair: Environment Committee)
* Councillor Sarah Free
* Councillor Andy Foster
* Councillor Simon Woolf
* Councillor David Lee
* Councillor Ray Ahipene Mercer
* Councillor Simon Marsh
* Councillor Malcolm Sparrow
* Councillor Paul Eagle
* Councillor Mark Peck

Councillors Who Voted Against The Bylaw:

* Councillor Nicola Young
* Councillor Helene Ritchie
* Councillor Jo Coughlan

On 17 August 2016 we understand the council voted unanimously to proceed with the Animal Bylaw.

Wellington City Council Official Position At 29 August 2016

In an email to Feline Rights NZ dated 29 August 2016, the council stated the following on the Animal Bylaw 2016:

  • An 18-month transition period, before requiring all domestic Cats over the age of 12 weeks to be microchipped and registered with New Zealand Companion Animal Register.
  • Banning roosters from urban areas, unless Council permission has been granted.
  • Requiring Council permission to keep more than eight chickens or other poultry birds on a typical urban property.
  • Banning the feeding of animals (including pigeons and stray and feral Cats) except dogs in public places, unless in a designated area. We are currently working to identify suitable areas, such as the Botanic Garden duck pond.
  • Updating the bylaw to reflect the changes to the Dog Policy

The Council also agreed on some other measures to support these bylaw changes, including:

  • Encouraging 'responsible' Cat 'ownership' and promoting the de-sexing of Cats through 'education' and working with 'animal welfare' agencies.
  • Raising with the Government the need for national 'guidance' on Cat 'management'.
  • An Animal Policy will be developed to provide the public with more information.

The Media Had A Field Day With It

The mainstream media had field day with it alright, but strangely aside from a Radio New Zealand journalist who we did not get to speak to, the pro-Cat lobby was not approached for comment by any of them despite the press releases we sent out. Now, there's no real reason for us to be blacklisted aside from the possibility of the mainstream media media being complicit with the Morgan cult's social engineering campaign. Independent news outlet Scoop was smart enough to take our press releases seriously, big thanks to journalist PCGM and Scoop.

3 August 2016 - Hidden Agenda Over Cat Bylaw

For us to pass comment on all of it would take the rest of the year, and quite frankly we have bigger fish to fry. It's all standard media spin, so we'll just provide some of the links for now, and the rest when we next update.

4 August 2016 - Compulsory Microchipping For Wellington Cats Faces Possible Legal Threat

4 August 2016 - Cat Owners Could Challenge Wellington Council Microchip Plan

4 August 2016 - Councillors Vote For Cat Microchipping

4 August 2016 - It’s Now Compulsory To Microchip Your Cat

4 August 2016 - Vets Applaud Council Decision To Make Microchipping Of Cats Compulsory

And that's not half of it, but we guess you all get the picture, so we'll close for tonight with...

The One That Creeped Us Out The Most

4 August 2016 - Press Release NZVA - "Wellington Cats Will Be Safe And Sound"

We'll complete our coverage with this downright creepy press release from NZ Veterinary Association, Head of Veterinary Services, and National Cat Management Strategy Group member Callum Irvine. We challenge readers to strip away the candy coated social engineering spin and confront the poison contained within. We'll have some things to say about this one soon enough, for now we can say no one who keeps Cats feels safe, thanks to scumbags like you Callum.

Feline Rights NZ agrees with the idea of desexing Cats, because experience demonstrates a desexed Cat is a happier, healthier Cat. We strongly disagree with the other measures, in particular compulsory microchipping, because the council along with their 'private partners' wish to conduct mass exterminations of all Cats without the microchip ID.

Independent animal advocate Kent Duston spoke before the meeting on 4th August on behalf of the Cats, pointing out the council lacked the legal mandate to proceed with the Animal Bylaw Review. The majority of the council chose not to listen to reason, and after the vote Kent's closing comment to the council was "see you in Court".

Representatives from the secretive National Cat Management Strategy Group, namely Morgan Foundation General Manager Geoff Simmons and New Zealand Veterinary Association Head of Veterinary Services, Callum Irvine also addressed the council before the vote. Download the NCMSG address and read between the lines carefully. Two things are clear. The Morgan Cult has infiltrated and compromised all organisations with representation on NCMSG, and it's clear they want to kill en mass.

National Cat Management Strategy Group Address To Wellington City Council (10.6kb)

22 September 2016

NZ Companion Animal Council Conference 2016

21-22 September 2016

NZCAC Conference 2016
Brentwood Hotel
The Conference Venue: Brentwood Hotel, 16 Kemp St, Kilbirnie, Wellington

NZ Companion Animal Council (NZCAC) will be convening for their 2016 conference at the Brentwood Hotel in Kilbernie, Wellington on 21st/22nd September 2016. NZCAC are key players in the anti-Cat propaganda campaign presently being laid on the NZ public via the mainstream media, and intimately connected with the antifelinist organisation the National Cat Management Strategy Group (NCMSG). (1)

Barry Helem Dr Arnga Dale
Left: Barry Helem - NZCAC Chair & CEO SPCA Canterbury
Right: Dr Arnga Dale - NZCAC Deputy Chair & SPCA Chief Scientific Officer

While we have yet to confirm, our sources tell us that NZCAC Chair Barry Helem is part of the NCMSG. He's also Chief Executive Officer for SPCA Canterbury. So far as we can tell, it appears Barry chooses to sit at the same table as Morgan Foundation general manager and professional Cat hater Geoff Simmons. Our view is until everyone involved recognises they are sitting at the same table as members of an environmental extremist hate group and distances themselves from the antifelinist Morgan cult, NZCAC are not in any way a friend of the Cats.

Because of this, we strongly encourage citizens not to support NZCAC.

Checking their conference brochure we recognise a couple of obvious individuals who have been actively engaging themselves in the promotion of the antifelinist social engineering campaign.

On day 1 - 21st September they are running a module on 'Cat Management',and guess who is speaking.

Callum Irvine Myfanwy Emeny.jpg
Left: NCMSG Spokesman Callum Irvine - Right: Myfanwy Emeny WCC Urban 'Ecologist'

NZCAC Brochure Screenshot 1

None other than NCMSG mouthpiece, Callum Irvine and WCC Urban 'Ecology' Team Leader and antifelinist, Myfanwy Emeny. She who consulted with law firm DLA Piper on 'regulating' Cats who are supposedly 'harming native wildlife' on behalf of Wellington City Council, and has actively been engaging in the promotion of Morgan cult antifelinist doctrine to other councils, paid for in part by Wellington ratepayers. While we have yet to check, we figure ratepayers will be footing the bill for Myfanwy Emeny to be present and speak at the conference. Both Callum Irvine and Myfanwy Emeny have been working together in the dispensation of Morgan cult dogma in other regions.

Dr Sarah Zito Peter Dormon
Left: Dr Sarah Zito - Studying servants of Cats from the social engineers perspective
Right: Peter Dormon of Lonely Miaow Association, Winner of the FRNZ Loose Lips Sink Ships Award

The other two speaking at the module are Dr Sarah Zito who appears to be a scientist presently engaged in psychological studies of those who serve stray and colony Cats and Peter Dormon of The Lonely Miaow Association. We wondered what a fellow Feline welfare worker is doing associating himself on the same bill as two well recognised antifelinists, so we investigated.

Following publication of this article, a supporter emailed us with this information:

"I cannot believe that Peter Dormon of Lonely Miaow Association is featuring as a speaker. His Association kills colony Cats and does not believe in TNR. This is unbelievable. He is a huge supporter of Gareth Morgan. My vets in Auckland refused to kill the Cats and would not have him as a client."

Then we found this...

Peter Dormon Spills The Beans On NCMSG

A comment by Peter Dormon himself in response to the article entitled "Cat Flap" by the infamous Polhill Paul published as feature article in the 27 August 2016 edition of The Listener. We Quote...

"I am delighted the New Zealand Companion Animal Council has put together a National Cat Management Group"

"With a key draft strategic goal of “No stray or feral cats” by 2025".

Peter Dormon waxes lyrical over WCC voting to implement compulsory microchipping of Cats and states research he's reviewed suggests there are some 1.2 million domestic Cats in New Zealand who "still require a chip". So let's do some basic number crunching. Vets we have spoken to have quoted around $100 all up to microchip a Cat.(consultation, the chip and registration with NZCAR).

Our estimate is there's about 120 Million dollars to be made from forcing a microchip on every NZ domestic Cat. The vets get their cut, the environmental extremists get an open season to satisfy their blood-lust, the SPCA are rewarded with a reduced number of unwanted Cats presenting, and all profits made by the non-profit NZCAR are fed back to NZCAC, so they have lots of funding to proceed with whatever their next 'project' is. Business is business, even when it includes mass exterminations. Everyone's a winner aside from the Cats and the people who serve them.

The Technology: Halo Scanner and The Scanner Angel System

Nick Smith Halo-Scanner Nygllhuw Morris
Left: Nick Smith - Pet Technology Store Ltd. (Guernsey) Creator of the Halo Scanner
Right: Nygllhuw Morris - Manager of New Zealand Companion Animal Register (NZCAR)

On Day 2 of the conference, Nick Smith will speak about the technology and it's usage. We here at Feline rights are concerned to note that 'Animal Control' is listed as one of it's uses. We were thinking along the lines of compulsory microchipping being used to determine who gets to live and who is slain in cold blood as a misuse of this technology, however, having seen 'animal control' listed in the NZCAC conference brochure as one of the issues Nick will be speaking about, that suggests to us the technology has been designed from the outset as a method to determine who lives and who is put to death.

NZCAC Brochure Screenshot 2

We shared communication with Nygllhuw Morris back in March when our supporters queried if the 'Halo' brand name had anything to do with Gareth Morgan's Halo Project. Nygllhuw stated "Halo scanners pre-date Gareth Morgans campaign" and also "The NZCAR is a not for profit that generates income, we do not accept donations." We were pleased to read both groups had coincidentally selected the 'Halo' name and Gareth Morgan is not involved with the Halo scanners.

However on the NZCAR page on the NZCAC website it states:

Stakeholders of the NZ Companion Animal Register

* New Zealand Companion Animal Council
* New Zealand Veterinary Association
* The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)
* New Zealand Kennel Club
* New Zealand Cat Fancy
* NZVA Companion Animal Society

The page also states:"All profits from the NZCAR are used to help fund animal charities and projects in New Zealand. These are managed by the NZCAC and overseen by a trust made up of representatives from the NZ Veterinary Assn, SPCA, NZCAC, NZ Kennel Club, NZ Cat Fancy, and the NZVA Companion Animal Society".

Just in case you have not noticed where we are going with this, we'll clarify. At least four of the stakeholders in NZCAR have representatives on the antifelinist National Cat Management Strategy Group. Yes them, the ones who hide and would like to see the Animal Welfare Act amended to remove the 'Stray' Cat designation, leaving only 'Owned' Cats (meaning Cats registered with NZCAR) and 'Feral' (meaning anyone without a microchip, thus a candidate for execution). We wonder what 'projects' they might be funding with profits from the NZCAR? National Cat Management Strategy Group perhaps? Like the mythological Ouroboros, the serpent devours itself and renews itself, business as usual, an unending feedback cycle of profit and death.

But wait...There's more!

We were wondering how the vets were going to deal with tens of thousands of honest trusting folk obediently following the directive of the authorities to comply with the compulsory microchipping directive. Well NZCAC has an answer to that, and no doubt there's some more profit in it for them too.

NZCAC To Offer Microchipping Certification

They are selling certification in microchipping to people who are neither qualified vets or qualified vet nurses. Now, we've heard a tale or two about microchipping errors from a couple of vet nurses we know, how well do you think people with zero vet qualifications are going to be performing this task? There's enough literature out there online that detail some horror stories. Today we'll close with the link to just one of those.

02 April 2016 - Microchipping - Vets Warn The Procedure Can Be Deadly

Who is the National Cat Management Strategy Group?


National Cat Management Strategy Group

Founded In November 2014

* The Morgan Foundation
* New Zealand Veterinary Association
* New Zealand Companion Animal Society
* Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
* Companion Animal Veterinarians
* Local Government New Zealand

Plus "Governmental Observers" From:

* Ministry for Primary Industries
* Department of Conservation

The National Cat Management Strategy Group (NCMSG) is a private group of unelected individuals founded in November 2014. Truth is we are still researching, up until the NZ Companion Animal Council Conference on 21/22 September 2016, they have chosen to lurk in the background, and to be honest, people who hide are afraid. The one name which comes up most often in connection with this group is none other than professional Cat hater and general manager of the Morgan Foundation, Geoff Simmons. Our view is NCMSG is nothing more than a construction of the antifelinist Morgan cult.

In February 2016, they conducted a secret consultation where they engaged only the groups they selected whom they felt would support their intent to work in stages to eradicate all New Zealand Cats. At that point someone leaked some of their papers to the media and articles were published which exposed the presence of NCMSG to the public.

24 February 2016 - 'Feral' Cats Could Face Eradication

24 February 2016 - Cats In Crosshairs As New Group Targets Numbers

26 February 2016 - Getting Rid Of 2.5 Million 'Feral' Cats By 2025

26 February 2016 - Mayor: Council Likely To Be Lumbered With Enforcing Cat Law

NCMSG have stated their intention is to ensure the eradication of all 'feral' and stray Cats by 2025. They intend to do this by lobbying Parliament and local government to legislate on 'Cat control' measures. They wish to have the stray Cat designation expunged from the Animal Welfare Act 1999, thus leaving only two categories of Cats: 'Owned' Cats and 'Feral' Cats. Owned Cats being those Cats with a microchip and registered with NZ Companion Animal Register, with all other Cats defined as 'feral' and thus targets for mass extermination. Their proposals include draconian restrictions on domestic Cats and those citizens who keep Cats. These measures range from compulsory microchipping, curfews and Cat free zones, through to the idea of citizens only being permitted to keep Cats indoors and Cats being allowed outdoors only "on a leash". It is clear that all of the proposals contained in their draft strategy paper perfectly match the suggestions previously published in media articles quoting New Zealand's number one antifelinist, the multimillionaire Gareth Morgan.

Check out the draft strategy document and their phase two survey and you will see for yourselves this material is pure Gareth Morgan, he may as well have written it all himself. Note also, the survey is only for organisations, they are not interested in the opinion of the public. There is only one word for this group and all of the individuals involved with it. Subversives.

Draft New Zealand National Cat Management Strategy Strategic Implementation Consultation Document (PDF - 1.9mb)

NCMSG Stakeholder Consultation Phase 2 Survey (PDF - 2.56mb)

National Cat Management Strategy Group Address To Wellington City Council (10.6kb)

The Morgan Foundation

Gareth Morgan Geoff Simmons Jessi Morgan
Antifelinists - Left: Gareth Morgan - Center: Geoff Simmons - Right: Jessi Morgan

The Morgan Foundation define themselves as a philanthropic organisation. In fact they are an antifelinist environmental extremist cult. Gareth Morgan publicly stated in January 2013 his aim is to eradicate all Cats in New Zealand.

22 January 2013 - Morgan Calls For Cats To Be Wiped Out

The Morgan Foundation provide funding for restoration ecology projects, for example Polhill Restoration Trust, and are staunch promoters of trapping those animals deemed 'pests' via their Halo Project. Even a cursory view of the Halo website will reveal a voluminous amount of antifelinist propaganda material.

Multimillionaire Gareth Morgan has no formal qualifications in ecology, he's an economist. Gareth and his daughter, Morgan Foundation project director Jesse Morgan are not formally on the panel at NCMSG but we include them here, because Morgan Foundation General Manger Geoff Simmons appears to be the individual who has followed Gareth Morgan's directive to coordinate the National Cat Management Strategy Group.

Geoff Simmons is also an economist, so far as we can tell he has no qualifications in ecology either. He's simply a well paid zealot who appears to spend most of his waking hours traveling around New Zealand, expressing his denigratory view of Cats to anyone who is gullible enough to listen to him. He does this on behalf of New Zealand's #1 antifelinist, Gareth Morgan.

When it comes to Cats, Gareth Morgan and his followers are essentially nothing less than a genocidal environmental extremist hate group. We here at Feline Rights deeply ponder the reasons why other apparently respectable organisations like NZVA and SPCA are choosing to sit at the same table as environmental extremists from the Morgan Foundation.

As the antifelinists of the Morgan cult are involved with and appear to be directing NCMSG, we feel that makes any statements from NCMSG likely to be anything other than impartial or scientific. By associating themselves with Morgan, all of the other organisations involved in NCMSG appear thoroughly disreputable until they formally distance themselves from any association with Gareth Morgan's hate cult, and also apologise to the nation for their gross error of judgement.

New Zealand Veterinary Association

Callum Irvine Pieter Verhoek Helen Beattie
Left: Callum Irvine - Center: Pieter Verhoek - Right: Helen Beattie

It is of deep concern both the NZVA and SPCA have chosen to side with antifelinists and participate in this charade. Those of us who keep Cats need the services of the veterinarians, and we need to be able to trust our vets. The NZVA's association with NCMSG only makes the public less trusting of the vets. Callum Irvine and Geoff Simmons delivering a fawning speech to Wellington City Council on the council voting to proceed with compulsory microchipping was nothing more than an insult, and the NZVA press release dated 4 August 2016 was even more insulting to the intelligence of all good folks who keep Cats.

The NZVA press release of 4 August 2016 entitled "Wellington Cats Will Be Safe And Sound", begins the process of insulting us with it's title. No Cats will be safe and sound from the planned environmental extremist pogroms and no one who keeps Cats will feel safe until the antifelinist movement is exposed, discredited and totally defeated.

In the immortal words of British historian Sir Ian Kershaw: "The path to Auschwitz was paved with indifference".

All good citizens must now purge themselves of indifference and oppose these individuals before the Feline holocaust begins.

Compulsory microchipping is clearly a money maker for the vets and NZ Companion Animal Council, our calculations suggest there is about $120 Million Dollars to be made from it.

An article in the NZ Herald dated 28 April 2015 cites a 'review' commissioned by NZVA "calling for bold and urgent measures to control roaming Cats". We're uncertain if this 'review' has ever been made public, we've searched for it online and have yet to find a copy of it. Auckland SPCA executive director Bob Kerridge was critical of the review, stating "It certainly was not a comprehensive report, as I expected it should have been if we were going to make decisions based on it." Bob is also quoted as stating "there was no evidence to suggest the stray Cat population was growing and that the TNR approach worked"

28 April 2015 - Microchipping Cats Unnecessary Says SPCA Director

We agree with Bob, we've just about cleared up the strays from our locality, so far this year we've had only one lost Cat who went home to her mom, and one stray we are presently working with. We do not work with TNR, though experience demonstrates TNR is an option that works. We befriend, socialise and re-home strays who present to us, and we've never needed to use a trap. We'll euthenase a stray on veterinary advice, but as the Veterinary Association has chosen to go down this misguided path and be part NCMSG, an organisation dedicated to mass extermination, we're now much less likely to trust the opinion of our vets.

NZ Companion Animal Council and RNZSPCA

Barry Helem Arnja Dale Ric Odom
Left: Barry Helem - Chair NZCAC & CEO Canterbury SPCA
Center: Arnja Dale - Deputy Chair NZCAC & Chief Scientific Officer SPCA
Right: Ric Odom - Outgoing National CEO SPCA

Barry Helem is Chair of NZ Companion Animal Council & CEO Canterbury SPCA. One of the things we have discovered in the course of our ongoing research is both Barry Helem and Ric Odom have an interest in motorcycle touring. Barry has motorcycle touring listed as an interest on his linkedin page and Ric's connection with the sport is well documented online. Interestingly, Gareth Morgan is also into motorcycle touring, in fact he and his wife Jo went for a motorcycle tour in North Korea a while back. We could think of no better place to to visit to research the fabrication and dispensation of propaganda. We have found a few other people connected with motorcycles who are actively speaking out against the Cats in the mainstream media, Colin Lister in Taranaki is one of them. What do you think the connection is?

Arnja Dale is Deputy Chair of NZ Companion Animal Council & Chief Scientific Officer SPCA, She's infamous for her recent statement during a TV interview that in her opinion, shooting a domestic Cat in the head is 'humane'. Video of this statement from Arnja Dale is available online here...

Killing Neighbours Cat Technically Not Cruelty RSPCA Says

We hope to provide more in depth coverage on this particular incident in an upcoming article on the rise of antifelinism in New Zealand. For now we express our deep disappointment in the statement from Arnja Dale. This is not what we expect to hear from SPCA. As humans, if one of us was shot in the head, we would not consider it a 'humane' way to be dispatched, and in our view, the same applies for a Cat. The SPCA should rightfully be busying themselves with getting the Act changed to ensure the shooting of a domestic Cat is illegal in the interest of discouraging other people from doing this. But what are they doing? Conspiring as part of NCMSG to place restrictions on Cats and those who keep them and conspiring to conduct the mass extermination of all Cats who do not have a microchip and registration with NZ Companion Animal Register.

Arnja Dale's position on the matter is unacceptable, she brings SPCA into disrepute in the eyes of the public, as does the SPCA's participation in NCMSG. Until SPCA has an ideological purge of their current senior staff and changes their position on the matter of 'Cat control', Feline Rights NZ strongly encourages all servants of Cats to refrain from supporting SPCA.

Andrea Midgen Sarah Zito Shalsee Vigeant
Left: Andrea Midgen - Interim National CEO SPCA
Center: Sarah Zito - Scientific Officer Auckland SPCA
Right: Shalsee Vigeant - Veterinary Manager Auckland SPCA

Andrea Midgen is Interim National CEO SPCA, She is not listed as being a member of NCMSG, but as Interim National CEO in the wake of Ric Odom moving on to his next management position in hospice care and because of her position on dogs defined as dangerous breed dogs in the forthcoming government legislation, we've included her and her mugshot in this article as someone all NZ Cat lovers need to keep an eye on for now. Apologies Andrea, like it or not as national CEO of SPCA, you're part of this.

On 23 September 2016 associate local government minister Louise Upston announced the government's new policy on dangerous breed dogs. The SPCA was quick to to speak out on behalf of the dogs, strongly opposing the section of the legislation that would prevent SPCA from adopting out dogs in their care defined as being of 'dangerous breed'.

23 September 2016 - Tough New Dog Control Laws 'Condemning Innocent Dogs To Die' Says SPCA

Later on 23 September, one of our supporters forwarded us an email ftom the SPCA fundraising administrator.

The content of the email is also posted online here:

RNZSPCA - Save Innocent Lives

To those of us who serve Cats, it seems totally incongruous that on one hand SPCA conspire behind closed doors to kill innumerable Cats, and at the same time oppose the government's proposed legislation on dangerous breed dogs. One could well query if SPCA's support of dogs at this time is intended to mitigate their plans for the mass extermination of Cats. Unquestionably, there's something very wrong about the way SPCA are doing things at present and we have much more to add about SPCA's activities in forthcoming articles.

Sarah Zito is Scientific Officer at Auckland SPCA, she has a couple of papers published online and seems to follow scientific method to the letter. At least they appear to be peer reviewed, which is refreshing to see as a lot of 'scientific' material presently being cited in support of the environmental movement and the Green Party have no peer review and clearly are nothing more than pseudoscience.

We've taken a look at some of Sarah's work on the matter of 'semi owned Cats' and the people who serve them and in our view her research is of value. Once she stands down from NCMSG, we'd be happy to engage with Sarah and share our views on serving Cats. Sadly a lot of people in the community are not smart enough to take the work of serving Cats as seriously as they should. Our view is once one begins serving a Cat, it's your responsibility to ensure the Cat gets the best deal. This includes desexing, vaccination, and any other vet care required, socialisation to the point of the Cat being handleable, and eventually arranging for a good home for the Cat, or admission to a Cat shelter that has a no-kill policy, so the Cat can be forwarded to a good home.

Shalsee Vigeant is Veterinary Manager at Auckland SPCA, going by her accent it sounds like she's from Canada. We don't know much about her yet, but this 20 minute recorded interview featuring Shalsee Vigeant and rabid antifelinist Brett Gartrell, co-director of the 'Wildbase' wildlife hospital at Massey University, confirms Shalsee as being complicit in the orchestrated libelous propaganda campaign against the Cats.

22 September 2016 - Cats Strategy Criticised For Avoiding Hard Questions

This is an interesting piece of propaganda, not so much for it's content, which is the standard antifelinisim that has been laid on the public ad nauseum. It's interesting because they have used the 'nasty cop - nice cop' framework to assist in dispensing the propaganda message to those who are not smart enough to see it for what it is. It's a 20 minute interview with pair of them.

Give it a listen and look beyond the content itself to the core intent of the message.

By starting with Brett Gartrell in the role of Mr Extremist-Bad-Guy, and then following him up with NCMSG representative Shalsee Vigeant in the role of Ms Not-So-Extremist-Good-Gal They attempt to entrain listeners to believe NCMSG = Good. Well, they aren't, in fact NCMSG is the biggest threat to Cats ever seen in New Zealand. Note carefully the methodology the Morgan cult has utilised for the dispensation of propaganda in this instance, chances are they will use similar methods again.

We also note Shalsee's comment in this article on free Cat desexing at SPCA Auckland

5 October 2015 - Free Cat Desexing At SPCA Auckland

Quote: "They're often not starting with the best health, and the worst place an animal can be is a shelter. No matter the quality of food or how much enrichment you give them, it's still a shelter. It's a stress environment. "It's the same as humans - stress makes you sick."

As experienced shelter volunteers we are well aware of the stress precipitated by confinement in a shelter environment, and without a doubt, stress can precipitate both psychological and physical illness. We are now witnessing the negative effects of stress on human members of the community caused by the incessant ongoing anti-Cat rhetoric in the compromised mainstream media, and the prospect of draconian 'Cat control' measures. Some are upset, some are hiding and feeling disenfranchised by the community, some are downright angry, and some are reaching for the bottle to drown their sorrows.

We need to be able to trust the SPCA as sure as we need to be able to trust the vets, so Shalsee, next time you are sitting at the table with Gareth Morgan's manager Geoff Simmons, spare a thought for all of the NZ citizens suffering from stress related illness precipitated by the works of NCMSG, and spare a thought for damage to SPCA's reputation due to SPCA working with the antifelinist Morgan cult and conspiring to murder countless innocent Cats.

Local Government New Zealand

Mike Reid Wayne O'Donnell Myfanwy Emeny
Left: Mike Reid - Center: Wayne O'Donnell - Right: Myfanwy Emeny

Mike Reid is Principal Policy Adviser - Local Government New Zealand, he is also on the board of the Institute of Governance and Policy Studies (IGPS) , an academic political think-tank at Victoria University Of Wellington.

IGPS hosted the infamous Welfare Working Group chaired none other than madam slash and burn herself, economist Paula Rebstock. On the overview page on the IGPS website it states: "Priority will be given to research on issues where it appears that vested interests are trying to get or retain advantages for themselves and so there is a need for the wider interests of all New Zealanders to be taken into account". That's great Mike, now take a look at yourselves and ask yourselves who the vested interests are when it comes to NCMSG.

Wayne O'Donnell is General Manager Catchment Management Group at Greater Wellington Regional Council and we were not at all surprised to see 'biodiversity' listed as one of his management tasks at GWRC. Wayne was quoted in the following article as stating "his council strongly supported limiting cats to three per household, and even fewer in areas that were rich in wildlife". This suggests to us Wayne is just another deluded eco-nutcase, which means any input from him to NCMSG will not be about true Feline welfare. Go do something else Wayne, before your actions against the Cats come back to haunt you.

15 May 2016 - Cat Lovers Fear Wholesale Genocide of Stray Felines In Wellington

Myfanwy Emeny, Team Leader Urban Ecology, Wellington City Council. WCC pay her to act as representative of the council traveling the country expounding the antifelinst doctrine of the Morgan cult. She's yet another person caught in the delusion of 'native biodiversity'. She is the one who consulted with law firm DLA Piper on 'regulating' Cats who are supposedly 'harming native wildlife' on behalf of Wellington City Council. WCC plan to subcontract out to environmental extremist groups the mass extermination of all Cats who are not microchipped and registered with NZ Companion Animal Register.

Here are links to her in costume for the WCC entry into the World of WearableArt design competition.

Myfanwy Emeny - "Parks Goddess" - Large Image

Myfanwy Emeny - "Parks Goddess"

Yes, that's a birds nest for a hat and how about the deceased Fantails, what's the bet the tale is 'the Cat caught them prior to them getting stuffed'? This costume and entry is likely financed by Wellington ratepayers as yet another propaganda incentive for the pseudoscience of 'restoration ecology'. One picture says a thousand words, If this isn't queen of the deluded bird-brains we don't know what is. To Myfanwy, we now gift a little satirical makutu: Next time you're wearing it may 1080 stoats seek refuge in it as they flee Kelvin Hastie's pogrom. But seriously, as an antifelinist she's a dangerous woman who is a threat to you and your Cats.

Department Of Conservation

Allan Ross Herb Christophers Simon Kelton
Left: Allan Ross - Director of Transformation and Threats
Center: Herb Christophers - Senior Communications Adviser
Right: Simon Kelton - Threats Manager - Science and Policy Group

Allan Ross - Director of Transformation and Threats. One of the senior administrators at Department of Conservation. Seems he's been part of NCMSG since it's conception in November 2014. As Allan is onboard, that tells us Cats are on the primary 'hit' list at a national level. Allan Ross and Simon Kelton keep a low profile on the internet.

This is to be expected, as amongst the more extremist factions of the environmental movement, DOC is very unpopular for its usage of the 1080 (Sodium Fluoroacetate) poison via mass aerial drops.

6 October 2016 - DOC Ranger And Family Cop Abuse After Photo Posted On Anti-1080 Page

To quote Minister of Conservation Hon. Maggie Barry: "These people will stop at nothing to get their aim, and I will not bow down in front of that level of threat." Well Minister, we've been telling people these environmentalists are extremists all along, what more proof does anyone need? We cannot condone anyone making threats any more than we can condone elected members of Parliament removing posts and banning members of the pro-Cat lobby from the Minister's official facebook page. We'll just say when it comes to Cats, 'transformation' = destruction of the culture we know and love, and here in New Zealand there's no greater 'threat' to our customary right to keep Cats than government sanctioned eco-fascism.

After February 2016, NCMSG decided a propaganda expert would be useful, so the handsome Herb Christophers was engaged for the task of pacifying the populace. You can't conduct mass exterminations without an expert in the dispensation of death on a mass scale so they engaged Simon Kelton to consult on the final solution.

Herb Christophers is employed as Senior Communications Adviser at Department of Conservation (Public Relations and Communications) In other words he's a social engineering and propaganda expert. In his profile over at the DOC blog he describes himself as a "closet bird geek". When the fox is in the chicken house the last thing on his mind is the welfare of the chickens, and as Herb is by his own admission a person enamored with the delusion of 'native biodiversity', it's clear he's unqualified to make impartial decisions on what's best for our Cats.

Simon Kelton is Department of Conservation Threats Manager, Science and Policy Group. It appears he has more 'conservation' skills than you could hurl a hundred dead rats at. He is "Owner" of the current DOC "Operational Planning for Animal Pest Operations" manual, a document that advocates the use of PAPP (Para-Aminopropiophenone) on Cats. PAPP kills via hypoxia, coma, and death due to the inhibition of cellular respiration. Marketed by NZ company Connovation as PredaStop, their brochure states "The onset of symptoms is rapid and stoats and Cats are usually unconscious within 45 minutes". So, it takes 45 minutes of suffering for a Cat to be dispatched in the name of 'conservation' by this poison. That's anything but humane. Why are the SPCA not investigating this? Because most of their high level staff right up to the chief scientific officer and the national CEO himself are complicit as part of the National Cat Management Strategy Group.


Zyklon B PredaStop Zyklon B


Hey Simon, at a couple of dollars for each Cat your staff kill, is this more cost-effective than Zyklon-B?
Without question, Simon Kelton is the expert on mass extermination, which is what NCMSG is all about.

Ministry Of Primary Industries

Marie Guigou
Marie Guigou
The Animal Welfare Act

The Animal Welfare Act is administered by the Ministry for Primary Industries. Marie Guigou's role is to advise on the Act to NCMSG and also to advise Government via the Ministry as to how Government might adjust the Act to facilitate the mass extermination of all Cats who are not registered with NZCAR.

Do not be fooled by a pretty face, her intentions are as nefarious as the rest of them

19 October 2016

We're very pleased to feature a response to the Draft New Zealand National Cat Management Strategy Strategic Implementation Consultation Document presented by our friends Northland Cats In Balance.

Northland Cats In Balance

The summary is published online here:

Northland Cats In Balance - Response to National Cat Management Strategy Group

The full 17 page response to NCMSG is available for download in pdf format on the summary page. This is a very well researched paper in favor of the Cats of New Zealand, which dispels a lot of lies being expounded by both the environmental movement and certain groups and individuals who claim to be advocates of animal welfare.

Gratitude to Northland Cats In Balance for your efforts on behalf of the Cats.

Update: 27 October 2016


Today we've added part two of the Rise of Antifelinism in New Zealand series. This article covers the trading of Cat skins on Trade Me. We caution readers this article contains disturbing images. Working on this article has provided some insights into the stressful work done by staff employed in law enforcement in the interest of bringing criminals to justice.

Bottom line is it has not been fun working on this one.

The Rise Of Antifelinism In NZ: - Part Two - Stop The Trading Of Cat Skins On Trade Me

The Rise Of Antifelinism In NZ: - Part One - Antifelinism In Christchurch

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