30 January 2017

Say No To Kiwibank Say No To Kiwibank Say No To Kiwibank

Don't Bank On Kiwibank

Kiwibank is well known for it's association with multimillionaire antifelinist and political aspirant Gareth Morgan via the GMK KiwiSaver scheme, Morgan sold the business to Kiwibank for the tidy sum of 50 million dollars.

13 March 2014 - Kiwibank Dumps Morgan Brand
Gareth Morgan - Exhibitionist
Grab your barf bags folks, self styled übermensch Gareth Morgan
divests himself of clothing while enjoying his football team in action.
No surprises Kiwibank chose to dump the Morgan brand!

Back in September 2016, Kiwibank entered into a partnership with Predator Free New Zealand Trust and Department of Conservation. Kiwibank decided this was a worthwhile cause that might just drum up some business. They failed to consider the moral, ethical and political hot potato they were grasping at when they chose to support environmental extremism.

5 September 2016 - Kiwibank Launches 'Boots and Paws' Taskforce

The press release from Predator Free New Zealand dated 5th September 2016 says Kiwibank will contribute to the unachievable environmental extremist goal of 'Pest Free New Zealand by 2050'. We understand Kiwibank will donate 1.7 million dollars toward environmental extremism which will be used to fund some of the private eco-fascist extremist 'community groups' which have sprung up all over the place like a plague of poisonous mushrooms and also fund Department of Conservation dogs. There are two types of 'conservation' dogs, 'protected species dogs' who sniff out the location of protected species and 'pest detection dogs'.

The press release states: "Pest detection dogs have been used to indicate the presence of target predators (stoats, rodents or Cats). In the majority of situations, these dogs indicate the subtle sign or scent of the target animal rather than locate the live animal. This information is then used to attempt to eradicate the animal or animals by other methods like trapping, poisoning or shooting."

They suggest 'pest detection dogs' are used only for detection purposes however if we read the words of commenter Paul Martinson on the Polhill Restoration Trust Page over at the Halo Project Website, the real use of conservation dogs is clarified.

Halo Project Polhill Restoration Trust Page

We quote Paul Martinson from the Polhill Restoration Trust page:

"If I can say this; maybe someone can obtain or train a DOC certified predator dog for feral Cats within the Halo and put it to work. I've had one..and it is an effective way to eradicate the trap shy animals. They are smaller in number than stoats but very destructive."

Lets get clear, the so called 'halo' around Zealandia Sanctuary is a residential area and these evil people contemplate turning loose Department of Conservation 'predator dogs' to kill any Cat the dogs can find.

A second article by Jessy Edwards appeared on the Idealog website "in association with Kiwibank" on 6th December 2016. In December, Kiwibank also began displaying posters in their branches promoting the Department of Conservation dogs.

6 December 2016 - Inside Kiwibank's 'We're Going To The Moon' Conservation Moment

Kiwibank DOC Dog Posters.jpg

This is an interesting article, both telling when it comes to the mindset of those engaging themselves in trapping, and also chilling when one notes the images of children being indoctrinated into ideology of enviro-fascism. Killing things is nothing to be proud of kids! Kim Waghorn, Kiwibank marketing manager is quoted as stating she found the act of engaging in trapping "weirdly addictive". It's interesting Kim feels this way about trapping because in the following article over at the Predator Free NZ website we find the following quotes from Nick Tansley of Gareth Morgan's Halo Project:

6 May 2015 - Caught In A Trap - Halo Takes On Wellingtons Predators
Nick Tansley
Nick Tansley - Halo Project Representative, by his
own admission, addicted to killing small furry animals.

"Trapping brings people closer together. Everyone's working together (towards the goal of Wellington as a predator-free capital) and helping each other out." He's even heard of people perched on their porches armed with slug pellets. "It gets quite addictive."

Back at the beginning of April 2016, Nick was a guest speaker on "Enhancing The Halo" at the WCC Nursery open day. One of our supporters attended the meeting and when a member of the audience asked if her kitten could get caught in the rat trap. He assured her: "We're not out to get Cats". Yet on the same page we find the following chilling quotes:

"What if you have a cat or five? There are cat-friendly traps too."

"Tansley points out that you can still own a Cat while considering the native wildlife: microchip your cat so they can be identified in a Cat roundup" Nick either blatantly lied when he stated "We're not out to get Cats", or he's very confused.

Brad Windust & DOC Dog
Brad Windust - DOC dog handler and Cat murderer

Here is one of the Department of Conservation dog handlers and his dog, one Brad Windust of the Northland environmental extremist group Bay Bush Action Trust. At last count, their website states they have murdered 81 Cats. Up to now we have chosen not to publish any horror pics. However as Kiwibank has chosen to fund despicable bloodthirsty individuals like Brad Windust, and possibly Kim Waghorn has no idea of what Kiwibank is funding, we will publish some of the photographic evidence we have collected.


Forensic Images Of Cats Murdered By Environmental Extremists

Before proceeding we'll respond to the quotes above from Nick Tansley. You fascists of the private environmental extremist movement have absolutely no right to conduct "Cat roundups" within urban and residential areas at all. We knew from the outset the Green eco-nazis at Wellington City Council planned to outsource the murder of countless Cats within residential areas to amateur environmental groups and later we received confirmation of this via leaked legal consultation documents. For the record we strongly disapprove of citizens sitting on their porches armed with any weapon.

The plan is to ride roughshod over the Animal Welfare Act and designate any Cat without a microchip ID as 'feral' and allow private environmental extremist groups to conduct an ongoing campaign of mass murder against people's beloved Feline family members. All of this talk of microchips 'to keep your Cats safe' is a red herring, Without a doubt, the extremist environmentalists want to kill them all. So if you love Cats and keep Cats it is your moral duty to stand up to those like Nick who openly admit they are addicted to killing.

Jessi Morgan
Jessi Morgan - Spokesperson for Predator Free NZ,
Antifelinist and daughter of Gareth Morgan, she also
states she is addicted to killing small furry animals.

Now, the Halo Project is an organisation that was set up by none other than the antifelinist Gareth Morgan, and we were not at all surprised to discover a mugshot of his daughter, the antifelinist Jessi Morgan a bit further down the page in the idealog article. Seems she is the spokesperson for Predator Free New Zealand. No surprises there, wherever you see anything to do with environmental extremism you can bet the Morgan cult has a dirty great greasy finger in the metaphorical pie. Jessi Morgan is quoted as stating "It’s the gamification of how many rats did you catch? that is so addictive". How interesting, there's that 'addictive' word again.

We feel any form of addiction is something to be concerned about, especially so if what one is addicted to involves killing. From the esoteric perspective there's all sorts of reasons a person might find themselves in the position of being addicted to the desire to kill. However, most people have no understanding of esoteric matters, so for now we will put aside our some 35+ years practical hands-on experience with thought-forms & tulpas, larvae, lower elementaries and lower astral beings, our understanding of how the release of etheric and astral force from the victim at the time of death can give a person a 'hit', not to mention the sciences of magick and demonology in general, lest we be red carded with standard response of the ignorami, namely 'conspiracy theory', which for the record is term originally seeded into the common vocabulary for the purposes of damage control by none other than the CIA.

So for now, we'll just stick to the mainstream and suggest anyone who is addicted to something is getting some form of 'hit' each time they engage in whatever the activity is they find to be addictive and addictions of any form tend to be progressive. For example, watching a little 'harmless' pornography can easily progress to stealing lingerie, stalking female members of the community and if unchecked can eventually progress to engaging in the act of rape.

Our view is some of these people who have an addiction to killing small furry animals will quite possibly progress to killing larger creatures or even human beings. That is the nature of addictive behavior, it tends to progress. So, to Kim Waghorn, Nick Tansley, Jessi Morgan and others of their ilk we say: Consult with your doctor, get a referral note to mental health services and at least participate in a mental health assessment, because we have no doubt that folks like you people have a few screws loose. Kiwibank likes to think of the unattainable predator free goal along the lines of the United States Apollo moonshots. "Going to the moon" they say. More like a pack of flippin' loonies! Get help before you do something extra nasty while servicing your killing addiction and you find yourselves in a mental healthcare facility or appearing before the court.

All we can add is if you do not want to be a part of this madness there are other options for banking available, and changing who you bank with is a fair way to protest, just be sure to tell Kiwibank why you chose an alternative option for banking.

12 February 2017

Wildlife Foxton Trust

WFT Logo
Wildlife Foxton Trust's motto is 'Education
By Example', but as we will demonstrate, what
they have been doing is anything but exemplary.

Amateur environmental extremist group Wildlife Foxton Trust first came to our attention at the end of April 2016 when a report was published in the Manawatu Standard detailing the group's wish to engage in 'Cat control' activities. In true Fairfax Media fake news form, the header image to this article of a Cat with a captured bird was not even taken in New Zealand.

30 April 2016 - Foxton Wildlife Trust Keen To Start Trial To Crack Down On 'Feral' Cats

John Girling

John Girling
John Girling - Chairman, Foxton Wildlife Trust.
Elected to the Foxton Community Board in the 2016
local body elections. He also ran as an independent
candidate for Horowhenua District Council in the
Kere Kere ward, but was not elected to the council.

John Girling spoke before Horizons Regional Council (HRC) in a submission to the HRC regional 'pest' management plan, claiming 'feral' Cats in the Foxton area "kill birds and cause a lot of trouble". The group planned a survey to "consult the community on possible 'feral' Cat control options" and to document all domestic Cats in the Foxton area, prior to a 'trial' involving compulsory microchipping of domestic Cats. Girling is quoted in the article as stating "Our approach is we would like to microchip companion Cats to protect them from 'feral' Cats and the 'disease' carried by 'feral' Cats". He stated the group was considering approaching the antifelinst Gareth Mogan's Morgan Foundation for funding. HRC chairman Bruce Gordon asked if the people catching Cats would be able to check if the Cats they planned to catch have a microchip ID. Girling replied that "everything caught in their traps was brought back to their centre".

Oh Really? Keep this statement from John Girling in mind folks, and read on...

At this point we challenge John Girling to explain to the public exactly how the compulsory microchipping of domestic Cats can protect them from the supposed 'diseases' they claim are carried by 'feral' Cats. The fact is a microchip offers no such protection and microchips fail John. John Girling is just another antifelinist, he lies with the lies of the Morgan cult, and he insults all intelligent New Zealanders with his assumption the citizens of New Zealand are stupid. Undoubtably what Wildlife Foxton Trust really seek is license from Horizons Regional Council to conduct the wholesale slaughter of all Cats they catch who do not return an ID reference on a microchip scanner.

20 March 2016 - Morgan Foundation Collective Lobbying Of Regional Councils

Prior to Girling's submission, the Morgan cult engaged in collective lobbying of Horizons Regional Council. In all, the council received a total of 94 submissions to the plan. 47 regarding 'feral' Cats, and 45 of these from the antifelinist Gareth Morgan's hate group. Most of the submissions were from outside of the Manawatu region. On 11 May 2016 Girling was back before the HRC Environment Committee. His presentation included the alleged "problems with 'feral' Cats killing birds on the estuary".

14 June 2016 - Horizons Regional Council Reject Morgan Cult Directives

In June 2016, Horizons Regional Council declined to actively engage in the Feline holocaust the Morgan cult and John Girling hoped for and chose not to make any changes regarding the classification of 'feral' Cats. The antifelinist Jessi Morgan stated "As soon as we take Gareth away from it people will listen, rather than say 'oh he just wants to kill all the Cats'".

Jessi Morgan, take notice Feline Rights will investigate and document every person who is involved with the orchestrated libelous propaganda campaign against the Cats. Antifelinism is a form of extremism that is just as bad as antisemitism, and all involved with it can expect to be treated with the same level of disdain afforded to antisemites and other racists.

22 July 2016 - Foxton's 'Feral' Cat Crackdown Hits Snag Due To Funding Constraints

By July 2016, Wildlife Foxton Trust's plan to trap and execute as many Cats as possible had reached an impasse due to a lack of funding. John Girling stated "We are not able to address the 'feral' Cat issue at the moment because of 'political sensitivity', I think they call it". You think? Hey John, what the hell are you doing on the Community Board if you cannot see the obvious? The majority of New Zealanders don't want far left private environmental fascists rounding up their Cats. We love our Cats, they are members of our families, it's not quantum physics, it's common sense. If you cannot grasp the basics of common sense then the ideal is for you to tender your resignation from the Community Board immediately. Girling stated their intention is to be 'patient', and indicated they still intend to "carry out a survey of companion Cat owners to find out what animals they owned and what they thought of control measures".

Feline Rights urges residents of the Foxton area to refuse to participate in the so called 'survey'. This group is a private environmentalist cult and they have no right to 'survey' residents regarding the number of Cats they keep. The right thing to do is formally trespass them from your places of residence. In our view what they are really doing is taking a census of your Cats, noting where Cats are and marking them for execution at a later stage, just like the Nazis did to the Jewish people.

2 October 2015 - Foxtons Pest Problem Gets A 'Humane' Solution

Back in October 2015, Horizons Regional Council supplied 40 traps to Wildlife Foxton Trust who first used them for the purposes of indoctrinating children into the ideology of environmental extremism, prior to the environmental brownshirts setting the traps. These traps are "tippy traps", they are live capture traps. John Girling stated "Any creatures caught will be brought back to our depot where they will be dealt with humanely as overseen by our own veterinary surgeon." We'd love to put a name and face to the vet, because if you live in the Foxton area and your Cat mysteriously vanishes, chances are this will be the vet who has put your Cat to death, simply for being a Cat. Email us if you know who this vet is.

Indoctrination Of Children

14 March 2016 - Colourful 'Pest' Control Project Starts For Foxton
School Children Painting Traps The Traps Completed
Left - Occupy their minds with creative activity during the indoctrination process.
Right - Great job kids! You're now initiates of the environmental extremist movement.

A week before the first report on Wildlife Foxton Trust's proposal to conduct antifelinist activities appeared in the Manawatu Standard, another article was published in the Horowhenua Mail. Wildlife Foxton Trust have been indoctrinating children into the ideology of the far left environmental fascist movement. John Girling is a retired industrial psychologist, which suggests to us he's thought through his plan of action carefully, and has a fair idea of how to go about it. Indoctrinate the children now, in the interest of endless proliferation of the dogma of environmental extremism through all future generations.

2 February 2017 - Bones And Fur Were All That Remained In Traps Required To Be Checked Daily
WFT Unattended Trap
The true face of environmentalism. Animals trapped alive and left to die of hunger and thirst.
A clear violation of the Animal Welfare Act 1999.

While we've been investigating Wildlife Foxton Trust since they first publicised their antifelinist sentiments in April 2016, we've refrained from publishing much about them. However, on 2nd February 2017 a report appeared in the Manawatu Standard. A witness discovered six of the traps painted by the children of Foxton Beach School containing skeletal remains and decomposing deceased animals. Wildlife Foxton Trust had failed to check the traps daily as required by law and the trapped animals had suffered a horrible death from thirst and starvation.

The witness quoted John Girling as saying to her "they were pests and he wouldn't mind leaving them there indefinitely". Girling claimed his comment had been 'skewed' by the witness, but was quoted as stating to the Fairfax journalist "I did say it's not a big problem, they are just pests." He also stated "the traps were supposed to be checked once or twice a week".

Well, that's wrong for a start, the law requires live traps to be checked daily. HRC 'habitat protection co-ordinator' Aaron Madden is quoted in the article as stating "volunteers were informed about the importance of checking traps daily", Aaron Madden of HRC also confirmed "It was possible for hedgehogs and Cats to enter the traps but checking them daily should allow them to be released".

Curiouser and curiouser, HRC appear to want any hedgehogs trapped to be released, yet in the article in the Horowhenua Mail dated 14 March 2016 Girling proudly states "Four hedgehogs had already been caught in the mustalid traps".

Update 13 February 2017

We contacted Horizons Regional Council via email regarding the matter of hedgehogs. Aaron Madden of HRC promptly responded stating the report published in the Manawatu Standard on 2 February 2017 is incorrect on their position regarding hedgehogs. HRC states hedgehogs are a known threat to native wildlife and thus are one of the 'pests' being targeted. HRC also states "The intention was to release any Cats (or any other 'pet') caught and euthanize the 'pests' caught".

Manawatu SPCA inspector and manager Danny Auger stated "if people weren't checking the traps they were failing with their obligations". Ministry for Primary Industries animal welfare manager Kate Littin also confirmed, when using live traps there is a legal requirement for traps to be checked daily.

John Girling stated "the traps were supposed to be checked once or twice a week", therefore it's clear Wildlife Foxton Trust is willfully in violation of the Animal Welfare Act. Undoubtedly an example needs to made of these people by way of prosecution. Feline Rights will follow the matter up with the relevant authorities to ensure all involved are brought to justice.

10 February 2017 - Horizons Regional Council Puts Stop To Live Trapping
WFT Proposed Kill Trap
Maim and kill traps being considered for deployment near residences of companion animals

On 10 February 2017, NZ Herald published an update on the environmental extremists active in the Foxton area. Horizons Regional Council have halted the live trapping activities of Wildlife Foxton Trust and withdrawn the traps from use.

Wildlife Foxton Trust is quoted in the article as stating "it is looking at whether kill traps could replace the live-capture traps". Aaron Madden of Horizons Regional Council stated "the downside of kill traps was the possibility of killing pets, which is why live-capture traps were used in the first place".

Feline Rights compliments HRC for taking action and withdrawing the live capture traps from use. However, as it appears Wildlife Foxton Trust will now attempt to proceed with it's trapping activities using 'kill' traps, the problem has the potential to go from bad to worse. 'Kill' traps like the ones illustrated above do not kill instantaneously, they maim and the animals caught still die a slow death from hunger and thirst or possibly from infection of the wound.

If these kill traps are allowed to be deployed it is only a matter of time before a companion animal is killed or maimed. We believe traps such as these may also pose a threat to protected native species. The media and animal welfare groups are now watching closely. It's not going to be a good look for anyone involved with the matter when a companion animal falls victim to the incompetence of the amateur environmental extremist movement.

As Wildlife Foxton Trust have already demonstrated their inability to monitor live capture traps they have set, we implore Horizon's Regional Council to cease all support for Wildlife Foxton Trusts trapping activities, and revoke or deny permission for them to use any form of traps.

What has happened in the Foxton area is an object lesson to local governmental bodies nationwide on how things can go terribly wrong when local government outsources 'pest control' activities to private environmental extremist groups and we feel the example of Foxton behoves local government to have a total rethink on the value of private-public partnerships with amateur environmental groups when it comes to truly humane animal management.

Wildlife Foxton Trust = Amateur Environmental Extremists

Do not support them, do not donate to them, make all involved with the organisation feel uncomfortable.

27 February 2017

Joakim Liman - Te Motu Kairangi
Miramar Ecological Restoration Group

Te Motu Kairangi - Miramar Ecological Restoration Group
Joakim Liman 1
Joakim Liman, the epitomy of Nordic-Aryan manhood. He imported himself to New Zealand
from Sweden in 2009. He has 'conservation' experience with Department of Conservation &
Zealandia Sanctuary. He is presently employed by Wellington Zoo. He's chosen to engage
himself in the antifelinist movement and has no idea of the huge can of worms he's opened.

Last time we checked in January 2017, the membership of Liman's 'conservation' group was a total of 20 individuals. Compare this figure to the population of Miramar: 9,588 at the 2013 census. Te Motu Kairangi are a miniscule fraction of a percent of the population, they are a small group of extremists imposing their will on an entire district.

This feature article of antifelinist propaganda by journalist Sam Duff appeared in the Cook Strait News on 2nd February 2015, just four months after the inception of the National Cat Management Strategy Group. The Cook Strait News along with The Wellingtonian are 'community newspapers' delivered free to every mailbox in the Wellington region. One can have a 'no circulars' sign on one's letterbox, yet regardless of one's wishes, a copy will be delivered each week without fail. In truth, it's a propaganda tabloid created by the ruling caste, distributed with the intention of manufacturing consensus amongst those members of the public who are challenged to define objective reality for themselves.

In other words, they make sure everyone gets a copy so their propaganda is spread for social engineering purposes.

The publication of this article was carefully timed to synchronise with Morgan Foundation project manager Jessi Morgan's submission to Wellington City Council's consultation on the 'Draft Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan 2014'. The article was published in Cook Strait News on Monday 2nd February 2015, and the consultation process closed on Friday 6th March 2015. We've sourced a copy of Morgan's submission, In it, she cites the alleged killing of 18 tui, supposedly by a Cat.

Jessi Morgan - Submission To WCC Biodiversity Strategy And Action Plan 2014 (PDF - 518kb)

Normally we'll link to articles, but due to Cook Strait News hosting it's back issues on issuu.com, one of the most poorly coded and unusable websites we have ever visited, we've scanned and posted the entire article here. If issuu.com has an issue with that, we suggest they learn to construct websites properly, then we will be prepared to link to their site.

Cook Strait News Article Part 1

The article by journalist Sam Duff begins by subjecting us to loaded language .

Sam Duff
Sam Duff - Journalist and Presstitute

Wikipedia defines loaded language as "wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes". We quote: "The movements of a sneaky 'moggy' with a taste for killing are being tracked as it slinks, creeps and skulks it's way through the Miramar bush"... an object lesson in loaded language. Liman claims his environmental extremist group found the remains of 18 dead tui and as there were some Cat paw prints they assume a single Cat killed them all. That's interesting, lets compare the opinion of Joakim Liman with the opinion of Landcare Research wildlife ecologist John Innes who stated in this article "I've worked with tui restoration in Hamilton for a decade, and I've never had an account of a tui, one of our radio-banded birds, being killed by a Cat".

We agree with John Innes, we've kept Cats for 50 years and we have never witnessed a Cat capture a tui. They are larger than a blackbird and as tree dwellers, it's rare to see a tui at ground level. We have noted tui will fly into windows and be killed by the impact with the glass. Our understanding is this happens when tui have dined on fermented nectar and fly while intoxicated. The Wikipedia entry states tui "have even been known to mob harriers and magpies". The harrier is a large hawk, and magpies are well known to attack humans. It stands to reason that as tui are prepared to take on harriers and magpies, in most instances tui would certainly be able to defend themselves from a Cat.

Tui (Prosthemadera Novaeseelandiae) - Conservation Status = Least Concern

Our view is it is extremely unlikely a single Cat could be responsible for killing 18 tui. Joakim Liman is either lying on behalf of Gareth Morgan's 'conservation' cult, or more likely the culprits would be stoat, ferret or weasel. The remaining carrion will have attracted all sorts of critters, including the local Cats, hence the alleged paw prints the group claim they found.

The article proceeds to use further loaded language to define the location as a 'crime scene' and the Cat who supposedly killed the tui as a 'four legged criminal'. We also note Liman demonstrating his ignorance of the law by promoting the idea of 'feral' verses 'domestic' and omitting the other definition of 'stray' as defined under the the Animal Welfare Act. Liman also demonstrates his ignorance by assuming all domestic Cats have a collar: "They do not yet know if the white Cat, which has a black tip on it's tail, is a 'feral' or domestic Cat, as they cannot tell whether it is wearing a collar". Later in the article he states: "Owners could attach a multitude of bells to their collars".

A few words on Cat collars from Feline Rights to Joakim Liman: Most domestic Cats do not actually have collars and that's a good call, collars are well known to be a hazard for Cats, as documented in the following article from the Nelson Mail.

01 January 2016 - SPCA Warns Of Collar Risk After Cat Injury

Liman parrots the antifelinist Gareth Morgan and states "A really easy thing to do would be to just close the door and keep them inside". Well, we'd like to see the ignorant antifelinists confined to quarters forever and see how they like the experience of permanent confinement. Of great interest to us was Joakim Liman's statement that "people should at least keep their Cats inside during the day because that is when tui and other natives are out and about". Alright, compare that statement with the published opinion of none other than Karen Fifield, the CEO of Wellington Zoo .

20 May 2016 - Responsible 'Pet' 'Ownership' Is About All Animals
Karen Fifield
Karen Fifield - CEO Wellington Zoo

The above link is one sick and twisted article from Karen Fifield which includes an array of poisonous nonsensical lies. For example this insulting quote: "Microchipping Cats helps to make sure that Cats get the love and care that they deserve". By stating such, the intended inference is anyone who does not engage in microchipping does not love or care for their Cats. Well pardon us you old harpy but we've been keeping Cats for decades prior to you importing yourself from Australia and our Cats are some of the most loved and cared for Cats in town thanks, no microchip required. Do you think we are stupid? We know the only reason you people want compulsory microchipping is to legitimise the murder of countless Cats, but we digress.

The quote from Karen Fifield that is important at this point is: "for the past nine years we have been asking our visitors to think about how they can be responsible 'pet' 'owners' through two simple requests – keeping their Cats in at night, and keeping their dogs on a lead". How interesting, on one hand we have Zoo employee Joakim Liman saying 'keep your Cats indoors during the day' and on the other hand we have Zoo CEO Karen Fifield saying 'keep your Cats in at night'. Without a doubt, the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing, and this comparison of published statements amounts to indisputable proof that what is being expounded on both counts is nothing more than opinionated antifelinist dogma.

Further evidence there is no consensus amongst 'conservationists' when it comes to the draconian proposition of 'Cat curfews' comes in the form of the following article published on the Zealandia Sanctuary website. We quote: "Do you have a Cat? Consider keeping your Cat indoors during the day". We published a link to the original article a few months ago and within a couple of weeks the page had mysteriously vanished from their site. Quite possibly the reason it was removed is because they noticed Feline Rights was linking to the page and at the time Wellington City Council was planning to impose night curfews on Cats. We've sourced a copy of the article which was removed, it's now available for download below.

18 July 2012 - Zealandia - Domestic Cats And Long Term 'Conservation' (PDF 80kb)
Cook Strait News Article Part 2

Liman claims 12 million native birds are killed by Cats in NZ each year, we'd love to know where he got that figure from, until we have the actual peer reviewed scientific documentation before us we'll assume he has pulled that figure out of his... hat.

Joakim Liman imported himself from Sweden in 2009. In our opinion the easiest option for all is for him to return to Sweden. While we are all too pleased to have people immigrate to New Zealand, we do need for new New Zealanders to integrate themselves into New Zealand culture. We don't know how you do things in Sweden cuzzie, but for generations our people have kept Cats, they are our beloved family members. If you wish to be a New Zealander you need to understand this fact. Integrate and accept New Zealand culture, including our Cats or as we say in Aotearoa...

"On yer bike mate", which in this context means go back to where you came from.

'Predator-Free' Capital Project

26 September 2016 - Eradicating Rats And Stoats From Miramar – Start Of 'Predator-Free' Capital Project
Proposed Predator Free Wellington Map
Proposed 'Predator Free' Wellington Map
The area in pink labeled 'Phase 1' is the Miramar Peninsula.

On 26 September 2016, Wellington City Council announced a joint collaboration with Greater Wellington Regional Council and the Next Foundation . The Next Foundation is a philanthropic environmental and 'educational' organisation. It is connected with the Morgan cult via their mutual association with the R & D group 'Zero Invasive Predators'. The plan is to attempt to make Wellington 'predator free'. They state that rats and stoats are the target, but the truth is all non indigenous animals and birds will be targeted. Rats, stoats, opossums, Cats and hedgehogs for starters and if we take a look at the section on non-native birds over at the Te Motu Kairangi website we see sparrows, starlings, blackbirds and rosellas are all apparently on the 'hit' list. We also understand pigeons and ducks are on the council's hit list of critters to be 'vanished'.

Liman cites non-native birds as undesirables because in his view they are carriers of 'diseases'.

Citing disease as an issue is old form of hate propaganda. In Der Stürmer, a weekly propaganda tabloid of the Nazi era, quite similar in some ways to today's Cook Strait News, The antisemite Julius Streicher often cited disease as one of the issues that supposedly made Jewish people undesirables in the twisted opinion of the National Socialist regime.

Spot The Difference If You Can

Cook Strait News Front Page 2 February 2015 Der Sturmer Front Page Special Editon May 1934
Propaganda tabloids which promote hatred have not changed much in 80 years

The idea is to make a start with the turf Liman's group has claimed, namely the Miramar peninsula, then proceed with further environmentalist pogroms against all non-indigenous fauna across the entire city. Later, the plan is to eradicate all non indigenous plants, Liman is already suggesting citizens aim for at least 25% of the plants in their gardens to be native plants.

Wellington City Council enviro-fascists celebrate the 'pest-free capital' initiative

WCC  Enviro-Fascists
Left to Right: Myfanwy Emeny (Team Leader Urban Ecology), Ali Whitton (Project
Specialist), Tim Park (Environment Partnership Leader), Sarah Murray (Customer &
Community Partnerships Manager), Paul Andrews (Manager Parks, Sport & Recreation).

The press release from the WCC propaganda office states: "Without introduced predators, birds, lizards, geckos and other native fauna will be able to grow and thrive in Wellington, bringing significant environmental, social and economic benefits".

This statement is a very odd piece of spin from the environmentalist minority. For those who would care to look, native wildlife already abounds in the city, therefore no micromanagement is required. "Economic benefits" refers to the erroneous assumption that more birds = more tourists = more earnings from tourists. The majority of tourists could not care less about birds and those who do will visit Zealandia sanctuary, Wellington Zoo, or one of the national parks. "Social benefits"? There aren't any, all these misguided extremist individuals do is draw attention to themselves as they proceed to actively divide the community and sew the seeds of social unrest.

We were not surprised to see Cat hater Myfanwy Emeny present and we are in the process of investigating the rest of them. It is clear WCC Environment Partnership Leader Tim Park has a close association with some of the most infamous antifelinists in New Zealand. Over at the Forest and Bird blog we found the following article by the antifelinist Polhill Paul.

13 November 2014 - Hunua Inspiration by Paul Stanley Ward
Tim Park Polhill Paul Geoff Simmons
Antifelinists - Left to Right: Tim Park - WCC Environment Partnership Leader, Paul Stanley Ward
aka Polhill Paul, Morgan Foundation General Manager and TOP Party candidate Geoff Simmons.

A three day bush bromance with none other than antifelinists Geoff Simmons and Polhill Paul is not a good look for a senior member of council staff. The closer we look, the more cronyism, conspiracy and conflict of interest becomes apparent.

17 May 2017

Propaganda Messages From Wellington City Council and SPCA

09 March 2017 - Wellington To Investigate More Rules For Keeping Cats And Other Animals In Check
Absolutely Eco-Fascist WCC
In the interest of reflecting the council's recent nefarious activities, we took the liberty of
conducting a satirical 'brand refresh' of the WCC logo. It took us less than five minutes
and unlike the real 'brand refresh' in 2014 which cost $39,000, this one did not cost a cent.

The relentless pursuit of antifelinism continues to be one of the top agendas of Wellington City Council. Quote: "The council is about to start looking at new ideas to reduce the conflict between Cats and wildlife as part of a new animal policy".

Quite frankly, it beggars belief the council continues to cite the alleged threat of Cats to native wildlife. Wildlife which has only recently been reintroduced to the region by the environmental movement. Legal opinion has been provided to the council some nine months ago which points out the council has no legal authority for mandating the compulsory microchipping of Cats, and no legal authority to pass bylaws for the supposed protection of native wildlife.

The executive summary of legal opinion from lawyer Mai Chen was delivered to councillors of the previous triennium in August 2016. It states: "The protection of wildlife is irrelevant under the councils bylaw making powers under the Local Government Act and the Health Act". "If the council proceeds to implement the proposed bylaw for this improper purpose, the bylaw will be ultra vires" (beyond their legal power or authority).

More info on the legal opinion may be read in the press release dated 1st August 2016 .

26 April 2017 - 'No Excuse' Not To Microchip Cats With Free Sessions Planned Ahead Of Bylaw Change

If it's worth doing, it's worth forcing people to do it. So put on your jackboots, armbands and faux toothbrush moustaches, and let's all get down and do the goosestep in celebration of environmental fascism wrapped in the lie of 'animal welfare'.


This article promoting the compulsory microchipping of Cats by Fairfax journalist Ruby Macandrew was published in the propaganda tabloid 'The Wellingtonian' on 27 April 2017. The online version differs slightly from the print version which included the following quote from Wellington SPCA animal care manager Nick Taylor in red letters. We use the old red letter trick too, the idea is to draw the reader's attention to ensure they take notice of specific text, as we have done with the example above. However, the text omitted from the online version of the article goes one step further and contains a message intended to subliminally slip across the threshold into the subconscious minds of readers who are challenged to be attentive.

That message is: "Ignore the fact that it's going to be compulsory"

Nick Taylor Quote From The Wellingtonian Print Edition Ruby Macandrew
Left - Nick Taylor - Wellington SPCA, Right - Ruby Macandrew - Journalist and Presstitute

They anticipate your excuses, just ignore the facts and do as you are told

The article begins with: "Getting a jump on anticipated excuses for not microchipping Cats in the capital is the motivation behind a new Wellington City Council and SPCA collaboration". Repetition is one of the tried and tested methods of programing and indoctrination, so we were not at all surprised to note no less than four instances of the words 'excuse' and 'excuses' embodied within this article. They have done this with the intention of writing off any form of reasonable dissent as excuses, thus justifying their evil intentions and programing the not so smart amongst citizens into thinking in those terms.

In truth there is zero excuse for what these despicable individuals attempt to do

Councillor Iona Pannett Lies
Councillor Iona Pannett, chair of WCC Environment Committee 2013-2016 Triennium
To stakeholders of the pro-Cat lobby: "I'm a big animal lover and want to see animals
treated humanely and with the respect they deserve". To the media: "Essentially having
the identification means we won't be trapping, and potentially putting a Cat down
if it is caught, our staff will know that it is a Cat 'owned' by someone"

The article states the compulsory microchipping bylaw was passed following an 'intensive consultation process'. Our view is the consultation was a complete whitewash, like many of the 'consultations' under Celia Wade-Brown's two terms as mayor.

Mayor Wade-Brown's Lizard Tattoo Mayor Wade-Brown In Regalia Reptilian Patch
Celia Wade-Brown, Mayor of Wellington between 2010 and 2016. That's her lizard tattoo on the left.
Regarding the image on the right, if you understand the esoteric implications of this, good.

We of the the pro-Cat lobby feel we were was not taken seriously. In all likelihood, in the council's eyes it was already a done deal before the matter of 'Cat-control' legislation was announced. While compulsory microchipping is the present issue, we will never forget the other 'Cat control' options proposed: A limitation of the number of Cats one may keep, a ban on keeping Cats in supposed 'wildlife sensitive areas', night curfews on Cats and compulsory identification tattoos for Cats.

Councillor Pannett was quoted in an article dated 17 March 2016 on the matter of compulsory identification tattoos for Cats as stating: "It seems extraordinary, but it would certainly get around the problem of not being able to identify your Cat."(2) Those with a knowledge of history are well aware of the other fascist regime who used night curfews and identification tattoos to intimidate and disparage those who were deemed problematical and ultimately designated as disposable.

When we approached WCC graduate adviser Jessica Clarke in April 2016, we asked the council this series of questions , our queries were forwarded to Councillor Pannett who replied to us with a single paragraph claiming "I'm a big animal lover and want to see animals treated humanely and with the respect they deserve". However, in an article published a month earlier at the Radio NZ website, Councillor Pannett is quoted as stating: "Essentially having the identification means we won't be trapping, and potentially putting a Cat down if it is caught, our staff will know that it is a Cat 'owned' by someone". (1)

The latter statement from the acting chair of the Environment Committee herself is proof enough that 'animal welfare' is not what this is about and without a doubt the mass execution of all Cats without a microchip ID is the council's intention.

We told Councillor Pannet not to insult our intelligence. Our queries were then forwarded to Kaine Thompson, leader of the office of the WCC CEO, who responded with a hastily prepared piece of spin covering why the council was planning legislation to give them the power to engage in the proposed draconian 'Cat-control' measures. This 'explanation' was published on the WCC website, but has now been removed. We've asked the council to put it back up on their site, but as they haven't, we will now share the draft provided by Kaine Thompson in April 2016.

April 2016 - WCC Faqs On Cats(PDF - 196kb)

Feline Rights published a response to the council's 'Faqs on Cats' document here:

Feline Rights Responds To The WCC Faq Page

Cronyism, Conspiracy and Conflict of Interest

The article in The Wellingtonian claims 89% of submissions supported compulsory microchipping. This of course includes a stack of collective lobbying from the Morgan cult, all sent from the same email address, shannon(at)morganfoundation.org.nz. The total number of submissions was 491. 174 of these submissions were from the antifelinists at the Morgan Foundation.

It appears the council granted permission for Gareth Morgan's hate group to have their own 'template' as part of the public consultation process, whatever that is supposed to mean. This seems strange, given there was a secret consultation between the council and key stakeholders prior to the public consultation taking place. To our knowledge, the contents of this secret consultation have never been disclosed to the public. We would expect the Morgan cult was included in the aforementioned secret consultation with key stakeholders, so it appears to us in addition to the council accepting 174 submissions all from the same email address at the Morgan Foundation, the Morgan cult was granted the opportunity to have their say twice.

The following extracts are from the WCC Environment Committee Agenda dated 4 Aug 2016

Extract from WCC Environment Committee Agenda 160804 A Extract from WCC Environment Committee Agenda 160804 B Extract from WCC Environment Committee Agenda 160804 C Extract from WCC Environment Committee Agenda 160804 D Extract from WCC Environment Committee Agenda 160804 E

The entire document may be downloaded in *.pdf format (55mb) here

The full text of written submissions may be downloaded *.pdf format (115.2mb) here

All the council did is submit to the Morgan cult. As we have already documented, certain council hired staff involved with the 'urban ecology' division of the council are intimately involved with environmental extremism and the Morgan cult itself. This is clearly a conflict of interest and in our view each of these council hired staff involved with environmental extremism and Gareth Morgan's hate group should not have their contracts renewed.

While on the subject of conflict of interest, Wellington mayor Justin Lester is a member of the Wellington SPCA board. (3) This guy is a native bird maniac closely connected with Gareth Morgan's Halo Project. (4) Mayor Lester wants to turn all of Wellington into an environmental theme park at any cost. Because of this, we feel his membership on the SPCA Board amounts to a conflict of interest and we call for the immediate resignation of Justin Lester from the Wellington SPCA board.

This is also about profit for NZ Companion Animal Council and profit for the vets. Our estimate is if all companion Cats in New Zealand were microchipped, the total profit for all involved parties amounts to the tidy sum of $120 Million Dollars.

As we have pointed out countless times, this is not about keeping track of lost companion animals or any other aspect of 'animal welfare'. What it is about is the mass execution of all Cats who do not return an ID when scanned with a microchip scanner. It appears capture and execution will be subcontracted out to private environmental groups including individuals involved with the accursed Morgan cult. Do you really think the antifelinists of the environmental extremist movement are going to check for a microchip ID? We say they will not even bother, they will simply murder every Cat they can catch.

Quote: "This is the council being proactive and working with SPCA so that it's not just the burden on Cat 'owners'."

By planning your program of mass exterminations, we who serve Cats will now be forever looking over our shoulders, looking with suspicion at other members of the community and wondering to ourselves if the next person over is one of the Cat-haters. Essentially you people have forever robbed us of our right to live our lives in peace within the community and we will now be looking over our shoulders forever. So pardon us, but we'd call that a burden of astronomical proportions. To Nick Taylor we say, Cats do not have 'owners' Cats have servants. The Cats are sacred animals, they are vessels of sacred energy. Cats are individuals and individuality is a sure sign of ensoulment. If you do not understand this, whatever other qualifications you may have, you are not qualified to serve the Cats.

3 May 2017 - Free Microchipping For Cats In May

A second article in the form of a press release from the WCC office of propaganda was published at Wellington Scoop on 3 May 2017. Quote: "Microchipping is a safe, simple and permanent method of identification, and one of the most effective ways to keep your Cat safe". Our view is microchipping is not safe, any form of foreign body is a potential health risk.

Safe from what? The enviro-nazis who wish to exterminate our Cats?

Quote: "Microchipping is a no brainer". The truth of the matter is one would need to be brainless to buy into the idea. Quote: "Pets are part of the family, so we want to keep them safe, and unlike collars, which can slip off, microchips are permanent". First, microchips are not permanent, microchips can and do fail. Second, our Cats were safe enough prior to the city embracing the accursed 'native biodiversity' delusion and engaging in the creation of artificially created wildlife habitats such as Zealandia Sanctuary, Polhill Reserve, Otari Wilton Bush, Miramar Reserve, and other supposed 'wildlife sensitive zones'.

The environmentalists have reintroduced some native birdlife to urban and residential areas and run an ongoing incessant campaign in the mainstream media promoting the lies of antifelinism with the ultimate aim of eradicating all Cats from New Zealand. These 'wildlife zones' have been forcibly imposed on us in the past few years by the environmental extremist minority. Third, while we would classify the term 'pets' as being a derogatory term similar to the 'N' word, right you are, they are family members. The council, the council staff, the Morgan cult and other environmentalist nutcases are now a clear and present threat to us and our families. In our view that puts all involved with the matter in a similar category to pedophiles.

As always, one can expect some intelligent comments from the readers of Scoop, and the comments to this article make some very good points. Cackle McFee stated: "Next they’ll recommend legislation for micro-chipping the kids or employees".

For the record, they are already microchipping humans in Sweden.

The Dystopian Prospect Of Microchipping Humans

2 April 2017 - Cyborgs At Work: Employees Getting Implanted With Microchips
Human Microchip Microchip Impanting Needle
Left - Human microchip, Right - Microchip implanting needle

We believe the compulsory microchipping of Cats is a test phase to see how citizens respond to the idea of compulsory microchipping in general and the ultimate intent is to microchip all humans. When it comes to legislation to allow them to engage in the compulsory microchipping of humans, they will most likely begin with convicted criminals. A microchip is cheaper and more convenient than one of the anklets presently used for home detention sentences, and providing the chip does not fail, once it's implanted it's there for life. Thus the microchip is very handy tool for monitoring recidivist offenders.

Committed psychiatric patients will be next. Corrections and psychiatric staff will have no qualms about forcibly microchipping those in their care. Citizens will likely support the idea of microchipping convicted criminals and those diagnosed as suffering from mental illness, after all in the former case it's for the protection of society and citizens, and in the latter case it's also for the protection of the patients, right?

Microchip Being Implanted In Human.jpg X-Ray Of Microchipped Human Hand.jpg
Left - Microchip being implanted in human, Right - X-Ray of microchipped human hand

Chances are they will also attempt to force beneficiaries and pensioners to be implanted with a microchip in order to receive benefit payments and conduct day to day financial transactions. Like the present day WINZ payment cards, the microchipping of beneficiaries would be a useful tool to ensure beneficiaries can only buy approved goods and services. Making beneficiaries' financial transactions fully cashless would certainly put a stop to those who blow their benefits on cigarettes, liquor, gambling and illegal drugs. The only downside of a fully cashless benefit system would be a large increase in begging for cash. However this would only be a temporary issue as the ultimate intention of microchipping is to do away with all cash.

The Draconian Plan For Obligatory Cashless Society

If we allow them to get away with the compulsory microchipping of Cats, the compulsory microchipping of all humans is next. The globalist corporate dictatorship wish to eliminate cash and conduct all financial transactions electronically.

Before you red card us as 'conspiracy theorists', you may like to read this:

International Monetary Fund Working Paper - The Macroeconomics Of De-Cashing (PDF 738kb)
Banned Cash
They will microchip you and ban all cash unless you resist

Presently, microchips can be programed to communicate with other networked devices via the technology known as near field communication .This is the same technology that allows one to make a payment via one's smartphone, paywave enabled bankcards and electronic ticket smartcards. The infrastructure for a cashless society is here now. All that is required is for people to thoughtlessly comply with the upcoming directive to get themselves chipped. As the technology is developed further the authorities will likely be able to track your every move via the chip. Total control is their intention.

In the interest of privacy and freedom it is your moral obligation to resist

17 July 2017

Councils To Vote On 'Cat Control' At Local Government NZ AGM

John Cleese and Michael Palin - Fish License Sketch
Cleese: The man from the Cat detector van. Palin: The loony detector van, you mean.
Cleese: I never seen so many aerials. The man said their equipment could pinpoint
a purr at four hundred yards, and Eric being such a happy Cat was a piece of cake.

As Bizarre As A Monty Python Sketch, But No Laughing Matter

Back around 50 years ago, those masters of bizarre English comedy, Monty Python's Flying Circus, had some fun with the idea of a Cat licence. The Python team selected situations that were so surreal and preposterous they could not fail to get the audience falling off their chairs with laughter. 50 years later in New Zealand, due to an array of individuals in positions of power who would do well to have their own heads examined, the idea of a Cat license is no laughing matter.

The remit to LGNZ requests "That Local Government New Zealand lobby the Government to take legislative action as a matter of urgency to develop national legislation to manage Cats with the proviso that legislation includes provision for cost recovery for Cat management." The remit paper cites both the Dunedin Residents’ Opinion Survey 2014 and the Dog Control Survey as having received unprompted comments regarding alleged problems with Cats.

Dunedin City Council Remit For The LGNZ AGM (PDF - 24.5kb)

We took a look at the Dunedin Residents’ Opinion Survey 2014, and it did not have a whole lot to say about Cats other than in the section on 'unprompted responses' where it states "Cats should be registered/Cat faeces everywhere". We also noted the 2014 survey included complaints from the public about dog excrement. Given that dogs are subject to registration and the last time we went out for a walk it appears there is still an issue with dog excrement, it does not take a PhD in scatology to conclude that registration of companion animals is not a solution to our four pawed friends answering the call of nature.

We downloaded and read the Dog Control Survey Report from Dunedin City Council and there is no mention of Cats at all. As Dunedin City Council is citing these alleged submissions from the public, we'd like to see these submissions so we can check how many of them amount to collective lobbying from the Morgan Foundation and other environmental extremist groups. Done right, the remit document would include the submissions made to DCC as an appendix. As these submissions are not appended, our opinion is the alleged issues with Cats amount to nothing more than hearsay.

We have documented Morgan Foundation GM and rabid antifelinist Geoff Simmons' activities in Otago. He has been indoctrinating people into the lies of antifelinism in the form of a lecture entitled "Predator Free Safe Havens" at Hutton Theater, Otago University in Dunedin on 22nd April 2016 and in this article in the Otago daily times on 24 May 2016. We do know that one of Morgan's Halo groups is operating in the Dunedin area, that group goes by the name of Beyond Orokonui .

Halo = Morgan Cult = Cat haters. We have no doubt the antifelinists of the Morgan cult have a hand in this matter.

The media has been having a field day with this issue, let's take a look at some of the recent articles

'Nanny State' or Outright Fascism?

27 June 2017 - Cat Control & Fizzy Drink Plans Steps Toward Nanny State

Councillor Peter Burt of Timaru District Council stated in this article such rules were a bit "nanny state". We feel 'nanny state' does not cover what is happening. Our view is the proposed 'Cat control' measures and some of the other recent actions of local government are more akin to the micromanagement that comes with fascism. On the proposed 'Cat control' measures, Councillor Kerry Stevens stated "It's trying to solve a problem that doesn't really exist". Fraser Ross of Forest and Bird engaged dogma regurgitation mode and stated Cats "certainly should be kept indoors at night". Oh really? and exactly what might Cats be catching at night? Compare this statement with the following statements from Landcare Research wildlife ecologist John Innes "In New Zealand, Cats are most helpful at night"(1) and "the one thing that is known is that they do their good stuff at night, if you’re going to keep your Cats in at night you’re stopping them doing anything good at all" (2) Read on, because we have another quote or two from others that effectively refute the assumption that keeping Cats indoors at night is supposedly a good idea.

28 June 2017 -Timaru Vets Support Cat Bylaw Proposals
Dries Meyer Callum Irvine Bryan Gregor
Left to Right: Dries Meyer - Vetlife Timaru, Callum Irvine - NZVA, Bryan Gregor - Aorangi Vet Services

Well, the vets would support the proposals with an estimated $120 million dollars to be made from microchipping every domestic Cat in New Zealand. We suspect the antifelinst Geoff Simmons' friend, NZVA Head of Veterinary Services Callum Irvine, has been busy indoctrinating veterinarians on behalf of the Morgan cult. Like the antisemite Julius Streicher citing disease as being one of the alleged problems with Jewish people to justify the holocaust, Dr Dries Meyer of Vetlife Timaru cites the threat of disease as a reason for keeping Cats in at night. Sure, Cats can get into fights and catch diseases in the process, but in truth this can happen at any time of the day or night. Dr Meyer states "Mandatory de-sexing is a good thing". Dr Bryan Gregor of Aorangi Veterinary Services expressed support for 'Cat curfews', mandatory de-sexing and collars for identification, but he also stated "You can run into issues with identity collars on Cats, like Cats strangling themselves"

In truth, the idea of mandatory desexing is nothing more than a pipe dream, simply because it is unenforceable. We here at Feline Rights support de-sexing 100%, however the only way to go about it is by engaging the public via education, because there is no way for the authorities to check if every Cat in the community is de-sexed. Feline Rights strongly disapproves of Cat collars, because Cats can be injured. Here is an example of injuries sustained by a Cat who was forced to wear a collar.

Cat Collar Injury
Cat Collar Injury - Nelson, January 2016.
We would not engage the services of a vet who supports the use of Cat collars
29 June 2017 - Cat Registration & Microchips Proposed
Jinty MacTavish Dunedin Mayor David Cull Dunedin Councillor Kate Wilson
Left: Jinty MacTavish - Spokesperson, Beyond Orokonui Environmental Extremist Group
Center: Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull, Right: Dunedin Councillor Kate Wilson

For your information 'Landscape Connections Trust' is none other than the Beyond Orokonui group mentioned earlier. This is a new twist to the way these turkeys are conducting their spin. Using two different names for the same group, so to anyone who is too lazy to conduct research for themselves it appears there are two groups of enviro-nazis speaking out when in this case there is actually only one. The article states they are running a 'Halo Project' and as we have stated Halo = the antifelinist Morgan cult. The article implies they are already using cage traps to trap Cats, Their spokeswoman Jinty MacTavish who is an ex DCC councillor herself, cites the position of Wellington on compulsory microchipping. She demonstrates her ignorance by doing so. The evidence we have proves Wellington City Council has acted outside of the law, and she insults our intelligence by spouting the tired old lie of 'safety to Cats'. Pure Morgan cult doctrine if ever we saw it.

Ruru Karearea Kahu Barn Owl
New Zealand Raptors - Left to Right: Ruru, Karearea, Kahu, Barn Owl. Guess what these guys
will be dining on once the misguided environmentalists have executed of all of the 'pests'.

Councillor Kate Wilson of DCC is quoted as stating "'If you get rid of the stoats and rats and weasels, what are the Cats going to live on if you don't manage them". Alright, what are native raptors going to prey on if rodents and mustelids are eradicated as part of the predator free pogrom? We'll tell you, other manu taonga (native birds). The bottom line is if ignorant people barrel on in and eradicate entire species to satisfy their blood lust, the entire ecological balance will be upset. Socialist collectivist pogroms like this one have been tried before and they have failed. In Peoples Republic of China in the era known as 'the great leap forward' (1958 to 1962) China engaged in what is known as the 'Four Pests Campaign' . Like the four pests campaign in China, the predator free NZ campaign stands to upset the ecological balance. It is destined to fail.

Four Pests Campaign Propaganda Poster Four Pests Campaign Propaganda Poster
Propaganda posters for the Four Pests Campaign, Peoples Republic of China.
Like the Four Pests Campaign, the Predator Free NZ Campaign is a misguided
act of socialist collectivism. Predator Free NZ is doomed to failure.

"The legislation may give the council the power
to destroy Cats that were not chipped"

29 June 2017 - Dunedin Council Proposes Registration Of Cats In New Zealand

This report in the NZ Herald has much of the same information as the previous report in the Otago Daily Times. Councillor Kate Wilson is quoted as stating "At the moment it is the only animal that is not legislated for, and it's peculiar". Yeah? how about 'pet' rabbits, 'pet' rats and 'pet' birds, we bet you antifelinists don't have legislation for them...yet. She also states people who were concerned about the proposal "should be weighing up the concerns they have if you don't have it". Help us out here, does anyone have any idea what she means, because we don't. Also included in the article is the chilling statement "The legislation may give the council the power to destroy Cats that were not chipped". This is something we have been warning against from day one. Stand up to these haters now before they kill every Cat they can find.

10 July 2017 - Press Release: New Zealand Taxpayers' Union - Dave Culls Cat Platform Nuts

Jordan Williams, the Union’s spokesperson stated "This is the ultimate in the local government trying to find expensive solutions to a problem that doesn’t exist." NZ Taxpayers Union have set up a petition against this affront to morals, ethics and common sense, If you love Cats and common sense, be sure to sign it.

NZ Taxpayers Union Jordan Williams NZ Taxpayers Union
Jordan Williams - Executive Director NZ Taxpayers Union

Jordan Williams and Jock Anderson along with consultant ecologist Mark Bellingham were interviewed on Radio Newstalk ZB on 9th July 2017. Following some number crunching NZ Taxpayers Union estimates a cost of $9 million per annum to implement the proposed 'Cat control' measures. As ecologist Mark Bellingham has a been a senior staff member at Forest and Bird, we were expecting the usual antifelinist spin, but to our surprise what he had to share was quite rational, and we agree with some of his statements. NZ Herald published some of what Mark Bellingham had to say on 10 July 2017 here.

10 July 2017 - Cat Control - Are Councils Too Wimpy To Do It Themselves?

We quote Mark Bellingham - On the idea of Cat collars: "I haven't seen any good evidence to show collars really make a difference". "They could get caught and then you have an issue of cruelty to a Cat". On the idea of night curfews: "The idea of a Cat curfew which would result in owners locking their Cats inside at night was another unsupported solution" and "the size of the evidence is actually not very good on that, because it seems that at night Cats are actually really good at getting rid of rats and mice. That's the bulk of what they take". This matches with our own observations when it comes to what Cats catch at night. Much gratitude to Mark Bellingham for the honest appraisal.

Councillor's Comments Result In Social Media Furor

10 July 2017 - Cat Control: Many Kiwi Councils Ready To Lobby For National Rules
Dave Macpherson Mark Bunting Siggi Henry
Hamilton City Councillors - Left to Right: Dave Macpherson, Mark Bunting, Siggi Henry

Fairfax Media published another article on 10 July 2016. Hamilton City Council voted to support the proposed 'Cat control' measures. Councillor Mark Bunting created a furor on social media with his comment "As our aging population grows, so does the number of old ladies with Cats, so (Cat management) is something that we're going to have to deal with". Accusations of both sexism and ageism were directed at Councillor Bunting, and we understand at least one formal complaint was sent to Hamilton City Council. Councillor Bunting has since tendered an apology on Facebook for his comment.

Councillor Dave Macpherson is quoted as stating: Cat control could be "bigger than Ben Fur". To Councillor Macpherson we say: This is not a laughing matter, some people who keep Cats are lividly angry at what it is you people plan, others are living in fear that their beloved Feline family members face the prospect of mass executions.

Councillor Siggi Henry said "Paying for Cat 'ownership' might encourage people to treat their animals better". About as moronic as her statement on 30 June 2017 during the debate on banning drinks with sugar in them from council workplaces when she stated "You have a fat person falling on you, I think that would affect you". Antifelinism, ageism, sexism, sizeism, either discrimination actually abounds at Hamilton City Council, or it's simply a matter of collective serial incompetence.

Councillor Leo Tooman asked where council would draw the line, he stated "Next thing, we're going to have the kids who have to register their pet rabbit or their pet mice or their canary." Right you are Councillor Tooman, if this madness is not stopped now, perhaps the next stage is sending the homeless and the beggars to the concentration camps?

We emailed all elected representatives at Hamilton City Council including the mayor expressing our displeasure they had decided to support the remit. We reminded the council elected representatives have an obligation to conduct themselves as a good example to constituents, shared our understanding of the ongoing campaign being run by antifelinists of the environmental movement, and encouraged Hamilton City Council to up their game.

11 July 2017 - Councils To Vote On National Rules To Control Cats
Lawrence Yule Dave Cull
Left: LGNZ President Lawrence Yule Right: Dave Cull Mayor of Dunedin
Lawrence Yule has stepped down as mayor of Hastings, as he's a candidate
in the general election for the National Party in the Tukituki electorate.
Our understanding is Dave Cull now seeks the LGNZ Presidency.

Lawrence Yule, the president of LGNZ was interviewed by Newshub. That surprised us as Mr Yule was quite evasive of the media when journalist Elton Rikihana Smallman wrote the first article on the National Cat Management Strategy Group based around leaked documents back in February 2016. Lawrence Yule cited the report of 31 May 2017 by Dr Jan Wright, Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, who erroneously assumes Cats pose a "real risk to bird life, particularly in urban environments". Yule claims the proposed measures are aimed only at 'feral' and homeless Cats. Do not insult our intelligence Mr Yule, compulsory microchipping, registration, curfews, and Cat rangers, these are all measures aimed at domestic Cats. Take it from us folks, the antifelinists are filled with hate, they want to kill all Cats, including your loved ones.

Video: 11 July 2017 - Lawrence Yule interviewed by John Campbell

11 July 2017 - Cat Rangers And Registrations Posed To Control Population (Video)

12 October 2017

Local Government NZ Votes In Favor Of Draconian Antifelinist Policy

Cat Control Ranger.jpg
Fascist Cat Rangers - Coming to your neighborhood soon?

On 25 July 2017, Local Government NZ voted by a slim margin of 51% in favour of lobbying the NZ Government for draconian antifelinist legislation across the entire nation. The proposed measures include compulsory desexing, compulsory microchipping, night curfews, forcing Cats to wear collars with bells and 'Cat rangers' to enforce the proposed legislation.

Prior to the vote, our friends at NZ Cat Coalition compiled a briefing paper which was sent to every mayor and councillor in New Zealand. NZCC have kindly granted permission for us to share the briefing paper, it has our highest recommendation.

Cats And Local Government - A Briefing Paper (PDF - 702kb)

Cats who have not been microchipped will be put to death, simply for being Cats.

One of the main changes the councils and their antifelinist cronies at LGNZ are likely to seek is the complete expungement of the 'stray' designation from the Animal Welfare Act, leaving the designations of 'owned', meaning Cats with a functional microchip and 'feral' meaning any Cat who does not immediately return an identification when scanned with a microchip scanner. Any Cat who does not return an ID when scanned will likely be immediately executed simply for being a Cat.

On Page 44 of the National Cat Management Strategy Discussion Paper dated September 2017, recommended methods of execution are listed as a blow to the head with a solid object or a head shot with a firearm or alternatively a captive bolt gun. NCMSG also suggest cutting the throats of Cats afterwards to ensure they have been killed.

It beggars belief that SPCA, NZ Veterinary Association and NZ Companion Animal Council have senior staff acting in their official capacity as members of the National Cat Management Strategy Group. Our view is none of these organisations can be trusted until all of their staff who are involved with NCMSG are dismissed from SPCA, NZVA and NZCAC. Additionally. each of these organisations must admit they are wrong and tender formal apologies in the media for what they have planned.

Chances are the microchip ID will also be used to issue infringement notices to those citizens who have complied with the registration directive. This means if your Cats are implanted with a microchip and happen to not be wearing a collar with a bell on it, or you have failed to lock your Cats up during the hours of darkness, or your Cats wander into a supposed 'wildlife sensitive zone', you will be given an infringement notice and a fine. That is assuming the antifelinists do not just execute your Cats even if they have the microchip ID as Auckland park rangers have been doing at Shakespear Open Sanctuary (1).

25 July 2017 - Local Government Vote In Favor Of Sugary Drinks And Cat Control Policies
Fairfax Media Environmental News Index Screenshot
Screenshot from the Fairfax Media 'Stuff' website environment news index 25 July 2017

Following the vote, only one article appeared on 25 July 2017 at Fairfax Media's 'Stuff' website. Fairfax Media obfuscated the article in the environment news index by listing the headline as "Sugary drinks policy vote", as can be seen from the screenshot we captured above. One actually has to view the article itself to notice the complete headline which reads "Local government vote in favour of sugary drinks and 'Cat control' policies". This suggests to us the hidden powers who in our opinion direct Fairfax Media to dispense propaganda for social engineering purposes wanted this report to slip through without being noticed too much lest a public outcry be precipitated.

25 July 2017 - Councils Seek Greater Powers To Control Cats
Councillor Aaron Hawkins - DCC Mayor Tim Shadbolt - ICC Councillor Iona Pannett - WCC
Left to Right: Councillor Aaron Hawkins (Green) - Dunedin City Council,
Invercargill Mayor - Tim Shadbolt, Councillor Iona Pannett (Green) - Wellington City Council

Radio NZ quoted Dunedin councillor Aaron Hawkins (Green) as stating "We're increasingly getting the message from our community that they want to be able to give effect to our ambitions as a predator free nation and we can't do that unless we address the issue of the impact Cats have on our environment". Thanks for outing yourself as an antifelinist Aaron, we'll be watching you forever. Cat hater, WCC Councillor Iona Pannett (Green) "welcomed the move", no surprises there. Invercargill mayor Tim Shadbolt, who's council already restricts citizens from keeping any more than three Cats per household and uses captive bolt guns to execute dogs reaffirmed his antifelinist sentiments with the statement "It gives us the authority to take action on it once we've got a policy". Would you like a peaked cap, armbands and set of jackboots with your order, Tim?

RNZ Article Quote 170725
Screenshot from the RNZ Article dated 25 July 2017 'Councils Seek Greater Powers To Control Cats'

The above quote is a prime example of how the mainstream media manipulates words and manipulates the facts to warp the truth. The fact of the matter is at present, central government itself has no 'national Cat management strategy' at all.

All that has occurred is LGNZ, an industry association for the local government sector with zero statutory function or rights, has voted by the slimmest of margins to begin the process of lobbying central government. It appears to us LGNZ has chosen this course of action due to careful manipulation by both the Morgan cult and the subversive National Cat Management Strategy Group, which includes three LGNZ representatives amongst it's ranks. This is an object lesson in how the mainstream media works to program the inattentive masses, slipping a statement in that is not true with the intention of programming the minds of citizens to believe something is true when it clearly isn't. But wait, we have another example!

Rodney Times Article Quote 170801
Screenshot from Rodney Times Article dated 01 August 2017 'Cat Curfew' Divides Rodney Residents'
01 Aug 2017 - 'Cat Curfew' Divides Rodney Residents

A similar deceptive approach intended to manipulate the minds of citizens appeared in the Rodney Times on 1 August 2017. The headline states "'Cat Curfew' Divides Rodney Residents", however the truth of the matter is there is no 'Cat curfew' in place in Rodney or anywhere else in New Zealand at this time. Clearly a headline like this is intended to normalise the idea of 'Cat curfews' in the eye of the public as part of the mainstream media's orchestrated libelous propaganda campaign against the Cats. The information we have received states the article is based around a mere 23 replies to the initial post at the Rodney Times page on the Neighbourly social media website. For the record Fairfax Media own 22.5% of the Neighbourly site and as the article includes a direct link to the Rodney Times page at Neighbourly, it appears this article has the dual purpose of not only misinforming the public about the non-existent 'Cat curfew' mentioned in the headline, but is also intended to drive traffic to the Neighbourly site. Essentially the article amounts to clickbait in service of post-truth politics.

NZ Herald Supports The Position Of The Antifelinist Gareth Morgan

29 July 2017 - Bush And Parks Could Hear Birdsong Again

The print edition of this NZ Herald weekend editorial was entitled "Morgan's Conservation Plan Far From Catastrophic". We're not sure what the NZ Herald is trying to achieve in this instance by using two different headlines for the online and print editions, but the article promotes the views and misconceptions of New Zealand's number one antifelinist, TOP Party leader and wanna be dictator, Mr Gareth Morgan. The article promotes the misconception that "Feral cats are usually 'pets' that have been abandoned, neglected or escaped". In truth, those Cats who have been "abandoned, neglected or escaped" generally would be classified as 'strays' under the Animal Welfare Act. True 'feral' Cats are born and bred in the wild, fend for themselves and have zero contact with humans. Our opinion is the editor is consciously making the best effort to convince readers to think of 'stray' Cats as 'feral' Cats.

The article states Cats are "normally indifferent to commands". That's true to some extent, but it's easy enough to direct Cats if one knows how to go about it. Once the engineered ongoing media campaign demonizing Cats has been consigned to history's trashcan right beside antisemitism and other forms of manufactured discrimination, we'll show you how to go about directing Cats. For now, we state Cats are a totally different species to dogs and authoritarian shouted commands are not about to work with Cats. Additionally, while collars work just fine on dogs, collars are proven to be a health risk for Cats.

The editorial states "The animal has chosen to make your home its own as long as you feed it". Again, not a whole lot of thought has gone into this and clearly the author is lacking in spiritual insight. While food and shelter are factors, there are all sorts of other reasons a Cat may chose to grace one with it's presence in your home. Those who keep Cats already know this, those lesser humans who have allowed themselves to become disconnected from their souls and thus are barren of the power of the heart will never understand until they re-engage the connection with their hearts and souls if they can.

Also included is the questionable assumption that Cats are "contributing to the diminished birdlife these days in the bush and urban parks" and makes the blatantly untrue claim that "almost the only place most Kiwis hear this country's native birdsong is when they walk past a recording of it". Our response to this is while we concede true 'feral' Cats in the bush will be catching whatever they can in order to survive, every day our garden is visited by numerous native birds. Kaka, ruru, tui, fantail, silvereye to name a few, and we also keep Cats. We have never once witnessed our Cats or our neighbours Cats engage themselves in predating on birds. Either the editor of the NZ Herald needs to wise up to the facts, or for one reason or another the editor is dispensing disinformation on behalf of the Morgan cult.

The article closes with the statement "Cat lovers should listen". To which we respond, we are researching and documenting each organisation and each individual who has chosen to engage themselves in antifelinism. None of this will be forgotten.

Rewarded For Their Services To Antifelinism?

26 July 2017 - DCC Cat Management Proposal Passes Vote
Helen Beattie - Otago SPCA, NZVA Chief Veterinary Officer Dave Cull - Mayor DCC & New LGNZ President Mike Reid - LGNZ Principal Policy Adviser
Left to Right: Helen Beattie - Otago SPCA, NZVA Chief Veterinary Officer, Dave Cull -
Mayor of Dunedin & New LGNZ President, Mike Reid - LGNZ Principal Policy Adviser

The same article appeared in the NZ Herald on 26 July 2017

26 July 2017 - Dunedin City Council 'Cat Management' Proposal Passes Vote

This article gives us a little more information and quotes one Dr Helen Beattie of Otago SPCA. We're familiar with her, she is one of the New Zealand Veterinary Association representatives amongst the subversives who comprise the National Cat Management Strategy Group (NCMSG). Helen Beattie is quoted as stating the strategy and remit were "about cultural change of how we engage and have Cats in our lives and our environment". Interesting, compare Beattie's statement with this statement from the antifelinist Geoff Simmons of the Morgan cult made in March 2015: "Realistically, this is a process of cultural change"(2) In our view these two statements are too similar to be a coincidence. It appears Helen Beattie is following to the letter the directives of Gareth Morgan's antifelinist hate group.

NZ Taxpayers Union suggested citizens who signed their petition - 'No to compulsory registration of Cats' contact Local Government NZ and share their opinion. Calls to LGNZ were forwarded to their principal policy adviser, Mike Reid who is of course also member of National Cat Management Strategy Group. This suggests to us it is NCMSG who is really the body behind the remit document advocating 'Cat control'. It appears to us Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull is essentially the Judas who has selfishly placed the lives of countless Cats in danger by being the patsy who was engaged to submit the remit before LGNZ for vote. It seems the reward he received for his services to antifelinism is his promotion to the LGNZ presidency.

26 July 2017 - Audio: Guyon Espiner interviews a very evasive Dave Cull on Cats

Guyon Espiner asks "Is this a Cat cull?". Dave Cull laughs at Guyon then states Cats are a risk to native wildlife and that councils are seeking some 'tools' to 'control' Cats in order to protect native wildlife. Cull correctly states councils do not have sufficient powers to protect native wildlife and councils only have powers to regulate Cats when there is risk to human health.

Guyon cites an article in Otago Daily Times which reports on WCC's position on compulsory microchipping, Cull becomes evasive at this point, probably because he knows the WCC animal bylaw is illegal and would not survive a judicial review. Cull stutters and states he is not clear on WCC's position. Guyon asks how does a 'Cat curfew' work?. Cull responds "You keep it inside at night". Guyon responds "or what?". Cull becomes more evasive and claims he does not understand the question.

Cull then states "One of the reasons for microchipping Cats is that if you are seeking to trap 'feral Cats' and you trap a Cat that is actually a domesticated pet then you can tell it's domesticated and you don't destroy it. So in the case of curfews you might actually be keeping the Cats inside for their own protection because in areas where you want to protect native wildlife you may be trapping 'feral' Cats". Cull also states: "A good deal of the risk (to native wildlife) is Cats" and "If a Cat is caught in a cage it is not killed, you capture it then you determine if it's microchipped, whether it's domesticated or not, or if it's 'feral'". So there you have it, what Local Government NZ really seeks is compulsory microchipping and the expungement of the 'stray' designation from the Animal Welfare Act. Then if a Cat does not immediately return an ID on a scanner it will be classified as 'feral' and executed simply for being a Cat.

26 July 2017 - Councils Seek More Powers To Control Cats

This next one quotes LGNZ president Dave Cull at length, he claims "Dunedin has had instances of people feeding 'feral' Cats, resulting in up to 50 or 60 cats in some areas". Once again we see the antifelinist faction designating Cats defined as stray under the Animal Welfare Act as 'feral'. In this case as people are apparently feeding the Cats Cull refers to, the true situation would classify as a managed colony. Certainly the law is clear that if non domestic Cats are being served by humans, then those Cats are classified as stray under law. Either Cull is simply ignorant of the law, or he lies through his teeth.

Cull is quoted as stating "We need some tools, and that's what we're asking for". What sort of tools would you like antifelinist? Some some 'blunt objects' perhaps? Some 'firearms' perchance? How about a few 'captive bolt guns' and a big knife to slit their throats to ensure they are dispatched in the name of 'conservation'. The article ends by promoting the misguided opinion of the Morgan cult. Clearly Newshub is just as complicit with Morgan's cult as Fairfax and NZ Herald.

We conducted some research in the interest of discovering if any of the other persons associated with actively promoting the prospect of 'Cat control' measures via the remit document voted on at the LGNZ AGM might have recently been rewarded with promotion for their services to antifelinism. Strangely enough, Helen Beattie also received a promotion a couple of weeks prior to Dave Cull becoming President of LGNZ. She's been appointed Chief Veterinary Officer of NZVA.

Coincidence? It's possible, we'll leave it to our supporters to decide for themselves.

07 July 2017 - NZVA Press Release: New Zealand Veterinary Association Appoints Chief Veterinary Officer

This report in NZ Herald dated 17 July provides more in depth coverage on Helen Beattie and her new assignment.

17 July 2017 - Dunedin Vet's New Challenge Not What She Expected

The report states Helen Beattie already has experience in mass extermination while she was working in United Kingdom dealing with an outbreak of foot and mouth disease, which is described as an "incredible experience...despite all its heinousness". We assume she has no qualms about being party to the proposed mass extermination of New Zealand's Cats.

25 July 2017 - NZVA Support For 'Cat Management' Legislation

This press release from NZ Veterinary Association states "NZVA encourages and supports the development of national legislation that would promote responsible Cat 'ownership' and improve the lives and welfare of all Cats". Well, they would, we calculate an estimated $120 million dollars profit to be made from microchipping the nation's Cats coupled with a further $9 Million per annum to microchip new Cats according to calculations provided by NZ Taxpayers Union. It's clear to us cold hard profit is the real motive. NZVA cite every alleged issue in the book to support their position because they are motivated by profit. Interestingly enough, there is only one economist involved with NCMSG, Geoff Simmons of the Morgan cult, our guess is he is the one who baited the rest of them with the prospect of profit beyond their wildest dreams.

It is said money is the root of all evil, and this is a fact that certainly applies here with the ongoing insidious push for 'Cat control'. Once we fathom in the profit to be made from compulsory microchipping, not to mention the profit to be made from the mass extermination of all unregistered Cats by allegedly 'humane' methods, we have no doubt about their true motivation.

Far North District Council - Acting Outside Of The Law

04 Aug 2017 - FNDC Support Lobbying Government For Cat Controls
John Carter FNDC Logo Annotated Tania-McInnes
Far North District Council - Left: John Carter - Mayor, Right: Tania McInnes - Deputy Mayor

We investigated the Far North District Council bylaw mentioned in this article, which states "It also prohibits people from having Cats or Kittens if the council decides the Felines are or are likely to become a nuisance or dangerous to people and wildlife". This comes under Chapter 13 of FNDC General Bylaws. The document states the bylaw is pursuant to the powers in the Local Government Act 2002 and the Health Act 1956. The document may be downloaded from the FNDC website here:

FNDC General Bylaws - Chapter 13 - Keeping Of Animals Poultry & Bees 2007 (PDF - 51kb)

Section 1306.2 of the bylaw, under the heading "Cats as a nuisance" states: No person shall keep Cats or Kittens if in the opinion of the council the keeping of such Cats or Kittens is, or is likely to become, a nuisance or annoyance to any person or potentially dangerous or injurious to health, or a danger to wildlife. The said bylaw is anything but specific and as such is open to misinterpretation if not open to outright abuse.

It appears to us FNDC is very likely to be acting outside of it's legal powers by including "or a danger to wildlife" in this bylaw. Our understanding is the protection of wildlife is not covered in either the Local Government Act 2002 or the Health Act 1956 and we would expect the section which includes 'protection of wildlife' is ultra vires (illegal). We do wonder how many other councils also have created similar illegal bylaws.

FNDC Deputy Mayor Appointed To The Northland Conservation Board

As deputy mayor Tania McInnes represented FNDC at the 2017 LGNZ AGM supporting the DCC antifelinist remit document, we decided we would investigate her further. We were surprised to discover that in July 2017 she was appointed as a member of the Northland Conservation Board. How interesting, yet another individual who supported the DCC antifelinist remit document coincidentally appointed to a position of power in July 2017. To review: Dunedin mayor Dave Cull became President of LGNZ, Helen Beattie became Chief Veterinary Officer of NZVA and FNDC deputy mayor Tania McInnes was appointed to the Northland Conservation Board. So many synchronicities associated with the DCC antifelinist remit paper, it may as well be a magickal talisman. As we said earlier in this article, we'll leave it to our supporters to decide for themselves.

FNDC Draconian Dog Control Proposal Angers Dog Lovers

12 August 2017 - Bay Of Islands Dog Owners Voice Anger At Bylaw Changes
Bay Of Islands WatchCogs
Canines and their guardians protest the FNDC proposed bylaw at Opua Beach

On 12 August 2017 a report in the Northern Advocate covered FNDC's intention to place further restrictions on dogs. The proposed new animal policy which intends to place a limit of one dog per household, using the Resource Management Act to ban the keeping of all companion animals in new homes and other draconian restrictions created an outrage amongst Northland dog owners. The proposed restrictions are undoubtedly designed to 'protect wildlife'. FNDC are on very shaky ground from a legal perspective citing protecting wildlife when it comes to placing restrictions on companion animals.

15 August 2017 - Far North Dog 'Owners' Win Some Concessions

One of our supporters in Northland stated in an email message: "All dogs and their owners on the Russell peninsular will in future have to use the car ferry ($6.50 each way) to get to the other side to walk on beaches there. Russell beaches shall become dog free". It is abundantly clear FNDC have been fully compromised by the influence of the environmental extremist movement. It is only a matter of time before other councils attempt to follow suit. Without doubt the environmentalists who have infiltrated local government have the ultimate aim of the total elimination of all companion animals in New Zealand.

26 Sept 2017 - Council To Rewrite Controversial Dog Bylaw

The guardians of Northland's canines were quite rightly outraged FNDC's bylaw proposal and formed the BOI WatchDogs group which took FNDC to task over their proposed anti-canine legislation. On 26th September this report appeared which states mayor John Carter has agreed to have the entire bylaw proposal rewritten. As it appears FNDC is in the habit of fabricating illegal bylaws, Feline Rights will be monitoring what FNDC come up with in their rewritten proposal.

14 July 2017 - Whangarei District Council Throws Support Behind Local Government Remits
Councillor Greg Martin Whangarei District Council Logo Councillor Crichton Christie
The common sense faction at Whanagrei District Council
Left: Cr Greg Martin - To Whangarei Cat lovers, We support you
Right: Cr Crichton Christie - 'Cat control' would be a nightmare to deal with

Some elected representatives at Whangarei District Council appear to be considerably smarter others. WDC councillors questioned the practicality of 'Cat control' legislation and quite rightly determined such legislation would be a management nightmare. Councillor Greg Martin was quoted as stating: "Cats are absolutely critical to a lot of people in our district. Let's send a message to Cat lovers in our district of 'We support you'". Councillor Crichton Christie stated 'Cat control' would be a "nightmare for councils to deal with" and "have you ever tried to catch a Cat?".

4 July 2017 - Whangarei Council Not In Support Of National Legislation On Cats
Councillor Anna Murphy Councillor Stuart Bell Councillor Tricia Cutforth
The antifelinist faction at Whanagrei District Council - Left to Right:
Cr Anna Murphy - She's certain Cats are a 'threat to wildlife'
Cr Stuart Bell - He claims microchipping protects 'pets'.
Cr Tricia Cutforth - She approves of 'Cat control' in principle.

Once more we note Fairfax Media promoting the 'companion' vs 'feral' line ad nauseum and conveniently omitting the 'stray' designation as defined under law. As this next article demonstrates, Whanagrei District Council has also been infiltrated by deluded environmentalists who have not taken time to consider the huge can of worms they open. Councillor Anna Murphy, who claims to love Cats (ha!) was adamant Cats are a 'threat to wildlife'. Councillor Stuart Bell claimed microchipping would protect 'pets'. Not 'pets' Stuart, family members. You may as well be coming after our children. Protect our family members from what? Environmentalist execution squads? Councillor Crichton Christie stated: "If we went out shooting them all hell would let loose". You got it Crichton, it's called social unrest and it's intensely fermenting below the surface as we write.