Crimes Against Felines 2018 - 2019

This page covers the period 01 January 2018 to the present and will be updated should we discover new instances where crime has occurred. We may at some point need to split this page into seperate pages for the years 2018 and 2019.

If you have any reports to add, feel free to email the details to us at admin(at)felinerights.org

Warning: This page contains images and reports some citizens may find disturbing

11 September 2019 - Redwoodtown, Blenheim - Companion Cat Shot

11 September 2109 - Cat Shot By High Powered Rifle In Residential Blenheim
Poura was shot between the shoulder and chest with a high powered rifle

On the morning of Friday 06 September 2019, Poura returned home limping, the Cat had been shot with a high powered rifle. Taken to the vet in severe pain, the vet determined the bullet entered between the shoulder and chest and exited at the armpit, grazing down the side and cutting through the skin at the side of the hip. It is presently touch and go for Poura as the bullet hit precisely on a major nerve and there is the possibility the leg may need to be amputated.

This is not the first instance of antifelinisim in action in the suburb of Redwoodtown. The vet who treated Poura states this is the second case he is aware of in the past two weeks. Other Cats have been shot and otherwise 'vanished', there have been cases of Cats who have had substances poured on them, other Cats have suffered other injuries. This is a residential area and someone must have further information, at the very least someone must have heard the sound of a gun being fired. Police are investigating, so if you have any information on this crime or others in the Redwoodtown area, particularly in the block between Renwick and Bythell Street and also the area of Howick Street be sure to contact police or SPCA.

06 September 2019 - Hawke's Bay - Cat Trapped, Leg Amputated

06 September 2019 - Injured Hawke's Bay Cat Drags Leg Trap For 30 Hours Into Arms Of SPCA
Eight month old Morehu lost a leg due to being caught in a leg-hold trap

Morehu was found by an SPCA inspector on a rural property near Dannevirke. It is estimated he had been caught in the trap for over 30 hours and had dragged himself and the trap to where he was found. His leg was so badly injured it had to be amputated. Now at the SPCA shelter he is expected to recover and eventually be re-homed. SPCA request: "Anyone who has concerns about the inappropriate use of leg-hold traps, discovers one of these traps, or finds an animal who has been caught in one" to contact SPCA immediately.

27 August 2019 - Morrinsville, Waikato - Companion Cat Killed By Roaming Dogs

27 August 2019 - Morrinsville's Family Cat Mauled By Dogs Causes Uproar
14 year old Matilda was killed in her own back yard by two roaming dogs

Two roaming dogs killed Matilda in her own back yard then one of the dogs attempted to attack Matilda's guardian. The guardian called the 111 emergency line but could not get through, she then called council animal control but it took some 30 minutes for animal control staff to arrive. Matilda's body was later found covered in bite marks.

One of the two dogs was captured and impounded. The dog was unregistered but as it's owner paid the registration and impoundment fees, Matamata-Piako council staff elected to release the dog back to the owners and imposed a 'menacing' classification on the dog. Because Matilda's guardians did not actually witness the attack and there were two dogs involved, the council decided it was not worthwhile seeking a court order for the destruction of the dog as no one witnessed the impounded dog attack the Cat and it could just as easily have been the second dog who killed Matilda. So far as we can tell, the second canine offender remains at large.

24 August 2019 - Mangakakahi, Rotorua - Companion Cat Shot With Arrow

24 August 2019 - 'That's My baby': 'Owner' Can't Believe Eyes After Cat Shot By Arrow In Rotorua
Sativa was shot in her back with an arrow in the area of Alison Street

On the evening of Wednesday 21 August 2019 Sativa's guardian was about to turn in for the night when she saw Sativa sitting on her bed in a puddle of blood with an arrow shot straight through her back. She could barely move. The arrow had shattered on impact. She called the vet even though it was 12am. When the vet removed the arrow, her spine could be seen through the exit wound. While the arrow just missed her spine, Sativa suffered nerve damage and at last report she cannot move one of her paws.

The vet bill came to $230, which we feel is very good deal compared to some of the costs we've noted for the vet treatment of other Felines who have fallen victim to criminal activity in recent times, so we are guessing the vet who treated Sativa is a truly compassionate soul.

There cannot be too many households in Mangakakahi where people have an interest in archery and even less who have arrows the same as the one in the images published by NZ Herald. If you know who the offender might be we suggest you contact either the police, SPCA or contact Feline Rights: admin(at)felinerights.org

21 August 2019 - Brooklyn, Wellington - Companion Cat Shot

21 August 2019 - Elderly Wellington Cat Shot With Slug Gun Still Recovering On IV
13 year old Fluffy was shot in the bowel with a slug gun

On Wednesday 14 August 2019, Fluffy's guardians noticed she was not herself, she was neither eating or using the litter box and reluctant to move about. Taken to the vet the next day, the vet determined Fluffy had been shot in the bowel with a slug gun. She underwent surgery to remove the damaged section of the bowel and at last report she remained hospitalised on an IV drip and fighting infection. The vet bills are expected be in excess of $2000.

The article quotes an SPCA spokeswoman who stated "there had been several reported and investigated incidents of Cat shootings over the past 12 months". In our view, this amounts to the understatement of the year and even a cursory viewing of our crime section confirms this is so.

Police and SPCA are investigating this crime, so if you know of anyone who may be the offender, do the right thing and forward any information you may have to police and SPCA or contact Feline Rights: admin(at)felinerights.org

18 August 2019 - Manawatu - Companion Cat Shot

An airgun is the weapon suspected in this crime

On 18 August 2019 Hammy's guardians found him in their wash house bleeding. Taken to the local vet it was clear they could not afford the quoted $2500 - $3000 fees for veterinary treatment so he was surrendered to the vet.

The vet then contacted HUHA (Helping You Help Animals) Charitable Trust who chose to transfer him to their own vet clinic in Stokes Valley for treatment. HUHA are seeking donations to help cover Hammy's treatment. See the screenshot below covering how to donate a contribution to assist this Cat's recovery.

Donate To HUHA

04 August 2019 - Pirongia, Waikato - Companion Cat Shot Dead

The victim, Mojo was found shot dead in his own back garden

Mojo was shot dead on or about 04 August 2019, his guardians discovered his lifeless body at the back of their property on McClure Street in Pirongia. He had been shot through the chest from the side. Mojo had been a member of the family for nine years. Mojo's guardians chose to refrain from condemning the offender because it will not bring their beloved Cat back to them, so they offered a word of forgiveness instead and tendered a warning to other Pirongia residents "to be aware there is someone in our town who might want to shoot your family 'pets' ".

We did a little research in the interest of discovering if there is any obvious expressions of antifelinism connected with the town of Pirongia and you will never guess what we discovered. There is an antifelinist environmental extremist organisation which goes by the name of 'Pirongia Te Aroaro o Kahu Restoration Society' active in the area. In July 2018 in association with Department of Conservation they reintroduced some 14 endangered native kokako birds to the area and because of this they have been engaging themselves in dispensation of antifelinist doctrine via the compromised mainstream media.

14 March 2019 - Pirongia Residents Implored To Protect Kokako From Domestic Cats
Clare St Pierre
Councillor Clare St Pierre (Pirongia Ward, Waipa District Council) and
Chair of Pirongia Te Aroaro o Kahu Restoration Society posing with a Cat trap
21 March 2019 - 'Keep Your Cats Inside': Pirongia Residents Urged To Help Protect Kokako

Councillor Clare St Pierre claims the birds are being put at serious risk by rising numbers of allegedly 'feral' Cats, as well as local 'pets' and requests residents "keep their cats inside at night" along with asking "local Cat 'owners' to put collars and bells on their domestic 'pets' ". All in all she expounds the standard antifelinist doctrine we have come to expect from New Zealand's 'conservation' extremists.

In truth the position of the 'conservation' extremist faction does not match the learned opinion of objective ecologists such as John Innes of Landcare Research who in 2013 stated to the media: "Cats eat a lot of ship rats. Ship rats probably eat more forest birds than cats put together" and that Cats do their best work catching rodents at night. John Innes also stated: "There is uncertainty about whether the good stuff that Cats do outweighs the bad, but the one thing that is known is that they do their good stuff at night, if you're going to keep your Cats in at night you're stopping them doing anything good at all".

Consultant ecologist Mark Bellingham is on record in a media statement dated July 2017 stating: "I haven't seen any good evidence to show collars really make a difference". "They could get caught and then you have an issue of cruelty to a Cat". On the idea of night curfews: "The idea of a Cat curfew which would result in 'owners' locking their Cats inside at night was another unsupported solution" and "the size of the evidence is actually not very good on that, because it seems that at night Cats are actually really good at getting rid of rats and mice. That's the bulk of what they take".

We are not suggesting Clare St Pierre is directly responsible for the cold blooded execution of Mojo the Cat, but it always possible some amongst the group of 'conservation' fanatics she leads may know something more about this crime. At the very least when the lies of antifelinism are spread far and wide by the extremist 'environmental' faction, undoubtedly that goes some way toward granting licence for cold hearted misguided citizens to engage themselves in executing beloved companion Cats.

29 July 2019 - Te Aroha, Waikato

Companion Cat Euthanised After Being Swung Around By Tail

29 July 2019 - Cat Put Down After Teen Swung Neighbour's 'Pet' Around By It's Tail
Daniel James McGaffin
18 year old Daniel James McGaffin was jailed for 22 months for
cruelty to an animal, assault with intent to rob, wilful damage
and three counts of male assaults female

This is a historical case, from what we can gather from the media report the offending against the Cat occurred on 18 September 2018. McGaffin went to a neighbours house in Bracken Ave, Te Aroha, seized the Cat by the tail and swung it in a circular motion for an extended period of time while the Cat screamed in agony. The Cat sustained such severe injuries to its tail and torn skin it had to be euthanised.

This guy is a poster child for the connection between animal cruelty an violent offending against fellow humans. While McGaffin's defense counsel cited a diagnosis of a form of autism made while on remand in prison, we don't buy that for an instant. Some people are just plain soulless and bad. The court ordered McGaffin pay his former neighbour the pitiful sum of $108.20, the cost of having the Cat euthanised. We say to the court while any monetary sum cannot compensate for the loss of a Cat due to violent offending, an additional large sum of monetary compensation should rightfully have been awarded to the guardian of the Cat for emotional harm.

Enjoy your stay behind bars cuzzie, there's bigger nastier bros inside who we trust will eat you for breakfast.

09 July 2019 - Dunedin - Cat Shot, Leg Amputated

Storm is one fortunate Cat to have made her way into the hands
of the dedicated Feline welfare team at Cat Rescue Dunedin

This incident was published on facebook by Cat Rescue Dunedin Charitable Trust. The Cat, apparently a stray or abandoned Cat is now named Storm. She was shot and suffered an elbow shattered into several pieces which means the leg cannot be saved and will require amputation. She also has a dose of Cat flu and dental issues which will require several teeth removed, Later she will need to be spayed and vaccinated. Vet fees for her treatment are estimated at around the $1500 mark but at last report kind supporters of Cats have provided funding for the cost of her veterinary treatment.

While the cost of Storm's vet care is apparently sorted, Cat Rescue Dunedin require ongoing support for their Feline welfare work. If you would like to help, visit their website and consider making a donation to this worthy cause.

Cat Rescue Dunedin Charitable Trust

05 July 2019 - Sandringham, Auckland - Cats Trapped And Suffer Horrific Injuries

05 July 2019 - Sandringham 'Pet Owners' Warned Over Possible Leg Hold Traps Resulting In Horrific Injuries
Gin Trap
An illegal gin trap similar to the traps SPCA suspect have resulted
in Cats being severely injured and inhumanely killed

We've shared coverage on the matter of 'vanished' Cats and injured Cats in the Auckland suburb of Sandringham on this page in two previous entries dated 17 May 2019 and 28 March 2019. This latest report states in the past 18 months one Cat had it's spine crushed, another had it's tail severed and a third Cat lost one of it's feet.

SPCA have now come to the conclusion this matter is worthy of investigation and are warning the guardians of companion animals to keep an eye out for illegal gin traps and leg-hold traps. SPCA animal inspector Melissa Rush stated injured Cats have been reported on Mount Albert Rd and Columbia Rd, to which we would add there have been several instances of Cats being 'vanished' in the areas of Ward Terrace and Burnley Terrace. Our view is 'conservation' extremists who have bought into the lies of Auckland Council, DOC and Forest and Bird are prime suspects in this case of illegal trapping within a residential area. Do you have an idea of who might be responsible? If so, contact Auckland SPCA or Feline Rights.

30 June 2019 - Park Island, Tamatea, Napier

Companion Cat Abducted By Neighbour And Abandoned

Maggie is still missing after being abducted by the neighbour of her
guardians and then abandoned in the area of Park Island, Tamatea

On the morning of Sunday 30 June 2019, Maggie was abducted by her guardians neighbour in the area of Ranfurly Street then abandoned in the area of Park Island, Tamatea. Maggie's guardians have been out searching for her and have put up posters. She was possibly sighted walking along the fence line of the creek in Westminister Avenue in the direction of Taradale, they ask citizens to keep a look out for her along Westminister, Avondale, Wharerangi etc. Two crimes have been committed in this instance: Common theft of 'property' and it is an offense under the Animal Welfare Act 1999 to abandon an animal.

Update: Maggie has been found and is now back home safe and sound

26 June 2019 - Prebbleton, Canterbury

Companion Cat Shot, Loses An Eye - Other Cats Also Shot

26 June 2019 - Spate Of Cat Shootings Has Residents On Edge

26 June 2019 - Spate Of Cat Shootings Has Residents On Edge In Prebbleton, Christchurch
Two year old Riko lost an eye after being shot with a rifle

Riko was shot multiple times on 10 June 2019, he sustained a wound on the side of his stomach, his right paw was really badly mangled and he lost an eye. Examination of the bullets suggests a .22 caliber rifle was the weapon used in this crime. Vet bills for Riko's treatment, which included multiple surgeries, added up to more than $2500. Police and SPCA are investigating. At least three other Cats have been shot in the same area in the past three years, this suggest a possibility all of these incidents could be linked. If you have any information about who is responsible, do the right thing and contact SPCA or police.

Want to help with Riko's recovery? Visit the givealittle page and make a donation here:

Givealittle Page For Riko - The Pirate Cat

19 June 2019 - New Plymouth

Companion Cat Caught In Illegally Placed Leghold Trap

19 June 2019 - Cat Has 'Lucky' Escape After Foot Gets Caught In Illegal Leg Trap In Residential New Plymouth
Bessy was fortunate to escape with no bones broken when caught in a leghold trap

On Sunday 09 June 2019 one of Bessy's guardians found her in their garden with the leghold trap clamped around her rear foot with the chained end of the trap caught in part of a tree. Her guardians were unable to detach the trap so she was rushed to the vet and sedated so the trap could be removed. While the wounds look ugly she was fortunate no bones were broken and it appears she is healing just fine. New Plymouth SPCA asks anyone who discovers a leghold trap set in a residential area or an animal who is caught in one to contact SPCA at first instance.

18 June 2019 - Tokoroa, South Waikato

Professional 'Pest' Control Operator Shoots Cats In Residential Area

18 June 2019 - Shooter Hired For Tokoroa Cat 'Cull'
Clyde Street, Tokoroa
Residents of Clyde Street were horrified to learn of the mass execution of Cats
in their neighborhood. The identities of those responsible remain a mystery

The recent 'controlled Cat culling' of allegedly 'feral' Cats with an air rifle by a professional 'pest' control operative in the residential area of Clyde St in Tokoroa deeply concerns us for numerous reasons. While according to the media report this does not technically amount to a crime under New Zealand law, it gets an entry in our crime pages on the grounds of being grossly morally and ethically unsound and setting a dangerous precedent which appears to have precipitated an amount of social unrest.

First, any 'unowned' Cats in any residential area would classify as a stray Cats rather than a 'feral' Cats under the MPI Companion Cats - Animal Welfare (Companion Cats) Code of Welfare 2007. As our crime section demonstrates, often a weapon like an air rifle will maim rather than kill instantaneously, therefore we must question if the Cats executed were actually killed in a 'humane' manner as defined under New Zealand law. We question exactly how it was detemined if the executed Cats were 'stray' or companion Cats. We also question the usage of an air rifle in a residential area at all.

Residents expressed concern that they received no notification the 'cull' was to take place and also expressed concern for their own companion animals and for the general safety of residents themselves. The strange thing is no one seems to know who the 'agency' is who engaged the 'pest' control operative aside from police who were notified the 'cull' was to take place. We spoke to the communications manager at South Waikato District Council and the council are adamant they had no knowledge of the 'cull' until approached by the journalist.

Senior Sergeant Jason Henderson of NZ Police is on record stating "we do not give 'permission' because there is no 'permission' to be given" and "As professionals it is up to them to ensure all safety measures, appropriate equipment and considerations are taken into account". Our position is if residents were not notified in advance, those who engaged in this mass execution clearly have not taken the obvious considerations into account.

One resident is on record with the statement: "I thought discharging a firearm in this sort of area would be illegal. It is not cool and I would have shot them if they had shot my 'pet'". In the larger picture, this sort of community unrest is not what anyone wishes to hear about, but we do sympathise with the resident's position. After all, to many of us Cats are family.

There is clearly more to this case than appears and at this point our investigation is ongoing, we'll update this entry with further information once we have it. For now, if anyone has any further information to share, email us at admin(at)felinerights.org.

13 June 2019 - Taupo - Companion Cat Shot, Leg Amputated

13 June 2019 - Person Who Shot Beloved Family 'Pet' Slammed As Cold And Heartless
Lynx lost his left front leg after being shot with a .22 caliber rifle

Five year old ragdoll Lynx was missing for over a week before his guardians located him hiding in an empty animal house. Rushed to the after hours vet, x-rays revealed he had been shot with a .22 caliber rifle. The bullet entered his right shoulder and lodged in his left shoulder breaking the sternum on the way through leaving shrapnel fragments throughout the chest. Amputation of the left leg was required and at last report he is recovering well and is now off medication. The family's other Cat named Tinky Torty is also missing and it is believed she may also have been shot.

Want to help with Lynx's recovery? Visit the givealittle page and make a donation here:

Givealittle Page For Lynx The Miracle Cat

08 June 2019 - Kaitake Ranges, Taranaki

Companion Cat Poisoned, 1080 Poison Suspected

08 June 2019 - Could This Be Your Cat - The Two Day Long Cruel Agonizing Route To Death By 1080
Taranaki Anonymous Cat
Spine arched over and backwards, a sure sign of 1080 poisoning

We do not have a whole lot of information on this one, but the article states the Cat was a 'pet' killed by 1080 poisoning in the Kaitake Ranges in Taranaki. If you visit the link to the original report using the Mozilla Firefox browser chances are the page will display a 'secure connection failed' message. It appears this is an issue with all sites hosted on Wordpress at present due to Wordpress failing to update their security certificates in a timely manner.

26 May 2019 - Timaru

One Cat Killed, Another Cat Injured By Roaming Dogs

26 May 2019 - Muscle Ripped From Cat's Leg Bone In Timaru Dog Attack That Killed Another Cat

29 May 2019 - Dangerous Dogs Given Highest Level Classification Available To Timaru District Council
13 year old Trudy was fortunate to escape with her life

Trudy was lucky to escape with her life when she was attacked by two large Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs as she was sleeping on her porch at the Margaret Wilson retirement community in Timaru. The other Cat who lost it's life was a pedigree Bengal Snowshoe valued at $1000, the companion Cat of a family with children aged 4 and 7. Trudy had muscle ripped from her leg but survived due to her guardian bravely stepping in and chasing the offending canines away. The vet stated had she not acted, the dogs would have "torn her leg off then killed her within a minute".

After they had been chased away the dogs attacked a small dog and earlier in the day they attacked a poodle cocker spaniel cross. Trudy's guardian is on record stating she wishes for the laws to be changed so that once a dog is classified as 'dangerous', it should be euthanised. It seems others had been intimidated by the dogs in the past and reported them to the council, but the council has failed to act in these earlier instances.

Timaru District Council's final call on the matter has been to designate the dogs as 'dangerous' with the highest level of classification and have now released the dogs back into the hands of their owners with the caveat that they must be muzzled and leashed while in public, neutered, kept within secure fencing, could not be sold or gifted to another person, along with an increase in the owners' dog control fees.

The report makes no mention of compensation to the family who's Cat was killed or of compensation for the other citizens who would no doubt be out of pocket due to vet fees. Our position is the dog owners should be required to tender compensation to those affected and as a companion Cat was killed, it is reasonable to expect Timaru District Council to apply for a court order for the destruction of the offending dogs.

24 May 2019 - Beachlands, Auckland

Companion Cat Shot, Left Paralysed In Rear Leg

24 May 2019 - Beloved 'Pet' Cat Left Paralysed By Slug Gun In Suburban Auckland
Stabi has been shot twice on two seperate occasions

On Tuesday 21 May 2019, Stabi's guardian spotted him at the bottom of the garden and thought it odd that he did not run towards her. When she went to see him she found he was dragging himself by his front paws with his back legs paralysed. Examined by the vet who did an x-ray it was confirmed Stabi had been shot with a slug gun. The slug having entered his rear right thigh and then splitting in two when it hit Stabi's spine. The x-ray also revealed another slug lodged in his chest from a previous incident. The vet said if the paralysis did not improve after a few weeks, the wounded limb may need amputating.

Police and SPCA are investigating and the perpetrator could face up to five years imprisonment and a fine of up to $100,000.

Stabi is not the only Cat to be shot in the area of Beachlands, since hearing about what happened to Stabi, other residents have come forward stating their own Cats have been shot. In August 2017, Manukau After Hours Veterinary Clinic staff offered a financial reward for information leading to convictions of whoever it was who shot two other Cats in Beachlands and Papakura .

In the report from August 2017, a spokesperson for the clinic made the connection between these earlier incidents and "people who consider cats a nuisance" but she failed to join the obvious dots which in our view lead right back to individuals who have allowed themselves to be programed with the lies of 'conservation' extremism. Know anything about this incident and other instances of Cats being shot in the suburbs of Beachlands and Maraetai? Do the right thing and contact the police and SPCA.

23 May 2019 - Tainui, Dunedin

Companion Cat 'Ripped Apart' By 'Pit Bull Type' Dog

23 May 2019 - Cat Killing Dog Still With Owner
Canine Offender
The silhouette of the canine offender who killed the Cat

In this instance the companion Cat in question was literally torn apart leaving "blood and fur on the pavement". Police attended the incident and spoke with both the owner of the dog and the guardian of the deceased Cat. Dunedin City Council animal control have classified the dog as 'menacing', which requires the dog to be muzzled when in public areas and for now the dog remains with it's owner while DCC completes it's investigation.

While the media report identifies the offending dog as a Staffordshire bull terrier the image of the dog in silhouette suggests the dog is far larger then the average staffy. Our best guess is it is a cross breed 'muscle' dog, like many of the dogs SPCA makes it's best effort to release into the community. That being said we should not assume all 'muscle' dogs pose a threat to other animals or humans. One of our friends has an American Bull Terrier girl who's outward appearance suggests she may be a problem dog, but she's the nicest most affectionate dog around and is totally afraid of Cats.

17 May 2019 - Sandringham, Auckland

Cats Mutilated, 'Conservationist' Urban Trappers Are Prime Suspects

17 May 2019 - Mutilated Cats Mystify Neighbours Prompting Fears Of Rogue Gin Trapper
Mr Hoppy
Mr Hoppy lost his left rear foot in a suspected gin trap incident

This report sheds some light on what has likely happened to the mysterious 'vanishing' Cats of the Auckland suburb of Sandringham as covered in an RNZ report dated 28 March 2019 . Sandringham residents have noted numerous instances of Cats being mutilated and the works of amateur 'conservationists' engaging themselves in urban trapping in this residential area are suspected. One Cat lost a foot, another suffered a crushed spine and had to be euthanised, another suffered a severed tail.

One resident expressed outrage having read in another unnamed publication the words of an Auckland Council spokesperson encouraging citizens to build homemade traps and set them in residential areas. She stated: "The article praises schoolboys for setting homemade traps to catch mammals, nowhere in the article are the words 'humane' or 'responsible' mentioned". When approached by the media, Auckland Council's Pest-Free Auckland project director Brett Butland wrung his hands expressing 'disappointment' and 'strong opposition' to the reports of maimed Cats.

Feline Rights have been warning Auckland Council that this sort of thing is an inevitable consequence of their unbridled incessant promotion of extremist speciesism marketed under the banner of 'native biodiversity' über alles and the promotion of the flawed ideology of Predator Free New Zealand, but they have failed to listen and wise up. With each instance of injured and executed Cats, further seeds of social unrest will be sewn and eventually the halls of governance will be forced to answer for their actions when it comes to their incessant ongoing propaganda campaign promoting 'predator free'.

If you have concerns about the actions of 'conservationists' or 'environmentalists' in your area, contact Feline Rights.

11 May 2019 - Maunu, Whangarei - Companion Cat Shot In Face

11 May 2019 - Whangarei Woman Heartbroken After 'Pet' Cat Is Shot In Face
Bow the Cat was shot in the face with a rifle

On or about 22 April 2019, Bow the Cat went missing from her home in Maunu, Whangarei. When she returned a week later it was clear she was injured. The vets conducted an x-ray they determined Bow had been shot in the face with a rifle. The bullet entered near her nose, shattered her jaw and then lodged itself near her shoulder, where it remains. The vets have decided it is a safer option to leave the bullet where it is rather than attempt to remove it.

Bow's guardian states they live in a close community where there are no signs of guns or gang-related activity and stated "I don't know anyone who would do anything like that". When it comes to suspects, we'll give you a hint on where to begin: Either your local amateur environmental group or someone who has allowed themselves to be indoctrinated by the ongoing antifelinist rhetoric incessantly promoted by the mainstream media. Police encourage all guardians of Cats to report similar events. If you have any information on this crime be sure to share it with Whangarei Police.

10 May 2019 - Moana, West Coast - Kittens Shot And Drowned At Dump

10 May 2019 - Kittens Shot Dead At Dump (Article is obfuscated behind a paywall)
Located on the northern shore of Lake Brunner, the town of Moana has only
80 residents. Someone must know who is responsible for killing these kittens.

Greymouth Star unwisely publishes it's content behind a paywall so unless you have an account, clicking through the link above will only take you to the first line of the report. Therefore we'll just summarise the main points.

On 09 April 2019 a Moana resident involved with rescuing stray Cats was horrified to find two recently killed eight week old kittens at the local rubbish tip. The kittens' lifeless forms were still limp, indicating they had recently been killed. The deceased kittens were soaking wet near a water barrel though the weather had been dry for days, indicative that someone had drowned them in the barrel. One of the kittens also had a gunshot wound to the stomach area.

Grey District Council stated their animal control staff were not involved in this instance. Environmental services manager John Canning said the SPCA had investigated the incident following a complaint and had determined the 'Cat control' methods usually deployed by council staff were humane. Canning also openly admitted council staff engage themselves in killing Cats with his statement "I don’t know how many people are culling the Cats out there. I know our animal control are doing some".

We query if autopsies were done on the deceased to determine if they were actually drowned because death by drowning is considered inhumane under New Zealand Law and if they were drowned someone has broken the law and should if possible be held accountable for their actions. To Grey District Council we say cease and desist from killing any Cats.

SPCA South Island general manager Barry Helem stated their investigation "had found nothing to really suggest the kittens had died from an organised stray cat cull by the council" but "there is no evidence to say definitely one way or the other". As Barry Helem is a member of the political lobbying organisation, the National Cat Management Strategy Group , an organisation closely associated with New Zealand's highest profile Cat hater, Gareth Morgan which seeks the total eradication of all 'unowned' Cats by 2025, we guess Barry's real position is simply 'that's two less Cats to deal with'.

03 May 2019 - Forest Lake, Hamilton - Companion Cat Shot

03 May 2019 - Hamilton Couple Shocked After Finding Injured Cat Was Shot
Four year old Billie was shot in the rear right leg with a slug gun

Billie went for some quality outdoor time on the afternoon of Tuesday 02 April 2019. When he returned his guardians noticed he was limping. He started meowing, which he doesn't usually do. An examination revealed a wound on his right rear leg. The after hours vets were consulted and immediately determined the wound was too big to be a bite and ordered an x-ray which revealed a small bullet was lodged in the Billy's rear right leg. It had missed vital organs by a couple of centimeters.

Contacted by the media, SPCA stated that due to the way it records animal welfare complaints it couldn't give accurate figures of cat shootings. That's not good enough SPCA, if an outfit like Feline Rights can keep tabs on crimes against Cats, the organisation entasked with enforcing the Animal Welfare Act should have no problem whatsoever tabulating accurate figures of Cats who have been victims of shooting incidents. Vet bills for Billie's treatment came to "well over $1000", however Billie has now made a full recovery though he remains more nervous around people.

26 April 2019 - Waitara, Taranaki - Companion Cat Shot In Face

26 April 2019 - New Plymouth Couple Face $15k Vet Bill After 'Pet' Cat Is Shot Though The Face

26 April 2019 - Taranaki Couple Blown Away By Financial Support For Shot Cat
Little One
The future remains uncertain while vets consider if the jaw bone can be salvaged

This four year old companion Cat named 'Little One' was shot in the face with a .22 calibre gun. Left with a shattered cheek bone, the lower jaw split in half and an exit wound to the neck, Little One is unable to eat. Little One remains in vet hospital with a feeding tube while vets determine if it is possible to salvage the jaw bone. Reconstruction work would involve visiting specialists in Auckland and could cost Little One's guardians between $10,000 to $15,000.

A givealittle page has been set up to raise funds to cover the reconstruction of Little One's jaw.

Help Reconstruct Little One's Jaw

Veterinarian Dr Alex Hicks of Vets4Pets stated this was at least the second shot Cat the clinic had seen within a year.

We concur with Dr Hicks, there have been numerous documented instances of Cats being shot in Taranaki.

Smudge of Spotswood, New Plymouth was shot on Christmas eve 2018. Kinja of Bell Block was shot in December 2018 which resulted in amputation of his left front leg. Possum of New Plymouth was shot in his left front leg in May 2018. Panda of New Plymouth was shot in the neck with a slug gun in May 2017. Gus of New Plymouth was shot with a slug gun in May 2017.

We here at Feline Rights figure these reported cases are only the tip of the iceberg and we encourage anyone with information which may lead to convictions and/or mental health assessments for the perpetrators of these crimes to do the right thing, come forward and contact Police, SPCA or Feline Rights.

25 April 2019 - Waimate Highway SH1, near Glenavy, Canterbury

Kitten Sustains Injuries Consistent With Being Hurled From A Moving Car

25 April 2019 - Tiny Kitten Survives Roadside Ordeal South Of Timaru
Four week old Lyn suffered some injuries from her ordeal. She was fortunate
to be rescued by a passer by and is now in foster care and slowly on the mend.

Rescued by a passer by who was walking her dog off the Waimate Highway/State Highway 1, near Glenavy on Monday 22 April 2019 the kitten now named Lyn suffered a "dislocated shoulder and shoulder blade, with much of the soft tissue around the area torn away". These injuries are consistent with being grabbed by the front leg and tossed. She is now in care in a foster home with her care being financed by Street Cats South Canterbury who's only online presence appears to be at facebook. If you would like to make a donation to support their work visit their Givealittle page and make a donation.

15 April 2019 - Darfield High School, Canterbury

Student Rescues Kitten From Drain, Soulless Principal and
Deputy Principle Instruct Him To 'Throw' It Back In The Drain

15 April 2019 - 'Throw It In The Drain': Darfield High Student Says He Was Told To Leave Kitten In Drain
Darfield Kitten
15 year old animal welfare hero Nathan Gunn refused to follow instructions
and rescued this kitten regardless of Darfield High's cold hearted directive.

Nathan Gunn did the right thing when he heard someone meowing and fished a shivering muddy kitten from a drain at Darfield High. He wrapped the kitty in his hoodie to keep it warm and kept him with him in class until he got his mom's permission to take him to the vet during lunch break. However, when he went to sign out at lunch break school staff refused permission and he was instructed by principal James Morris and the as yet unnamed deputy principal to 'throw' it back in the drain.

In a statement to the media Nathan said "They were encouraging us to kill it pretty much, to let it suffer or die of dehydration or cold". His mother has now filed a formal complaint about the matter with the school and quite rightly so. In a statement to the media, principal James Morris begged to differ with Nathan's position, but we know 'damage control' when we see it and experience demonstrates individuals who aspire to positions of power, particularly within the cultural marxist compromised education system are often enamored with power for power's sake.

The kitten was eventually checked by the vet and found to be in reasonably good health. He has now been adopted by a household with a nursing mom Cat and is doing just fine. Great work there Nathan, in an era where young people are being encouraged wholesale to kill for politicised 'conservation' your efforts on behalf of the Cat are exemplary. We'll give you an A+ and pass on this exam and an E- and fail to both the principal and deputy, who should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for not setting a better example when it comes to empathy.

02 April 2019 - Weymouth, Auckland

At Least Five Companion Cats Killed By Roaming Dogs

02 April 2019 - Roaming Auckland Dogs Double Teamed And Mauled Cat To Death
Six year old Lyla was sleeping on her own driveway when she was mauled
to death by two dogs. Footage of the attack was captured on security cameras.

Residents of Weymouth are living in fear for their companion Cats and some are considering moving elsewhere due to the scourge of roaming dogs who have been attacking and killing Cats in the suburb. Six year old Lyla was killed by two dogs while sleeping on her own driveway. Footage of the attack was captured on home security cameras. The family forwarded the security footage to Auckland Council animal control who stated they knew who owns the dogs, however it appears animal control have yet to take real action against the owner of the offending canines and seize them as they are required to do under law.

Council officers also stated they are aware of at least four Cats who were killed in one week in March 2019. Having received at least 11 complaints from residents, the council has simply fined and collected revenue from the owner of the dogs and it appears they have left it at that. The dogs are also on record intimidating other dog owners out walking their dogs and have been witnessed killing native wildlife. It appears to us collecting revenue is the name of the game with Auckland Council, so long as the owner pays up on infringement notices issued, it seems council animal control could not care less.

30 March 2019 - Hillcrest, Rotorua

Three Cats, One Dog and a Guinea Pig Killed By Roaming Dogs

30 March 2019 - Savage Dog Attacks In The Last Two Weeks Are Killing Rotorua 'Pets'
Two year old Trixi was viciously killed by a dog

Residents of the Rotorua suburb of Hillcrest are living in fear for their companion animals and children following the killing of three Cats, one dog and a guinea pig by roaming dogs. Four other Cats have have apparently been 'mauled' in recent weeks. Rotorua Lakes Council animal control claim dealing with roaming dogs in the Hillcrest area has been assigned top priority and reports of roaming canines are being responded to 24 hours a day. The council encourage anyone who witnesses roaming dogs to report them direct to the council on 07 348 4199 (24/7) as soon as possible.

28 March 2019 - Sandringham, Auckland

At Least Five Companion Cats 'Vanished'

28 March 2019 - Five Cats Disappear From 150 Metre Area Of Auckland
Melia Poster
What happened to Melia and the other four Cats?

At least five companion Cats have gone missing in the past six weeks in the areas of Ward Terrace and Burnley Terrace in the suburb of Sandringham, Auckland. Families of the missing Cats have conducted leaflet drops, placed posters and checked the internet, but the article states "the disappearance of the five cats remains a mystery". Given Auckland Council's recently updated Regional Pest Management Plan which classifies all Cats as pests and up for destruction if they do not have a functional microchip ID or collar and name tag, we suggest Auckland Council or one of their private partners in environmental extremism are prime suspects. Do you know anything about the 'vanished' Cats of Sandringham?

If you do, email the information to us at admin(at)felinerights.org

28 March 2019 - New Plymouth

Kittens Abandoned In Locked Suitcase

28 March 2019 - Kittens Dumped Outside New Plymouth 'Pet' Store In Suitcase
Taranaki Kittens
How could anyone abandon these guys?

When staff of Animates 'pet' store arrived at work on the morning of Wednesday 27 March 2019 they were confronted with a locked suitcase. Police were notified but they decided the suitcase was low risk so the manager broke the locks and discovered six abandoned male kittens. New Plymouth SPCA are now conducting an investigation into who abandoned these Cats. If you have an idea of who is responsible, be sure to contact New Plymouth SPCA.

22 March 2019 - Beltsville, Maryland, USA

Thousands Of Cats Executed Then Fed To Other Cats In Twisted Experiments

22 March 2019 - US Government Killed Thousands of Cats Then Fed Them To Other Cats In Twisted Experiment
Beltsville Agricultural Research Center
A house of horror - Beltsville Agricultural Research Center

Here at Feline Rights we tend to stick to New Zealand coverage but this one is so bad it needs to be documented. An estimated 4000 Cats were executed in a US government lab in Beltsville, Maryland in a series of twisted experiments as part of 'research' into toxoplasmosis. Funded by US taxpayers to the tune of $22 million USD, the experiments involved feeding tissue from Cat hearts, brains and tongues to other cats. Similar experiments conducted at the same U.S. Department of Agriculture lab in Maryland included feeding dog remains to Cats as well as injecting Cat remains into mice. Congressman Brian Mast of Florida is quoted in the article as stating: "USDA has been rounding up 'pets' and other innocent dogs and Cats in foreign countries, including at Chinese meat markets condemned by Congress then killing them and feeding them to lab Cats".

22 February 2019 - Waiuku, South Auckland

At Least Eight Cats Killed By Dogs

22 February 2019 - Silent Catkiller Dogs Stalk South Auckland Neighbourhood
Owens Road
Owens Road, Waiuku, the scene of these crimes

Two dogs have been silently stalking and killing companion Cats in the Owens Road area of Waiuku in South Auckland.
Since 01 February 2019, at least eight companion Cats have been confirmed as being slain by the dogs. Other Cats have simply disappeared and the Cat killing crew of dogs are the suspected culprits. Local citizens are now living in fear for not only their Feline companions but also for their personal safety. Auckland Council's Manager of Animal Management, Sarah Anderson stated the council has regular patrols in the area but they have yet to locate the killer dogs. Auckland residents are advised to report dogs wandering the streets to (09) 301-0101.

09 February 2019 - The Lakes, Tauranga - Companion Cats Shot

09 February 2019 - The Lakes, Tauranga Residents Devastated After Cats Shot With Slug Gun
Chewie was shot in the leg joint with a slug gun

The Lakes, Tauranga, two confirmed reports of companion Cats shot. Chewie, a resident of Crater Close in The Lakes suburb was shot in a leg joint with a slug gun. Surgery and a splint were required. Police confirmed they had received a complaint and stated they had two other unconfirmed reports of Cats being shot in the same area. A fourth incident occurred in December 2018 when a Cat named Millie was shot in the leg with a slug gun. The article states there have been other instances of Cats from the suburb being shot which have been published on social media.

Know anything about who is shooting Cats in The Lakes? Talk to Tauranga SPCA and police.

06 February 2019 - Port Hills, Christchurch

Companion Cat Abducted, Tied In Sack And Dumped

Thomas The Sack
Thomas the Cat had a lucky escape after being abducted, tied in
a sack, hurled from a cliff and left to die of hunger and thirst.

Thomas was stolen from his home, tied in the sack and thrown off a cliff on Summit Road, Port Hills between Christchurch and Lyttelton. He tumbled down in the sack between the trees coming to a halt just above Thompsons Track walking track. There he alerted passers by to his plight by meowing, the people were smart enough to follow up and kind enough to rescue him and deliver him to SPCA. SPCA were able to identify Thomas by scanning for a microchip, while he's rather sore, he is expected to be fine and has now been returned home. SPCA seek the assitance of citizens to identify who committed this crime:

Contact Christchurch SPCA on 03 349 7057 if you have information to share.

06 February 2019 - Mamaku, Rotorua

SPCA Update On Serial Companion Cat Killer

Mamaku X-Ray
The bone shattered and two slugs vivisible in the x-ray
Who is the cold hearted scumbag who did this?

SPCA has issued a warning for residents of Mamaku, west of Rotorua and encourage the guardians of Cats in the area to take extra care. Feline Rights has already posted on the suspected serial companion Cat killer in Mamaku but the individual or individuals who have been shooting companion Cats remain at large. Cats have been injured by what appears to be a high powered slug gun that has shattered bone and caused extensive internal trauma. There were two shootings in November and sadly one cat died from extensive internal injuries. Two weeks ago another Cat was shot in the face and needs specialist care.

SPCA share the following advice to guardians of Cats in the Mamuku area:

• If at all possible, we suggest you keep your Cats inside

• Be vigilant - make sure your Cats keep to their routine and they are at home for mealtimes

• Check your Cat over regularly for injuries

• Be aware that in slug gun injuries all that can often be seen is a small hole that could be confused with a dog or Cat bite

• If you see or hear of anything, or you suspect your Cat has been injured by a slug gun call:

Rotorua SPCA on 07 349 2955 and file an official animal welfare complaint

31 January 2019 - Glenfield, Auckland

Companion Cat Doused With Sulphuric Acid - Euthanised

31 January 2019 - Auckland Woman Claims Cat Died After Being Doused In Sulphuric Acid

31 January 2019 - Auckland Family's 'Pet' Cat Put Down After Being Doused In Sulphuric Acid

02 February 2019 - Police Seek Information After Acid Attack On 'Pet' Cat On The North Shore
Sparrow suffered a horrific lingering death. If you know who is responsible contact
North Shore Police on 09 477 5000 or email brad.sanderson@police.govt.nz

Glenfield, Auckland: Sunday 26 January 2019, the nine year old son of Sparrow's guardian discovered him hiding under their deck around mid day. His fur bleached, his burns were so severe he was at first unrecognisable to the boy. Blinded and unable to breathe properly, his kidneys failing, he was taken to the vet clinic. The vet stated Sparrow smelled of sulphur, thus it appears sulphuric acid was poured on him. There was nothing the vets could do for him, he was euthanised to put an end to his suffering.

When Sparrow's guardian posted on social media about this crime other residents of Glenfield came forward reporting similar occurrences. One citizen reported his Cat had twice returned home having had something poured on it, in the first instance which occurred just prior to Christmas 2018, the Cat returned home having had paint poured on it, in the second instance which occurred on 15 January 2019, his cat returned home covered in bleach.

Police ask anyone with information to email brad.sanderson@police.govt.nz or call North Shore Police on 09 477 5000.

19 January 2019 - Patea - Companion Cat Attacked By Dogs

19 January 2019 - Patea Resident Concerned A Child Could Be Next After Dogs Maul Family Cat
Laani Davis, Cyrus and Kaya
Laani Davis with nephew Cyrus (left) and son Kaya (right)

In the evening of January 13 2018, the Davis family's two year old female Cat Wallis was attacked in the Elizabeth Street area of Patea. The attack was so savage and Wallis suffered such severe injuries the only option was euthanasia. Mom Laani Davis rang the vets, the council, the SPCA and the regional council then discovered on facebook another companion Cat had been attacked by dogs on the same day who also had to be euthanised. She expressed concern the dogs might attack children on their way to school. South Taranaki District Council Regulatory Officer Doug Scott said the council were taking the matter seriously and were concerned about some of the attacks in the town recently. He asks citizens to forward information on wandering dogs to the council, particularly video or photographic evidence which may assist in identifying the offending canines.

09 January 2019 - Canterbury - Kitten Thrown From Moving Car

Brighton the kitten
Brighton the kitten, taped inside a shoebox he was thrown from a moving car

At approximately 8.30am on Wednesday 9 January 2019 he was thrown from the front passenger window of a moving car, taped inside a shoebox. This occurred on New Brighton Road and the box landed in a red zone paddock not far from the Bower Tavern. A witness described the car as a silver Holden Commodore, the back left door panel was a different colour, possibly a brown or maroon colour. There were at least two people in the car, possibly three. SPCA staff have named the kitten Brighton, he has severe cat flu and is sore and distressed from this ordeal, however he is expected to make a full recovery. If you have any information to share on this incident contact SPCA so the perpetrators can be brought to justice.

06 January 2019 - New Plymouth - Companion Cat Shot

06 January 2019 - 'Pet Owner's' Fears After Cat Shot In New Plymouth
Shelly and Smudge.jpg
Shelly Henry and her Cat Smudge who was shot on Christmas eve

On Christmas eve 8 year old Smudge returned to his home in Spotswood, New Plymouth limping in a lot of pain, he had been shot, the latest in a long line of Cats being shot in the Taranaki region. Fortunately the pellet missed his vital organs and following surgery to close two wounds in the hip and abdominal area he is expected to make a full recovery. Police have been notified but at this point the perpetrator remains at large. If anyone has any information on who may be responsible, please contact the New Plymouth police.

06 January 2019 - Pakuranga, Auckland - Kitten Thrown From Moving Car

06 January 2019 - Kitten Thrown From Car One Of Hundreds Rescued This Summer
Bob was dumped from a car and rescued by kind citizens

On the morning of 02 January 2019, Bob the kitten was hurled from a car traveling along Ennis Avenue in Pakuranga, East Auckland. Kind citizens who witnessed the event rescued Bob and took him to the local vet who administered first aid then forwarded him to the care of Lonely Miaow Association. Bob was suffering from Cat flu and as whoever dumped him had not bothered to address the infection, one of Bob's eyes had ruptured, because of this the ruptured eye will need to be removed. Sabine Kruekel of Lonely Miaow described Bob's condition as "one of the worst conditions we have seen". Do you know who failed in their duties to take care of Bob then dumped him? If you do, notify Auckland SPCA.

04 January 2019 - South Auckland - Kitten Thrown From Moving Car

04 January 2019 - Kitten's Miraculous Survival After Being Thrown From Moving Car

01 February 2019 - Kitten Who Was Allegedly Thrown From Car In Auckland Now Has New Home
9 Lives Kitten
Lucky the kitten had a lucky escape when thrown from a car

On 04 January 1019 a 10 week old kitten was hurled from a red moving car near Alfriston Hall on Mill Rd in South Auckland. A passing driver stopped and rescued him, took him home and gave him a bath, then delivered him to 9 Lives Orphanage. Tentatively named Lucky, while suffering from malnutrition and sustaining leg injuries, one month on he appears to be doing fine. He's now been adopted and is off to his new home.

We did note a discrepancy between the two reports. The NZ Herald article dated 04 January 2019 quotes Orphanage founder Alisha Sinclair stating that apart from the incidents in the past week, they hadn't had animals that had been thrown out of vehicles before. However, the article published at Stuff dated 01 February 2019 quotes adoption co-ordinator Lisa Churchill-Godard as stating 9 Lives had seen about six cases of Cats being thrown from cars.

03 January 2019 - Taranaki - Kitten Killed After Being Thrown From Car

03 January 2019 - Kitten Died After Allegedly Being Thrown From Vehicle And Run Over
190103 Kitten Killed
R.I.P dear soul, The Goddess will seek retribution

On 02 January 2019 at approximately 3pm a kitten was thrown from a moving car then run over on Devon Rd, State Highway 3, near the Mangati Rd intersection. While rescued by the witness it died in excruciating pain while waiting to be attended by the vet. SPCA seek a dark green vehicle which the witness stated was heading in the direction of Waitara and ask anyone who may have further information or dash cam footage to contact New Plymouth SPCA.

27 December 2019 - Dannevirke - Cat Thrown From Car Travelling At 100k

27 December 2019 - Police, SPCA Investigate After Cat Allegedly Thrown From Moving Car
Car from which Cat was thrown
The car from which the Cat was allegedly thrown on State Highway 2

This one is a curious case which was first posted on facebook. The reports in the media are somewhat ambiguous. Following their investigations the official position of both NZ Police and SPCA is the Cat was not actually thrown from the car, however the witness is adamant she knows what she saw and is sticking by her story the Cat was indeed thrown from the car. The Cat has not been located.

26 December 2018 - Temuka, South Canterbury

Companion Cat Caught In Gin Trap, Other Cats Also Trapped

26 December 2018 - South Canterbury Woman Shocked As Cat Becomes Caught In Trap
Boris the Russian Blue suffered grazing, cuts and other soft tissue
damage after being trapped in a residential area of Temuka

On the morning of 26 December 2018, Boris' guardians discovered her lying on her back with a trap attatched to her leg. When they released her she ran off, returning a few hours later limping. Boris was fortunate, other Cats have been mained or killed by these traps. When the family posted about the incident on social media, other Temuka residents came forward stating their Cats have also been injured by traps.

Boris' guardians stated they did not understand why people are setting traps in an urban area. That we can answer, the reason why people are setting traps is because they have allowed themselves to be indoctrinated into the cultural marxist lie which is being marketed wholesale as 'predator free'. Police have been notified about this incident and Boris' guardians offer a cash reward for information which leads to a conviction of the individual or individuals responsible for setting these traps.

22 December 2018 - Matamata - Companion Cat Shot For the Second Time

22 December 2018 - Ginger Cat Shot With A Pellet Gun...Again

01 December 2017 - Ginger Cat Shot With Pellet Gun In Matamata Neighbourhood
Prince Butterscotch
Prince Butterscotch has been shot on two occasions while relaxing in his own yard

Prince Butterscotch is a rather famous Cat, he features in the book entitled 'Red Life Matters', a book about the challenges faced by children who are bullied for having red hair. He's been shot twice while in his own yard in the past 12 months, the first time there were children present. Who would do such a thing at all and who would risk the welfare of children to do it? If you know who is responsible, do the right thing and share whatever information you have with the police and SPCA.

14 December 2018 - Mamaku, Rotorua - Companion Cats Shot

14 December 2018 - Mamaku Woman's 'Guide Cat' One Of At Least Two Shot In Three Weeks
Sox was shot at close range by a silenced gun, he later died of his injuries

Sox's guardian is a disabled individual and Sox was her working support Cat. He helped her stay calm to prevent seizures, and if she had one, he would come and lie on her or beside her chest with his head close to hers. Some evil individual shot him with a silenced gun and he died at the vets the next night. Sox is not the only Cat who has been shot dead in Mamaku. Another Cat named Booboo was shot dead in September 2018 , in this case a weapon with a silencer is also suspected. There have been other instances, so many of them SPCA have gone public with the suggestion there is a serial Cat killer at large in the Mamaku area. In February 2019 SPCA published advice to the guardians of Cats in Mamaku on their facebook page.

If you have information to share on antifelinist activities in Mamaku contact Rotorua SPCA on 07 349 2955

10 December 2018 - Mamaku, Rotorua - Suspected Serial Companion Cat Killer

10 December 2018 - Suspected 'Pet' Cat Killer On The Loose In Mamaku, Rotorua
Talia Jenkins - SPCA
SPCA Animal Welfare Inspector Talia Jenkins

At least two Cats have been shot during daylight hours and left with horrific injuries. This occurred in the same housing block in the Mamaku area west of Rotorua. SPCA animal inspector Talia Jenkins stated the bullets appear very similar and SPCA suspect a serial Cat killer is in action. SPCA seek any information or leads which may assist them to bring those responsible to justice. If you have any information which might help with this investigation contact Rotorua SPCA citing the investigation reference number 97980.

09 December 2018 - Taranaki - Man Gets Kitten High On Cannabis

09 December 2018 - Eltham Man Called Out For Cruelty

10 December 2018 - Police and SPCA investigate video of man allegedly getting kitten high on cannabis
Weedhead Wayne
Tania holds the kitten while Wade prepares to blow the smoke

This one is a real dumb and dumber scenario if ever we saw one. Druggies Toxic Tania and Weedhead Wade videoed themselves blowing huge clouds of marijuana smoke into a young kitten's face. While intoxication on recreational substances may precipitate diminished responsibility, we think these two are just plain stupid to video themselves and then post the video of illegal drug usage on Facebook. We trust the police graced them with a dawn raid from the drug squad and at the very least we hope the pad was fair turned over, all in all making for a real bummer of a day maaan!

06 December 2018 - Whanganui - Companion Cat Shot

Aimee - Shot with a slug gun

This case was not reported in the mainstream media, it was publicised via the SPCA Facebook page: 11 year old Aimee was shot with a slug gun in the Durie Hill area of Whanganui. SPCA Whanganui seek any information on who the culprit is or if you have seen or heard anything suspicious occurring in the Durie Hill area.

05 December 2018 - Hamilton - Three Companion Cats Fatally Shot

05 December 2018 - Three 'Pet' Cats Fatally Shot In Hamilton Suburb
Hamilton Victims
The Victims: Left to Right - Henry, Rocky. Daisy all were shot dead in their own front garden

Three Cats shot dead via slug gun in the Hamilton suburb of Nawton. Drake, the forth Cat survived his wounds. All were shot in their own front garden. Henry was killed in March 2017. Rocky was shot twice, he survived the first instance in December 2017 but was shot again in February 2018 and killed. 11 month old Daisy was slain on 24 November 2018. The guardians of these late Cats are now considering moving house to a safer location. Police have been notified but have yet to locate the individuals responsible, if you have any information on this case please contact Hamilton police.

03 December 2018 - Hastings - Companion Cat Shot

03 December 2018 - Hastings 'Pet Owner' Disturbed Someone Shot Her Burmese Cat
2 1/2 year old Ash the Burmese was shot in the forehead with an air rifle

Burmese Cat Ash was "millimeters from death" after being shot with an air rifle in a residential area of Hastings . Fortunately that part of the skull is quite thick and it only took a general anesthetic and around 20 minutes for the vet to remove the slug. The incident has been reported to police and SPCA, flyers have been distributed around the neighborhood and the incident shared on social media. While the article states "penalties for shooting a Cat could include a jail sentence of up to five years and a fine of up to $100,000", SPCA chief scientific officer Arnja Dale is on record in a media statement which said under present New Zealand law it is quite legal to kill a Cat by shooting so long as death is instantaneous. We discussed this with one of SPCA's own lawyers and they confirmed Arnja Dale's statement. Clearly it is time for law changes in New Zealand in the interest of upping our game towards becoming a truly compassionate society and SPCA would do well to cease and desist from citing the current imperfect legislation and concentrate on lobbying central government for amendments to the Animal Welfare Act.

02 December 2018 - Bell Block, Taranaki - Companion Cat Shot, Leg Amputated

05 December 2018 - Cat Limps Home With Shattered Leg After Being Shot In Taranaki

11 December 2018 - Taranaki - Kinja The Cat Returns Home After Having Shot Leg Amputated
Kinja the Cat, his guardian "burst into tears when she
heard the news because Kinja is like part of the family"

When Kinja the Cat arrived home on Sunday 2nd December his left front leg was just hanging. He had been shot with either a .22 rifle or high velocity slug gun. His shattered leg was amputated on Tuesday. The vet is on record stating: "The way that that has smashed the bone, you would have had to hit it with a hammer to do that damage". While the police have been notified the offender has yet to be located. If you have any information to share on this case, or have noted suspicious activity around Brooklands area on the outskirts of Vogeltown Park where three other Cats have been shot, contact the New Plymouth police.

27 November 1018 - Rangitaiki, Taupo - Companion Cat Shot Dead

Jerry the Cat - Shot dead via a shot to the back of the head

This case was posted on Facebook by guardian Elle Wright: "Between the hours of 10pm and 4am this morning our all white Cat was shot in the back of the neck resulting in his death. This happened on the main driveway the farm on SH5 Rangitaiki about 1.5km north of the tavern. Police have been notified and are taking it very seriously due to the close proximity of the houses and gun activity. He was a much loved 'pet' and I have two very upset kids and also other 'pets' who have lost their best mate Jerry. He didn't deserve this". Jerry's guardian requests for anyone with information message her, but we do not have her facebook address, so we suggest anyone with information contact Taupo police.

A cash reward is offered for any information leading to a conviction.

27 November 2018 - Napier - Spate Of Companion Cat Poisonings

27 November 2018 - Vets and Residents Concerned About Spike Of Suspected Cat Poisonings In Napier
Napier Victims
Left to Right: Valhalla, Orange, Bourbon and Alice - All died of suspected poisoning

Vets and residents in Napier are concerned about a spate of Cat poisoning incidents. One Feline guardian in the suburb of Tamatea lost four of her five Cats over a period of eight weeks due to suspected poisoning. Vets suspect antifreeze (ethylene glycol) is the poison being used to kill Cats. One vet clinic stated they have seen six cases over a three week period. A police spokesperson stated police were unaware of the issue and SPCA stated the organisation "hadn't received any official reports". The statement from SPCA is very odd indeed because Napier SPCA have already issued a formal warning about Cats being poisoned with antifreeze a year earlier. A media report covering Napier SPCA's warning may be read here:

20 November 2017 - Napier SPCA Puts Out Warning After Two Cats Killed By Antifreeze Poisoning

In fact, it seems the poisoning of Cats by antifreeze has been occurring for at least a decade in Napier. This is covered in another media report from 2009. Cats were poisoned in the area of Davidson Ave in the suburb of Pirimai with cases dating back to at least 2008 and a vet confirmed antifreeze as the poison used.

23 May 2009 - Cat Hater Blamed For Deaths In Napier

Clearly the communications staff at Napier SPCA are not particularly on the ball and at Napier SPCA the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. Further information on ethylene glycol poisoning may be read here:

Antifreeze Poisoning In Dogs And Cats - Ethylene Glycol Poisoning

17 November 2018 - Botany Downs, Auckland - Companion Cat Fatally Shot

17 November 2018 - Auckland Family Traumatised After Cat Shot And Killed
Marble the Cat, shot with a slug gun she died 4 days after surgery

Shot in her abdomen with a slug gun, three year old Marble left a trail of blood. When examined by the vet she had four holes in her bowel. She underwent surgery but died four days later. Her guardians remain traumatised and heartbroken, the children are "absolutely beside themselves". Auckland SPCA request anyone with information on this case come forward.

15 November 2018 - Hamilton - Cat Found With Piping Stuck Around Her Neck

15 November 2018 - SPCA Find Cat With Piping Stuck Around Her Neck
Piper, now rehomed courtesy of SPCA and doing just fine

The case of Piper is an odd one indeed, we'd guess humans were involved,in all likelihood bored youth with half a brain trying to be 'funny'. At any rate the injuries were superficial and thanks to Waikato SPCA she is doing just fine with the good folk who adopted her.

13 November 2018 - Rangiora, Canterbury - Companion Cat Shot

13 November 2018 - Canterbury Woman Offers Reward After 'Pet' Cat Shot With Air Gun
Paskall the Cornish Rex, shot twice in his left front leg

On the evening of Wednesday October 24th, 2 year old Cornish Rex, Paskall returned home bleeding and dragging his left front leg. He had been shot twice with an air gun. Undergoing surgery only one of the pellets could be removed and metal rods were inserted into his leg. Initial cost of veterinary treatment amounted to $7000, however further costs for veterinary treatment are likely to be incurred. Paskall's guardian referenced the media activity of the antifelinist Gareth Morgan stating "I think Gareth Morgan does have a lot to do with it. It has a really detrimental effect on you, they are part of your family". Anyone with information about Paskall's shooting is asked to call Rangiora police on 03 313 6167

$1000 reward for any information that confirms who was responsible.

26 September 2018 - Christchurch - Companion Cat Shot, Leg Amputated

26 September 2018 - Family 'Pet's' Leg Amputated After Air Gun Shooting
Beloved Bubby lost her leg due to being shot

In the Christchurch suburb of Burnside during the afternoon of Sunday 24 September 2018, 11 year old Bubby was shot in the left rear leg with a high powered air gun. With a shattered bone and concern at the possibility of infection the only option was amputation of the injured leg. The family has children who have been exposed to the cruelty of this world far too soon. Someone out there must know who is responsible, if you do please notify Christchurch police.

21 September 2018 - Tikipunga - Whangarei - Cat Mauled By Dogs

21 September 2018 - Family's Beloved Cat Left With Broken Pelvis, Suspected Brain Damage After Dog Attack
11 month old Duchess suffered severe injuries due to a dog attack

On the evening of 17 September 2018, Duchess' guardian heard a thump and growling from outside of the house, when she went outside to investigate the commotion, there were two dogs heading for the gate and Duchess was hiding under the car. Covered in bite wounds and in a state of shock she was rushed to the after hours vet clinic. She suffered a broken pelvis, nerve damage to one of her hind legs,a puncture wound to her chest cavity and possible neurological damage. At the time the incident was reported in the media, her guardian stated she remained in the care of vets, unable to move and fitted with a feeding tube.

11 May 2018 to 21 September 2018 - Dunedin - Three Cats Shot

21 September 2018 - Third Cat Is Reported Shot

19 September 2018 - Owner's Claws Out After Cat Shot

12 May 2018 - Fairfield Woman Angered After Cat Shot
Dunedin Victims
The Dunedin victims: Left: Izzy - Center: The slug which injured Izzy - Right: Toast

Between May and September 2018 three companion Cats were shot in Dunedin. In May, 8 month old Izzy was shot with an air gun between the hours of 3pm and 5pm in the Bremner Street area of the suburb of Fairfield. Izzy underwent surgery and the pellet was removed. As of September, Izzy has semi-recovered from the injury but remains with a lifelong limp.

The second incident was covered in the media in September 2018 but happened in June 2018. Mudge the Cat was shot in the neck with an air gun, once again this occurred in the Bremner Street area of the suburb of Fairfield. Mudge is recovering well.

The third incident occured in September 2018, Toast the Cat was shot twice in the head. the slugs were removed, one came out when Toast's guardian squeezed the wound, the second was removed by the vet. It is suspected the shooter lives in the area of Davies Street and Mulford Street. Veterinary treatment for these incidents amounted to a total of around $1500 in each case. A police spokeswoman urged any Cat 'owner' to report such incidents. If you have any information to share please contact Dunedin police on (03)471-4800 or alternatively information may be shared anonymously with Crimestoppers on 0800-555-111.

07 September 2018 - Otatara - Invercargill

Environmental Extremist Claims He Has Killed 170 Cats

07 September 2018 - Southland Man Says He's Killed 170 Cats And Buried Them Under Vegetable Garden

23 September 2018 - SPCA quiet Over Southland Cat Killer Investigation

23 October 2018 - SPCA Completes Southland Alleged Cat Killer Investigation
Ian and Jenny Gamble
Left: Ian Gamble as he is - Center: The Cat's eye view, Ian Gamble as the executioner - Right: Jenny Gamble

We've already shared a little coverage on this case in our article on the situation in Southland . While it is clear some of the crimes committed against Felines are conducted by individuals who suffer from mental illness, it is also quite clear that in many instances the perpetrators are not suffering from psychiatric issues and often these offenders have a connection with environmental extremism. The Gambles appear to be way more insidious than the average neighborhood psychopaths.

The Gambles operate an eco-tourisim bed and breakfast establishment known as Bushy Point Fernbirds. They are active members of the Otatara Landcare Group, a division of NZ Landcare Trust. This is a Crown funded environmental extremist organisation which claims to be an independent non-govermental organisation. It seems the Gambles and their cohorts occupy their leisure time by engaging in the mass execution of introduced species in the interest of supporting politicised 'conservation'. In September 2018 Ian Gamble made a post on the Environment Southland Regional Council's social media page stating he has executed 170 Cats and has their remains buried in his vegetable garden.

Complaints were filed with SPCA who then engaged themselves in an investigation. Approached by the media for an update two weeks later, SPCA declined to comment stating they were still in the process of investigating the case. One month later the media approched SPCA who stated their investigation was completed but SPCA declined to comment citing 'privacy reasons'.

In our view, that's not good enough SPCA, citizens have a right to know what New Zealand's premiere animal welfare organisation discovered. Some time later we received information that SPCA had put the case in the too difficult to deal with basket. While we appreciate that like the police, SPCA need to prioritise cases and when it comes to SPCA this may first amount to dealing with live animals they are in a position to help, we feel that given number of Cats Gamble claims to have executed this case warrants a full forensic examination of his vegetable garden and a check for things like microchips and collars in the interest of determining if he has killed any companion Cats. In our view 170 Cats killed even if they were 'stray' or 'feral' amounts to a veritable Feline Auschwitz which at the very least should be fully investigated with no stone unturned and the results of the forensic investigation made public.

In this instance we say to SPCA: In the interest of ongoing public support,
it's time to up your game and make a better effort to be more transparent.

04 September 2018 - Mamaku, Rotorua - Companion Cat Shot Dead

04 September 2018 - High-Fiving, Cuddly, Vocal Cat 'Booboo' Shot And Dumped By Stranger In Mamaku
Booboo was shot by a high-powered gun, probably with a silencer

On Saturday 01 September 2018 Booboo's guardians located his body which had been dumped in a drain next to bush several streets away from their residence. Police were contacted and the family spent hundreds of dollars on a post mortem examination which demonstrated Booboo had been shot with a jacketed bullet from a high-powered gun, most likely fitted with a silencer. He also had a broken leg indicative that he may have been stomped on.

Booboo's guardians quite rightly stated "There are a lot of people hating on Cats at the moment" and "maybe the media stuff about Cats and native birds prompted it". On this point we here at Feline Rights totally agree. For many of the crimes we have reported on, the mainstream media is undoubtedly complicit by spreading a vast array of lies intended to induce environmental psychosis into the collective consciousness on behalf of globalist socialism.

If you have any information to share about the execution of Booboo, contact the police and quote case number 180903/6729

28 August 2018 - Caged Cat Thrown Overboard From Ship

28 August 2018 - Ship's Crew Distressed After Lucky The Stowaway Cat 'Euthanised'
The dredge Fairway: Owned by Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V she has
two captains - Captain Ton van Oosten and Captain Marco de Bruin

Sailors of the dredge Fairway discovered a black Cat had stowed away onboard their ship while en route from Singapore to Christchurch. The sailors adopted the Cat and named it Lucky, ensured it was fed and and even built a cage for it. Later, the Cat and the cage disappeared and the crew were told the Cat had been 'destroyed'. The crew suspect the Cat was thrown overboard in international waters while caged because earlier in the piece they had been directed to throw the Cat overboard, but the crew refused to do so. To the captains and complicit officers of the Fairway, we tender the worstest of curses to all who are guilty of this heartless criminal act and trust each are consigned forthwith to Davy Jones' locker.

28 July 2018 - Tauranga - Abandoned Cat Rescued From Unoccupied House

28 July 2018 - SPCA Needed Search Warrant To Rescue Cat Trapped In Tauranga House
Daisy the Cat gives a high five to the folks at Tauranga SPCA

Milky the Cat was discovered abandoned in a locked residence in Tauranga, she had been confined without food or water for almost a week. Rescued by Tauranga SPCA who needed to first obtain a search warrant and engage a commercial locksmith to enter the property, she has now been rehomed and renamed Daisy.

13 June 2018 - Wanaka - Companion Cat Fatally Shot By Neighbor

13 June 2018 - Dead Cat's GPS Leads Grieving Wanaka Owners To Killer
The victim, Arthur of Wanaka

Four year old Burmese Cat Arthur went missing on 30 April 2018, his guardians used the GPS unit on his collar to follow up. A signal was initially located at a neighbour's property, they conducted a search but failed to find him. Discussion with the neighbour proved fruitless, at first he denied having seen any Cats however another neighbour revealed a gunshot was heard from the direction of the other neighbour's residence around the same time Arthur vanished.

The witness stated he had seen the other neighbour holding a rifle at the exact spot the final ping had been transmitted from Arthur's GPS tracker. Confronted by Arthur's guardians, the neighbour claimed he had shot a possum. It seems Arthur's body was disposed of at another of the neighbour's properties in Alexandra.

We have received information which identifies Arthur's killer, at this point we will refrain from naming him or publishing his image. He is a despicable and cowardly individual who when confronted by the grieving family could not bring himself to admit his crime and provide closure. Police dealt with the matter by issued him with a pre-charge warning under section 48 of the Arms Act. NZ Police, we don't think a warning is an effective deterrent.

11 May 2018 - Taranaki - Companion Cat Shot

11 May 2018 - Taranaki Cat Shot With A Slug Gun, Left In Cast For Six Weeks
Possum was shot in the paw with a slug gun which left him
in a cast with a hole in the foot and two broken toes

Former stray Cat Possum arrived home in a lot of pain with a severely swollen paw, he had sustained a hole in his foot and two broken toes after being shot with a slug gun. Possum's guardians have lost another Cat in September 2017 and suspect their other Cat may have also been shot but failed to make it home.

Possum's guardians ask: "What sort of mentality do people that do that have?"

Our best guess is persons suffering from induced environmental psychosis, which means individuals who have allowed themselves to be indoctrinated by the incessant ongoing campaign in the media demonising Cats on behalf of the likes of Forest and Bird and Department of Conservation. At last report Possum remains in a cast and confined to quarters. The vet is hoping the slug will make it's way out.

02 May 2018 - Tauranga - Pack Of Dogs Kill At Least Four Cats

02 May 2018 - Pack Of Dogs Kill At Least Four Cats In Tauranga Suburb
Poppy and Canine Friend
Poppy the Cat got on just fine with dogs but was one of the victims

Not a lot we can add to the media report of this carnage aside from encouraging citizens to report dogs who are out and about unaccompanied to council animal control services. You will be doing the dogs and their owners a favour because if a dog attacks a human or another companion animal it may be put to death and the owner may be brought before the court to face charges. On the other hand if you happen to be experienced with dogs and are able to make a good call on the attitude of the dog it is a fair call to befriend the dog and capture it. We rescued a large dog who turned up in our garden a while back and stuck him in the basement with food and water until we located his dad who was overjoyed to get his canine friend home safe and sound.

30 April 2018 - Auckland - Companion Cat Shot, Left Semi-Paralysed

30 April 2018 - 'Pet' Cat Left Semi-Paralysed After Being Shot With Air Rifle In Auckland
Bagheera of Glen Innes, shot with an air rifle and left semi-paralysed

On Monday April 23 2018, 18 month old Bagheera of Glen Innes failed to arrive home. Family members conducted a search and 24 hours later she was found in the bushes between two residences in a semi-paralysed state by the her guardian's 11 year old niece. Bagheera had been shot with an air rifle. The slug entered her right shoulder and at the time of the media report the vets suspected the pellet remains in her left side. Police have been notified, please contact Auckland police if you have information to share about this incident.

15 March 2018 - Redwoodtown, Blenheim - Cats Abused And Vanished

15 March 2018 - Crazy Cat Attacks Grip Quiet Blenheim Suburb
Redwoodtown Map
Cats being targeted in Redwoodtown. Feline Rights suspects 'conservation' extremists are responsible

Antifelinists are active in the Blenheim suburb of Redwoodtown. At lease a dozen reports of Cats being abused in various ways and more Cats have gone missing. Cats have arrived home 'drenched', one arrived home with his back legs and stomach shaved and later vanished for ever. Another was lured with food and had a dog set on it. One resident lost two Cats, another resident has had three different Cats go missing in 12 months. Yet another Cat returned home very sick and shaking, the vets suspect the Cat had been poisoned. It appears there have been many other cases of Feline abuse in the suburb.

Residents suspect multiple individuals are involved this abuse of compaion Cats. We here at Feline Rights suspect this may well be a coordinated effort by environmental and conservation extremists. Blenheim police appear to be uninterested in the actions of the antifelinists in Redwoodtown and have directed citizens to contact SPCA.

Contact SPCA if you have any information to share about these cases.

06 March 2018 - Hamilton - Companion Cat Shot, Loses Right Eye

06 March 2018 - Cat Left With Bullet Fragments In Face After Shot Three Times
Snowy the Cat, shot three times in the head, she lost her right eye.

On the evening of Saturday 03 March 2018 Snowy the Cat arrived back to her Hamilton home covered in blood. Shot three times with bullet wounds to the jaw, eye and ear, she lost her right eye and her guardians incurred a $5000 vet bill for treatment. A spokesperson stated bullet fragments were discovered "within millimeters from where they would have certainly killed her".

Veterinary consensus is one of the bullets shot through her nose and across her teeth roots before coming out of her eye. Future surgery on her jaw and teeth is likely. A Givealittle page set up by her guardians son resulted in kind donations from citizens, enough to cover her initial veterinary treatment. If you have any information on who is responsible for this despicable act, we suggest you contact Hamilton police and/or SPCA.

20 February 2018 - Kapiti Coast - Three Companion Cats Shot, One Killed

20 February 2018 - Three Cats Shot With Slug Gun On Kapiti Coast, Only Two Survive
Pedigree Birman Cat Blue, she was shot in the neck but survived.

On 23 December 2017 Blue, a pedigree Birman Cat arrived home bloody and swollen with a wound to the neck. Veterinary treatment was sought, an antibiotic was prescribed and administered. Once the initial swelling abated, Blue's guardian noted a lump remained under her chin. A couple of weeks later a discussion with a neighbour revealed two of his Cats had been shot, with one of them killed while he was away on holiday. A further veterinary consultation revealed Blue had a slug remaining in her neck, fortunately the vets were able to remove it. The vets stated similar cases had presented at the clinic. They suggested laying a complaint with SPCA which Blue's guardian did. She stated to the media "They've been really good, taking it seriously and looking into it further".

However, the statement from SPCA communications manager Jessie Gilchrist who who said the society "couldn't comment on the investigation but it is an isolated incident" amounts to a clear demonstration of incompetent public relations. Her statement at the very least reflects ignorance of the facts when it comes to the larger picture and also reaffirms the typical lack of transparency we have sadly come to expect from SPCA.

Three Cats shot as reported in the media plus the others who have presented at the vet clinic in no way amount to an "isolated incident" and even a cursory viewing of our crime pages prove innocent companion Cats are being shot right across the nation from North Cape to Bluff. Without question SPCA needs to up their game when it comes to transparency and due to what is either general ignorance or a deliberate attempt to minimise the larger issue, we suggest Jessie Gilchrist resign forthwith from the position of communications manager for SPCA and take a position outside of the animal welfare sector.

12 February 2018 - Aotea, Porirua - Cat Dies From Huge Dose Of Poison

12 February 2018 - Porirua Residents Warned After Cat Dies From Huge Dose Of Poison
Two year old Louie of Aotea, Porirua was fatally poisoned.

On 07 February 2018, two year old Louie had his dinner around 5pm, afterwards he went out and returned at 7pm with blood pouring from his nose. By 8.30pm he was being examined by the after hours vet, he died at 10pm. Louie had been poisoned, the vet stated Louie had at least twice the amount of poison in his system as would be expected if he had accidentally consumed it. Because of this, it is suspected to be a deliberate act of poisoning with the poison placed in Cat food or another treat Cats would find attractive. The symptoms were consistent with poisoning via rat poison, so the chances are the poison was brodifacoum or something similar.

23 January 2018 - Tokoroa - Companion Cat Executed By South Waikato SPCA

23 January 2018 - South Waikato SPCA Euthanises Family's 'Pet' Cat
Companion Cat Lestat: Executed in cold blood by South Waikato SPCA

Lestat the Cat failed to return to his Tokoroa home, he had been live trapped in the process of an SPCA trapping operation. Diagnosed by an SPCA vet as having a kidney disorder which via SPCA protocol deems a Cat as not rehomeable, he was held for SPCA's 8 day statutory holding period, then executed in cold blood.

SPCA chief executive Andrea Midgen denied SPCA had trapped Lestat and claimed he was trapped by a member of the public who said they had "seen the cat wandering around alone for three weeks". We here at Feline Rights do not believe a word of it because one of our supporters had one of her Cats trapped in an SPCA trapping operation in the Wellington suburb of Miramar, but she was fortunate enough to visit the SPCA center and recover her, though while in SPCA custody they had microchipped her Cat which she was very unhappy about and demanded the accursed tracking device be removed.

Who's side are you on SPCA? Why are you trapping and executing perfectly well cared for happy companion Cats? Might this have something to do with following the directives of the Morgan Foundation's National Cat Management Strategy Group of which SPCA is an active participant?

18 January 2018 - Gore - Kitten Set On Fire

18 January 2018 - Police Inquiry After Kitten Burnt In Gore

18 January 2018 - Kitten's Face And Body Burnt After Being Set Alight

19 January 2018 - Strong Tip-Off Given To Police After Burning Attack On Kitten In Gore
Four month old Haezel sustained burns to her face and body

Between 7am and 1pm on January 16 2018, Haezel the kitten was subject to a wanton act of animal cruelty, she was set on fire and suffered burns to her face and body. The incident occurred in the vicinity of Sword Street in Gore. Paw Justice posted a $2500 reward for information leading to identification of the offender which resulted in an individual coming forward with strong evidence of who was responsible. Paw Justice spokesperson Craig Dunn stated it was their belief the injuries were caused by a spray can and a lighter. Haezel is expected to make a full recovery. We understand this case is now fully resolved.

15 January 2018 - Martinborough - Companion Cat Shot, Other Cats 'Vanished'

15 January 2018 - Shot Cat Spends 10 Days Dragging Herself Home On Badly Injured Leg
Jemima the Cat, at the time of the media report it was yet to be
determined if her right front leg would need to be amputated

Jemima the Cat mysteriously vanished on or about December 28 2017 from her rural Martinborough home. She returned on 07 January 2018 dragging her right front leg. Jemima had been shot in the shoulder which destroyed the nerves in her shoulder and chipped the top of her sternum off. At the time of the media report vets were in the process of determining if surgery would be required. As the bullet had passed right through her, police were unable to conduct a ballistics analysis of the bullet which would have allowed police to investigate further. However, police expressed concern and stated if they get further information they will investigate. Jemima's guardians have had six other cats disappear without trace over the past six years, which suggests there is ongoing antifelinist activity in the Martinborough area.

Do you know who is responsible? If you do, contact Wairarapa police.

12 January 2018 - New Plymouth - Kittens Dumped, Two Die, One Rescued

12 January 2018 - Heartbreak After Kittens Dumped In Rubbish Bin
Zena was the only one of three kittens who survived this ordeal, at
last report she is doing well following surgery for a broken leg

On Wednesday 10 January 2018 a citizen discovered three six week old kittens who had been dumped in a rubbish bin in Pukekura Park in New Plymouth. Two died, Zena the survivor sustained a broken leg. The penalty for abandoning animals amounts to a fine of up to $50,000 and or 12 months imprisonment. If you have any information on this case or other cases of animals being abandoned contact SPCA or the police.

02 January 2018 - Porirua - Muscle Dog Set On Cat

02 January 2018 - Muscle Dog Set On Cat In Porirua

02 January 2018 - $21,000 In Donations, Accommodation Offers For Mauled Porirua Cat
Ten year old Tom suffered a suspected broken pelvis due
to macho individuals ordering their dog to attack him

Camp Elsdon, Porirua: On 01 January 2018, 10 year old Tom was enjoying some sun at the edge of the camp ground when some despicable individuals came by walking their muscle dog. They directed the dog to attack Tom via the order 'sick, sick'. The dog followed orders and Tom sustained a thirty second attack which left him with a suspected broken pelvis. The attack only ceased when one of the other campers intervened. Then the dog's owners laughed and walked off.

This is the sort of incident which really annoys us here at Feline Rights. We'd say the dog is not to blame as he or she was simply following orders as one would expect a well trained dog to do.

What sort of people would do such a thing? Persons who rely on machismo to fill the hole in their metaphysical constitution where ideally a soul should reside. They look tough and and act tough and often will keep muscle dogs as an accessory in order to boost their macho image and they do this sort of thing 'just for laughs' without a thought of the larger consequences of their actions. Sadly there a few people like this in every community.

As to Tom, while he was examined by the vet and released with painkillers, the vets were unwilling to fully diagnose or treat him due to a lack of available funds. However SPCA set up a givealittle page which resulted in $21,000 in donations toward Tom's veterinary care within a day of the initial media report. Tom is expected to make a full recovery.