Index Of Crimes Against Felines

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Feline Rights has been collating reports of crimes against Felines since before our website went online. Up to now we have refrained from publishing these in the interest of avoiding encouraging copycat crime. However, at this point as we are documenting more and more crimes against Felines and following consultation with our core group of supporters we have decided to publish representative instances of crimes of this nature.

Some of the guardians of the Cats who have been victims of the rife antifelinisim which presently infects the collective consciousness of the nation have cited the antifelinist Gareth Morgan as being somewhat responsible for these events. While we concede the abrasive old sod has done a considerable amount of damage via his ongoing anti-Cat campaign in the media, our view is Gareth is but a small factor in the larger picture. Gareth Morgan would not have obtained the amount of media coverage he has but for the mainstream media electing to publish his opinion which they did simply because it fitted in with the larger itinerary of promotion of globalist socialism which camouflages itself in the green wrapper of environmentalism.

It is clear the mainstream media acting directly in service of globalism, cultural marxism and the associated environmental extremism which goes with it must shoulder much more of the blame for the situation we find ourselves in today where Cats are demonised across the boards, simply for being Cats. Some of what we share on the crime pages is not for the faint of heart, in fact it's about as ugly as it gets, yet if we do not have the courage to look squarely in the face of it, become righteously outraged and resolve to get hands on and do something about all of it, there is little hope of putting a stop to any of it.

Presently we have completed the 2018 - 2019 crime page, this will be updated as we go, though at some stage we may need to split this page into seperate pages for the years 2018 and 2019. Pages for the years 2017, 2016 and earlier are presently under construction. We thank visitors to our website for their patience while we get this important work completed.

Warning: These pages contain images and reports some citizens may find disturbing

Crimes Against Felines 2017

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Crimes Against Felines 2016

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