Northland Cats In Balance

Northland Cats In Balance

Northland Cats In Balance is a community of Cat lovers in Bay of Islands supporting the rights of Cats throughout New Zealand. Cats are a much-maligned species in New Zealand due to the native bird population suffering a decline over the decades. Despite the impact of Cats being much less significant than the human or rodent threat, they are consistently accused as murderers of bird life. Rats and other vermin love to eat bird eggs and baby birds and are the main culprits. Ironically, the main predator of the rat is the Cat. Remove the Cats and the bird life will suffer immeasurably.

Sirius GAO

Sirius Global Animal Organisation

Sirius Global Animal Organisation documents the trade of Dogs and Cats for meat and fur along with other instances of unethical treatment of higher sentient animals. The Sirius GAO site contains disturbing images, however until we are prepared to look in the face of barbarism nothing will change. Once the human species ceases these practices, we will all be better for it.