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Censored To Suit The Environmentalist Agenda

Feline Rights share greetings with the folks over at the Reddit New Zealand Forum, thank you for linking to our site. Now, we would have subscribed to your forum and responded there, but as it appears the moderators are censoring important comments to suit the environmentalist agenda, we will respond on our own site where our comments cannot be censored.

We note a few of the users' avatars feature birdies, and one of the users even has the Green Party logo as an avatar.

This tells us a bit, so lets take a look.

Here's the link to the censored thread at Reddit New Zealand

Here's the link to the uncensored Google Cached version dated Jul 21, 2016 15:38:38 GMT

If Google re-caches a later version, here's a pdf capture of the uncensored Google cache (150kb)

The censored posts are from user s6x, all of which for some strange reason have been mysteriouslsy vanished.

We will now share screenshots of the censored posts.

the censored reddit post 1

Forum member 'Orongorongorongo' replies: "If it's true that your Cat never kills native wildlife, then it's more a testament to the lack of native wildlife around you"

Forum member 'unmaimed' replies: "The kill count of 42 rodents would suggest the native wild life is already under pressure in that area"

the censored reddit post 2

Forum member 'Gyn_Nag' replies: Whether or not she is neutered is more important than what she kills

the censored reddit post 3

Forum member 'Enzown' replies: Forget all the scientific evidence that Cats kill native wildlife guys, this person has an anecdote.

the censored reddit post 4

Sure looks to us as though the original thread was censored because what user s6x shared about what the Cat caught and the prolific status of native birds around their home was deemed by the moderators as unsupportive of environmental extremist dogma.

As the forum moderators appear to have chosen to remove four posts with fair comment from a public forum and assumed no one would notice, fair chance what has happened in this thread is reflective of the fudging of data that happens behind the closed doors of restoration ecology research facilities around the country where the so called 'scientific evidence' is prepared that forum user 'Enzown' refers to.

For the record, in our forum, we have one member who is not in agreement with our view. While we have debated our differences in opinion, we'd never ever remove this forum member's posts because they differ from our opinion. Once you start censoring posts on such grounds you defeat the purpose of free and open debate. And let's be clear, freedom of speech is a cornerstone of democracy, is it not? So to the moderators at Reddit New Zealand, we say, wise up!