Ms SJ Morton - Submission To WCC

Animal Bylaw Review 2016


I Oppose The Following Proposals:

* Limitation Of The Number Of Cats Per Household To Three Cats

* Compulsory Microchipping Or Other Identification For All Cats

* Further Limitations On Cats In Supposed 'Wildlife Sensitive Areas'

* The Mass Extermination Of Stray Cats In Wellington

* Night Curfew On Cats

Furthermore - I endorse the submission of Feline Rights New Zealand

Cats need humans to help them have decent lives. The kind of human who loves the Cat and has the Cat's welfare in mind and heart and who has the capacity to protect the fluffy Angels from cruelty and other injustice.

Not the cruel kind of human who regards them as a nuisance having no rights and will go so far as to hunt, maim and murder the heaven-sent creatures. Catkillers are devious, spiteful, violent human beings who derive pleasure from terrorising Cats and their owners. I have 2 cats remaining. I have lost 2 Cats to Catkillers in the past 2 years.

All Cats are different. One of my Cats stays quite close to home and is very talkative and interactive with us. The other comes home to have his dinner and to say hello. He is otherwise on the beach or in the hills. I recently had him neutered which was very traumatic for both of us. I have never seen him look more handsome and healthy since he had the operation 9 weeks ago. You can pick him up and cuddle him for a short time, he is otherwise a wild creature. He is a large male Cat, 3 and a half years old, gentle and aloof. He never scratches or attacks anyone. Sometimes he doesn't come home for days.I have little doubt he hangs out with feral Cats at times on his journeys away from home.

He doesn't interact much with humans and I am pleased he is this way because the two that were murdered were extraordinarily friendly and I believe that the fact of their super friendliness to humans made them more vulnerable to the heartless Catkillers.

Cat haters have no appreciation of the beauty, intelligence, individuality or value of the heaven-sent creatures that are Cats!

If you change these laws you will be giving tacit permission for Catkillers to kill more innocent and gorgeous Cats. Since my Cats have been murdered I have been speaking to others and have been overwhelmed with the number of people who have told me their horror stories of the killings of their gorgeous and much loved Cat. I live in fear of these Catkillers attacking us again and dead Cats do not show up with 'video-tape evidence' as to who has killed them i.e. you can't prove who did the crime but you know who they are.

Cats have the right to decent and full terror-free lives to not to suffer at the hands of cruel and malevolent human beings! Everywhere you go in Wellington where there are trees, you hear the songs of the tui - this was not happening 10 years ago! (Just a few years this has been happening). Note well: The Cat laws have not been changed thus far.

Blaming Cats for the deaths of native birds is Cat hating propaganda. They have no foundation to pin this on Cats and they are playing god! Live and let live! You must take into consideration all the good things that the Cat has brought to and still brings to the human race. He has been friend to man and woman and child for thousands of years and asks for little.

Cats are family members to many human beings and bring infinite happiness to us! Desexing and releasing Cats into the wild is the most humane thing to do for them. Please do not listen to Gareth Morgan and company, they clearly despise cats, wish them harm and talk a load of shite! Please do not change these Cat laws! You will bring more hell to the much maligned Cat who has been demonized in these times! It will become even more unlikely that Catkillers will be brought to justice. Heaven knows THEY ARE NOT BROUGHT TO JUSTICE IN THESE FRIGHTFUL TIMES!

It will be a turn in the wrong direction for the welfare of Cats!


Ms SJ Morton