Index of Representative Submissions

Over the past three years we've filed numerous submissions with city, district and regional councils for consultations on both animal bylaw reviews and regional 'pest' management plans. On one hand, we list representative submissions we have published online in the interest of providing direct links to references we cite within our submissions so councillors and other parties may check the online references we cite for themselves. On the other hand, we list these submissions here in the interest of making them available for public viewing due to the fact that some councils, for example Auckland Council, have consistently failed in their duty to be transparent and have chosen not to publish submissions they have received to consultations as ideally they should have done.

We admit to using a fair amount of copy and paste from one submission to another, so each contains an amount of repetition. All this means is we are quite firm when it comes to our position on Cats. That being said, each submission listed here does contain an amount of original material. While our position has to all intents and purposes been ignored by the councils, we did have one minor victory in the form of the resignation of the Environmental Protection Authority Board Chair, Kerry Prendergast. She stepped down in short order once we demonstrated conflict of interest due to her direct association with senior members of the antifelinist organisation, the Morgan Foundation.