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Victoria University Of Wellington is well recognised as being a major player in the orchestrated libelous propaganda campaign against the Cats, courtesy of the rabid environmental extremists at the Center for Biodiversity and Restoration Ecology.

Here's an example of the anti-Cat rhetoric being passed off as 'news' over at Vic Uni.

6 March 2015 - Improving Cat Welfare May Reduce Environmental Impact

On 31 May 2016, Victoria University signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Zealandia Wildlife Sanctuary. The plan is to build a joint research center with a focus on urban 'ecology'. No surprise to see the mad mayor, Celia Wade-Brown was present for the ceremony and wallowing in the prospect of yet another environmentalist facility. We here at Feline Rights can only imagine the sort of 'conservation' pseudoscience the joint research center will present as scientific 'fact'.

We'll be watching and documenting everything they do.

31 May 2016 - Zealandia Partnering With Victoria University For Research

Dr Heidy Kikillus

Dr Heidy Kikillus Cat In Scrunchie.jpg
Dr Heidy Kikillus - She's currently receiving funding from WCC to research if making Cats wear these
can reduce the incidence of supposed native wildlife kills. Laughable, unless you are one of the Cats
forced to wear one, or if you are a ratepayer, in which case you are funding it! I'd rather go out in
public wearing drag than subject my guys to this dangerous indignity. Dangerous? Yes!
01 January 2016 - SPCA Warns Of Collar Risk After Cat Injury

On 16 February 2016 The Council presented the following piece of propaganda on the WCC website. The article referenced 'research' in part funded by ratepayers by the doyen of ratepayer funded pseudoscience, Dr Heidy Kikillus of Victoria University. For two years Dr Kikillus scoured the house listings for the Wellington region on the TradeMe website searching for any entries referencing native wildlife. They may call this sort of thing 'science', but clearly it's made to measure gathering of statistics which support the Green political agenda. Keep in mind if you are a ratepayer, you are paying for it. To quote Dr Kikillus "I found that wildlife and the city’s natural environment are being used as an incentive to get people to purchase property at certain locations across the Capital."

16 February 2016 - Feathery Link To Property Sales In The Capital

Dr Kikillus has also been engaged in exporting Morgan cult doctrine to other areas of New Zealand. One example is her lecture at the Cat-hater's meeting in Richmond on Monday 13th June 2016 hosted by Tasman District Council. We understand others lecturing at this meeting included WCC urban 'ecology' team leader Myfanwy Emeny and spokesman for the secretive National Cat Management Strategy Group, veterinarian Callum Irvine, who happens to be a good friend of none other than Geoff Simmons, General Manager of the Morgan Foundation.

14 June 2016 - Management Plan Keeps Track Of 'Killer' Cats

Mya J. Gaby

Mya Gaby and Heidy Kikillus
Mya Gaby (left) and Heidy Kikillus (right) with her Cat, Pancho Villa, who appears
to be named after the Mexican revolutionary. This says a little about the sort of
subversives these cultural marxists are studying and consider to be heros.

In 2014, Mya J. Gaby in association with Dr Heidy Kikillus published a paper entitled "A Report On Free-Roaming Domestic Cat Activities In Urban Areas". This 'research' was part funded by the Green totalitarians at Wellington City Council.

The number of Cats involved with the project amounted to only 10 Cats. This is an insufficient number of subjects required for accurate statistical analysis and to our knowledge there has not yet been a single peer review.

It's also clear the 'research' has been undertaken with a series of premises based around the perspective of the 'conservation' movement and it is anything but impartial. Therefore in our view the 'research' amounts to pseudoscience. However this supposed 'research' is quoted ad nauseum as being real science by everyone who is anyone in the anti-Cat lobby from Paul Ward (Polhill Restoration Trust), through to Steve Glassey (SPCA) and Geoff Simmons (Morgan Foundation) amongst others.

Download the entire 'research' document here:

A Report On Free-Roaming Domestic Cat Activities In Urban Areas

Mya Gaby has her own page over at the Forest and Bird blog, which says a lot about her allegiances. Everyone knows Forest and Bird, like the Morgan Foundation, are Cat-haters and wish for all Cats to be eradicated from New Zealand.

Mya Gaby at the Forest and Bird Blog

In November 2014 World Wildlife Fund awarded Dr Kikillus a WWF New Zealand Conservation Innovation Award including $25,000 prize money for her 'research' (without peer review) into what Cats supposedly get up to. She has invested the prize money in furthering her 'research', this time with 500 Wellington Cats tagged with GPS devices.

3 November 2014 - Cat Tracker Wins Research Award

Keep this in mind next time World Wildlife Fund or Forest and Bird are collecting donations or asking if you would like to sign up for regular donations. They are antifelinists, so don't give them anything and be sure to tell them where they can all go.

Dr Wayne Linklater - Inspired By Gareth Morgan

Dr Wayne Linklater
Dr Wayne Linklater - Avid supporter of both the
'keep Cats indoors' brigade and also the
restoration ecology movement.

Dr Wayne Linklater is Associate Professor of Conservation Science and Director of the Centre for Biodiversity and Restoration Ecology at Victoria University. He has written so extensively on the supposed Cat problem it would take more than a full page to comment on all of it.

The mainstream media is presently delivering a minimum of a couple of articles each week from the more extreme factions of the 'conservation' movement which discriminate against us and our Cats, so for now we are going to take a relatively brief look at this turkey. If the media ever decide to take time out from demonizing Cats for a few weeks, we may then have time to share comment on the entire body of anti-Cat literature the Doc has published on sciblogs.(1) and elsewhere.

If Gareth Morgan is the 'nasty cop' amongst the Cat-haters, then Dr Linklater likes to present as the 'nice cop' and fair to say the Doc can actually write and present his anti-Cat sentiments in a semi-convincing manner to anyone who is challenged to read between the lines. This makes him all the more dangerous. This guy is unquestionably part of the inner circle of unelected intellectual dictators who's ultimate plan is to deny New Zealanders of their customary right to keep Cats.

For now, we can share that Dr Linklater has publicly stated his inspiration is Gareth Morgan's Cats To Go campaign (2) and has publicly stated before an audience of 200 people at Gareth Morgan's inaugural meeting of Cat-haters at the Karori community hall on Feb 20, 2013 that "Cats were the biggest problem because they were a social problem"(3)

There's a social problem alright matey, and it's not Cats or the citizens who keep Cats. The real social problem is the nutcase tree-huggers like you folk imposing your twisted ideology upon society.

In truth, each of you are no better than racists.

For now lets take a look at a couple of his articles on Cats, and one recently published in the mainstream media on supposed problems in the city caused by the reintroduction and proliferation of the Kaka parrot.

Caution: The following link includes graphic veterinary snuff images

Conservationists Should Care About Cats

In this first article, dated 28 Jan 2013, Dr Linklater states:

"Debates that divide communities are especially emotional and irrational when one side attempts to impose a solution. Inevitably the imposition will result in an equal (or stronger) and opposite resistance from the other side."

We are the resistance and we are stronger than you. We are right and you are wrong. There is no compromise.

We will still be here with lots of Cats, long after the pseudoscience of restoration ecology has been consigned to history's garbage bin alongside eugenics and other false science that has been used in the past as a justification for hate.

"Real and sustainable solutions to the domestic Cat problem will only be found if conservationists transcend this debate and engage positively with Cat 'owners'"

Dr Linklater, you speak of the possibility of "mutual respect" between "conservationists and Cat 'owners'". It's too late for any of this, these ideas were hurled into the pit the day Gareth Morgan came out of the Cat-hater's closet. They were then buried forever in November 2015 when the Council decided to follow the instructions of the Morgan Foundation and include Cats in their accursed Animal Bylaw Review.

Next, like Councillor Pannett tossing and turning in the middle of the night doing her best to deny the cloud of guilt surrounding her, the Doc cites the tired old 'animal welfare' line. He then proceeds to back up his opinion with a graphic image of an injured Cat. As it is with the health nazis who put images of supposed smoking related illness on cigarette packets, the core intent of such images when used in propaganda is simply an attempt to induce compliance via the agency of fear.

"Cats kill most native animals at dusk, during the night, or at dawn"

As we have shared elsewhere on this site, we have been keeping Cats for fifty years and have never once witnessed the capture of a bird or lizard at night. However we have seen innumerable rats and mice caught at night, which confirms the opinion of wildlife ecologist John Innes who stated "There is uncertainty about whether the good stuff that Cats do outweighs the bad, but the one thing that is known is that they do their good stuff at night, if you’re going to keep your Cats in at night you're stopping them doing anything good at all" (4)

"When food is not left outdoors we do not support stray and feral Cat populations"

Well pardon me sir, but we have completely cleared up the stray Cat problem in our neighborhood by doing just that. Trap neuter release and ongoing maintenance of Cat colonies is not the best option for Cats. We work with the method of befriend, desex and rehome. Food attracts anyone who is hungry, befriend them to the point where they are handleable, then capture by hand, a vet checkup and desexing if required then either rehome privately or referral to our local shelter for rehoming. It takes effort, but it's rewarding work. In the past year we have only had one Cat in need present herself to us, it took about four weeks to gain her trust. That Cat was a lost Cat who's mom we tracked down via Petsonthenet

23 September 2015 - Working With Cat 'Owners' Because Cat Love Is Blind

In our view, this is one creepy article, in this one the Doc is not only looking down on the Cats who he believes are 'pests', he is also looking down on people who keep Cats who he believes are deluded.

"Charmingly and disastrously at the same time, love is blind. And, our myopic affections extend to our Cats. This is the unsurprising, but important, conclusion from a new study of 86 Cats and their 'owners' in two UK villages"

Dr Linklater, if there is any short sightedness, then it's all happening within your own consciousness. Before we even begin lets get a few things clear. Cats do not have 'owners', Cats have servants, anyone who does not understand this basic fact needs to have a rethink. If you keep Cats and you do not understand this, then you need to do an immediate rethink, because until you understand this most basic fact, you are in no way qualified to keep Cats, or to pass comment on Cats.

The article, like many other articles written with the specific purpose of disparaging the Cats, goes on to quote the results of overseas 'research', in this case a study of 86 Cats in United Kingdom.

We quote once more Landcare Research wildlife ecologist John Innes,"it's absurd to look to Australia as a model for restricting Cats, because the two countries were so different ecologically". To which we add, it's just as moronic to reference research done in United Kingdom and apply the results of that research to Aotearoa. Even if the research was done in New Zealand, if it is presented by a person who has publicly stated he is inspired by Gareth Morgan's Cats To Go campaign we would doubt its accuracy and validity.

Again, we witness the use of the term "management strategies". We've seen this term used so often it's like a stuck record. It's a term those who have allowed their hearts to be pickled in hate are doing their very best to hammer into the collective subconscious mind of the general public.

The article has a two window cartoon as a header image which we find offensive. In the first image of the cartoon a Cat is portrayed in a typical media denigration caricature. Kind of like a 'hello kitty' as viewed on a bad acid trip. The caption states "What my Cat looks like to me". By using this image, the message the Doc is attempting to program readers with is one that says all Cat 'owners' are suffering from delusion. If you read this article that is exactly the message being promoted.

If you keep Cats and that is the way you see them, we'd say purge yourselves of the media memes, stop consuming recreational pharmaceuticals and get yourself along for a psychiatric consultation. Caricatures of Cats like the famous 'hello kitty' and others bug the hell out of us, because they do the Cats an great injustice.

The Cats are not cuddly toys, they are advanced highly sentient beings, to some of us who follow the Pagan path, they are indeed sacred animals, and such they are deservous of the highest respect. That is why we spell Cat with a capital 'C'.

So purge the Cats as cuddly toys misconception from your mind, wise up and get to know who the Cats really are if you can.

Cat Misconceptions
Left: The "Hello Kitty" style media meme Right: Cat Mishandling 101 - How not to hold a Cat

In the second image of the cartoon, we have a demonstration of how not to handle a Cat.

When you pick up a Cat, you should always support the back paws to ensure the Cats weight is evenly distributed. Never ever pick a Cat up without supporting the back paws, because if you do, you could injure the Cat. You may also get severely clawed, and you deserve to be clawed if you mishandle a Cat as displayed in the second image of the cartoon.

A similar Cat mishandling technique is demonstrated in the following image of multimillionaire Cat-hater Gareth Morgan mishandling his daughter's Cat published recently in the Dominion Post. When we see repeated affirmations like the term 'management strategy' or images of how not to handle a Cat appearing in several different articles, we think it's fair to assume that for one reason or another the intent is to program the public via coordinated repetition.

New Zealand's most unpopular man demonstrates a similar Cat mishandling technique.

Gareth Morgan Mishandling Cat
Once Wellington SPCA chief executive Steve Glassey has finished fraternising
with Morgan Foundation GM and professional Cat-hater Geoff Simmons,
the SPCA might like to educate Morgan on correct Cat handling.

The Kaka 'Problem'

10 May 2016 - Kaka Conflict: Conservation Icon To Pest
Kaka in flight
North Island Kaka (Nestor Meridionals Septentrionalis)
(Photo by Maree McLeod 2016)

Before we begin, we like the kaka, they can sometimes be annoying when they squawk at night, but like the bros who party loud or the house which has dogs that like to bark, they are now a part of the larger community which is the Capital.

Dr Linklater writes about kaka damage to trees, fruit and buildings, and states the current population is 200 birds. However in this article Zealandia staff state they have banded some 750 birds. That's a big difference, and we figure the staff at Zealandia are keeping an accurate record. That's what banding birds is about is it not? Therefore we suspect you have your figures wrong there Doc. To which we would add, if you cannot get your figures correct, might there just be a slight chance that you have got it all wrong with your extensive writings on the supposed evils of keeping Cats?

"Perhaps reintroducing kaka to a city wasn't such a good idea – a tremendous mistake by conservationists?"

"As the rate and severity of damage by kaka grows, I expect support for kaka, and perhaps conservation generally amongst some, to suffer."

We would say it's a minor mistake compared to planning mass executions of Cats. Conduct mass extermination of Cats and the 'conservation' movement will be as popular as racial purity and eugenics.

"We should prepare ourselves for a time too when flocks may need to be destroyed, although perhaps usefully as a routine cultural harvest."

The thrill of bloodshed appears to be a factor amongst members of the 'conservation' movement. Can you believe these people? The have attempted micromanagement of Nature, reintroduced these beautiful birds and now they want to kill them.

It appears they also seek to corrupt New Zealand culture to the point that everyone parties for the annual kaka kill.

When they disrupted our lives with their anti-Cat campaign, we said from the outset they are a bloodthirsty bunch of extremists, having read the above quote, what more proof do you need?

"Wellington is now a city, not a forest...Conservationists should consider people before native species are restored".

On this point we are in total agreement, and for the record, for many of us the Cats are beloved family members so stop spouting the anti-Cat rhetoric. Leave the Cats alone or 'conservation' in this country will be history.

"I love kaka. But their introduction to Wellington City is proving to have been a mistake."

Maybe so, but if you fools eradicate the Cats, the place will be crawling with rats and mice in no time, and that will be a far greater mistake. You cannot micromanage Nature, and get help for the desire to kill. If you network with your colleagues you could form a therapy group. If you put as much effort into purging yourselves of your blood-lust as the effort you have put in to demonizing the Cats, eventually you might even recover from it.